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    Jeffery still is a Blue Angel ; ).
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    There was a 'youngest to...' craze in general aviation back in the mid-90s. It ended tragically when the desire to 'get there' overcame common sense and good judgement and killed a 7 year old girl, her father and the CFI who was the 'official' pilot in command. Search "Jessica Dubroff" for more. The problem with it is that any high skill, high risk activity takes experience and judgement. The old adage "You don't know what you don't know" is very applicable. Regardless of age, a JVX at 2.4 at 1200 jumps is 'aggressive' at best. I know too many 'titanium club' members to take HP canopy stuff lightly.
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    Meh. It's easy to be the youngest to do something. Bragging about it only serves to confirm your age. Being the youngest to do something only takes parents with the required resources to make it happen. When others who do the same thing call you an expert, maybe then it's time to brag. But most people who are experts in this sport are also humble enough to know they still have things to learn. When it's obvious that someone is an expert by what they say and do, there is no need to brag.
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    When rushmc feels like making an effort he shows as quite literate. However he generally can not be bothered to show the group that common courtesy. That's one of the reason's I have chosen to hide his posts. I only see what he writes when someone quotes him. It cleans up my feed nicely.
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    I've seen pilot chutes in tow from burble traps on tracking suits with OEM bridles. Let me repeat that, I've seen it occur with tracking suits. Even a student wingsuit has a larger burble than most tracking suits. The single most important thing on the list (assuming you're not jumping some highly loaded elliptical canopy) is a longer bridle. I'd get one ASAP if you want to get into WS. The standard 6' one will work for a bit early on, but the first time you pitch and get nothing, nothing, nothing, more nothing, you're going to piss yourself. It's not a fun experience.
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    Go up to the search function and type in Anxiety. 120 results about the same sensation. It ain't just you. Harness it, challenge it, but don't let it turn to fear. Good Luck!
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    In the early 2000's; Jeff Mullins was jumping an Extreme FX 84 and win/show/placing in swoop events. He has since gone on to become a Major in the Marine Corps and was one of the Blue Angel pilots last year. Another contender at that time was Luigi Cani - he jumped a VX 65, but I don't know how young he was.
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    I've read the entire thread and both sides have merit. There was a time when one could opt out of the SS system, but they had to have a federal pension/healthcare or be a clergyman (I think clergy can still do it). First, no one has said that a retirement account is a bad thing. In fact, the US government encourages it. If you were born in 2000 (19 years old) Making $56K/annum and were able to save $250.00/month (assuming you have no employer contributory match) until age 65; you would have approximately $550,000; but your future financial requirements at 65 would be about $950,000. You would be roughly 40% short of your retirement goals (even with SS). As you get older; you start to have children and it becomes increasingly difficult to save that $250/month. So, you slack for awhile until the kids are gone and you're in your 40's when you're able to increase and get aggressive with your retirement fund. You can use any online retirement calculator to verify this. Healthcare - is a major issue no matter which end of the political spectrum you're on. At one point; we were able to offer employees full healthcare coverage. I had one employee who was head of household with three children. His healthcare premium for the company went from $4k/annum to $16K/annum in one year. Because I too; was working for a corporation (COO) that wanted at least an 10-15% EBIT; we had to change to a contributory health care program (Employees pay) or we had to pass the cost on to our customers which would have priced us out of the competition. So, up until 20 years ago - full healthcare by a company was possible. Then it became contributory, then it got just too expensive for companies to have or they couldn't afford the HR staff to accommodate the ever-changing health care for employees. ACA - (a/k/a Obamacare) a/k/a the biggest insurance scam in history. The industries that profit from our current healthcare system wrote the legislation, heavily influenced the regulations and have received waivers exempting them from provisions in the law. This has all been done to protect and enhance their profits. In the meantime, the health care crisis continues. Fewer people, even those with health insurance, can afford the health care they need because of out-of-pocket costs. The ACA continues that trend by pushing skimpy health plans with low coverage and restricted networks. The ACA takes our failed market-based system to a whole new level by forcing the uninsured to purchase private health plans (read as: Poor Folk) and using the government to sell and subsidize them. And, the con continues. Well, until the demographics in a certain area show it to be unprofitable and the insurance companies can pull out. Social Security - When SS started - thumbs up. But, it began and still is a transfer system; not an accrual system. And, the plan sounded good - if everyone keeps having babies at the current rate - all should be golden. But, it wasn't. We baby boomers started getting older and the next two generations were not only not having less children - in many cases none. The government has developed some 20 different plans to emerge from failure in 17 years - none of which are solutions to salvage the current 2.7 trillion dollar surplus (like investing it - because; by law they can't). Everything from raising or eliminating the cap to, raise the age, to tie the COLA to a CPI-E (elderly), privatize the program, eliminate the program, etc. etc. None of them work. Now, people like you and I who want our government out of our private matters, decisions, subsistence, and lives etc. are faced with a problem. They've been taking money out of our pockets for years and doling it back at a reduced amount than if we had just added it to our 401k's and increased our retirement portfolio from the aforementioned $500K and a shortfall of 40% to 2 million and twice the needed amount at retirement. You and I are for less government. However, during that population growth; we also grew poverty and required services (education, infrastructure, FAA, etc.) and now; I don't see a way out of our current problem of having ~45,000 Americans dying each year due to a lack of insurance and another ~85,000 dying each year from being under-insured. Healthcare and SS are so tightly interwoven that their elimination has become impossible, AND they have both become so politicized that there is no and can be no bipartisan healthcare/SS all-in-one solution committee. So, in the meantime; while you'd like to opt-out - Your parents, grandparents, other family members or union "brothers" might suggest otherwise.
