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  1. dolphinka

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    Hi Paul, I’d say you have at least two more options, before you bury the tunnel flying for good. First, go to Bedford BodyFlight instead, they are more flexible and catering for skydivers (remember iFly is mainly catering for first timer fun, while BodyFlight is a skydiving tunnel). Another option if Bedford is not easy to get to, go for AFF coach. They will be with you in the tunnel and deciding on the speed, etc. And they will be concentrating on correct body position too. Good luck!
  2. Haha I think that will be me with head down. I think I already did at least 30 mins HD and I only lifted once for 5 seconds while two instructors were holding me everywhere Ahahah :))) I think it depends on drop zone plus it has been years ago, things change! :)) Speed skiing is a good idea of course :)))
  3. For me sitfly was all about the back, but my back and the rest of me is actually hyper mobile, so it is an advantage:)) this is my first sitfly attempt at around 4 hours of flying. and this was 10 hour mark, so an improvement, but not sure if it is quick enough or not.:))) I stopped comparing myself to kids long ago....... they are way too good and learn too quick hehe the only question I ever have is who are they parents and how they can afford it :)) Skydiving is not on an agenda at the moment :))) but everyone tells me I should do it :))) I had a few static line jumps when I was 14 (no free fall), I was part of drop zone and had to even pack my own canopy before every jump. So I know the atmosphere and experience of soaring under the Shute... so I don’t feel huge attraction to do it again:))) I’d rather ski;)
  4. dolphinka

    Are Ifly encouraging bad body position?

    Paul, I am sad to hear about your experience. I’ve been flying at Milton Keynes for a year now and never had any issues, but I was a complete newbie and started with the position they told me to, I didn’t mind as I didn’t know any better. It took a while for me to stop flying with straight legs, and I suppose if you don’t want to become a tunnel rat, you don’t want to spend that long on relearning. I know one thing for sure, I had tons of fun, straight legs or not and really liked the instructors at MK who know how to pump up your enthusiasm. Moving now between different tunnels and coaches, I noticed that first 2-4 mins they always spend on basics to test your skills before they give you higher speed. It is like skiing... a ski instructor will never take you to black slope without first testing your skills on blue, no matter what you say your experience is. They call in “let’s warm up”:) I wish you’d try it again, and go for 10 minutes at least, it will make a huge difference too!
  5. Airhunger, I am not a skydiver, so all my experience is pure in the tunnel. I did hear that sitfly is easier if you don’t use your strength. I saw a couple of guys once who could sitfly and standfly after 5 hours total and they were super strong with huge biseps. But they didn’t look controlled or graceful. So while it made me feel like I didn’t progress as quick as them, I realised that my skills are more refined:))) Did it take you 3 hours to sit still or also move up/down/sideways? Sideways was the hardest for me. I am trying to figure out one leg stretched sitfly now.... I can’t get it and my leg doesnt want to bend the way coach wants me to bend it haha you definitely didn’t start late, I am few more years older:)
  6. I only did 12 hours, I have signed off IBA level 1,2,3 after 8 hours, while also exploring all level 3 dynamic moves. Good with belly face in carving too:) By 10 hour I could comfortably sitfly carve, comfortable with help of a coach to do back to belly layouts and a bit less so with belly to back layouts. I was okay with back in face carving but at slow speed, getting there with knee flying and outface carving. I also did about 20 mins Head down by then, but I struggled a lot... I still do and I only lifted once for a few seconds with help of a coach and a spotter.... so that will be a long road for me. I found it hard to compare to other flyers, I was eager to learn quick, but other who had more physic did learn certain things quicker. I had to learn to fly (especially sitfly) without using my arms as they are weak... hehe
  7. dolphinka

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    You need speed for dynamic flying:)
  8. dolphinka

    Windtunnel at DZ Krutitcy Russia

    Friend of mine was there just in January and loved it! Coaches speak English well enough and I had heard the atmosphere was lovely Though I am not sure how much dynamic flying you can learn in 9 ft tunnel....:))) but it is just me:)
  9. dolphinka

    Looking for Wind Tunnel Suit

    Hi, try this one their suits are €155 + VAT and they ship worldwide. they are also quite good at adjusting the sizes. My partner and I both have suits from them. Really great quality and looks too:)
  10. dolphinka

    How long to wait before starting back fly?

    That’s awesome news that you started back flying, and video looks great too! Some good moves, very controller! I remember my first attempt was all over the place. Wan2doit have a good tip for sure, it’s so important to keep your head back when you start... there will be time once you progressed further when it won’t matter that back for backflying and you can be sloppy.... but most of dynamic flying needs a good handle on the head position:) check here my bad head position hehe... from 00:48 I miss tunnel so much.... I’d be in New York next Monday/Tuesday and was thinking of visiting the tunnel, but it is quite far away from Manhattan and maybe I should spend time exploring the city and not thinking only about flying ahahaha
  11. dolphinka

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    Thanks! Makes sense now, my first few times I remember the tunnel instructor will always point that I needed to extend my legs. As I was progressing, I was told quite the opposite, that I need to bend my legs more (had to relearn)... Bending the legs ensured that I can fly at higher speeds, I think I started with 90mph and now I am at 120mph (due to back flying that requires more speed). Very interesting!
  12. dolphinka

    Tunnel to AFF training BSR change

    Hi [mbailey465], can you explain more please? I am a tunnel flier, not really planning to skydiving per say, but I find it super curious to read about how skills can be translated from sky to tunnel or from tunnel to sky. What do you mean by "flat body position", I arch when belly flying in the tunnel quite a bit, isn't it the same in the sky? thanks!
  13. dolphinka

    Newbie need help with gear

    wan2doit, thanks! I still think it is to do with my arms/shoulders haha, and I'll explain why. It was my first 30 mins in a new suit. Old iFly suit I was flying at 64%, new suit I have to fly at 73% on my back. In fact my first belly flying in it was okay, but back flying was a disaster ( I couldn't get how to fly my body (and not the iFly suit). So to do the belly to back I needed 70% speed, it was extremely hard for me to move forward (I now can see that I should utilise my legs more), so the main struggle belly to back is to move forward before I do cupping, and by the time I get to cupping position I am already so tired that I don't have enough strength to open up the chest so I don't bounce on the net hehe Good tip on keeping the legs bent, thanks, I can see I try to stretch them out too quick! Thanks for the link tip, I didn't know the forum doesn't so it automatically and when I did notice I couldn't find how to edit my post (checked everywhere, but still have no idea how to edit it ).... Added: I can edit this post no problems, but in my other posts I don't have [Edit] button as an option... so weird!
  14. dolphinka

    Newbie need help with gear This is my Belly to Back transition, I found it much harder to get as my arms/shoulders are not that strong to push myself up and round:) Not sure if this is a good progression for 2 hours of flying?
  15. dolphinka

    Newbie need help with gear

    So here is my update: Since the last post I did 2 hours of tunnel time in total, last session I got almost comfortable with belly to back and back to belly transitions. Tunnel boogie has been changed in September