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    STRONG ADVICE. You may HATE wingsuiting and while all the mods are needed if this is to become your thing, don't blow money away too soon... My .02
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    Btw, I am also from UK, Wizz Air flies from London Luton directly to Poprad, Slovakia. From there it is just 1 hour train ride which costs about €7 and €3 taxi cost from train station to the tunnel! So cheap!
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    Hi philh, I would highly recommend Hurricane Factory Tatralandia in Slovakia. You can stay in Tatralandia Holiday village right next door which also has access to aqua park. I was there already twice for coaching camps and going again end May! Can not wait!! It is becoming my home tunnel, though some 2000 miles away from my home:)) All instructors in the tunnel speak English very well. I would highly recommend Ivan Farbak as a coach, he also has usually good deal for time+coaching. I believe it is €550 per hour. But you can also buy direct time with the tunnel, let me know if you would be interested and I can give you some contacts. Whilst you are there, if you would rent a car, you can also do hikes in the mountains. There is a lake close by to the tunnel (10 mins walk), I swam there in September last year after a day in a tunnel, a great way to cool down:)
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    It's normal. I will disagree to a certain degree with the 'walk away if your gut says no' part. What you are doing is dangerous (there's a thread going on this). If you aren't at least a little bit scared, then you don't understand the risks you are facing. I get that you had made a number of errors in the beginning of your day, and were 'off'. That's different than typical 'pre-jump jitters'. That part is a good reason to sit down. I learned a while back not to rush when getting ready. I can always scratch off the load and get on the next one.
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    Ever hear of Charlie Mullins?
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    Statistically we all have one boob and one testicle I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that people tend to fly bigger suits so there may not be enough data about smaller ones.
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    At this point it’s not about me. It’s about you guys dancing around the report that you hang your hat on the come out completely in favor of Donald Trump. And now watching the spin masters try and do something with it when there’s nothing there. But as I told Bill. Please keep it up. I love this happening because it’s going to make for a great election in about 18 months
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    Well since there was no crime to obstruct there can’t be obstruction. And I love watching you dance around about convictions and indictments and all that bullshit when absolutely none of them had anything to do with Trump and the Russia collusion lie that you probably posted on this thread what five 600 times? I love watching you guys dance. You got yourself so emotionally into this you can’t back away and look at it with any kind of objectivity at all. So you’ll have to explain to me what criminal act that was being investigated where he supposedly obstructed that investigation. I will answer that before you do. There is none. Keep it up though! The elections are coming and I like seeing this happen.
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    It was also clear that subject number one was President Trump. You love fake news. And if you truly believe in law and order Hillary would be in prison. But seeing how she got cleared pretty much the same way you think Donald Trump is getting cleared you definitely have two sets of standards you wish to operate by
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    https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/04/22/top-51-fake-news-bombshells-media-spread-russiagate/ I wonder how many times he’s 51 lies were reposted here in this thread?
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    I don’t come here very often anymore.. I need only watch CNN for 30 seconds and I know what most of you will post here. And remember Trump wasn’t talking about the whole report. Only some of the parts in it. But the spins been fantastic I hope y’all keep it up .
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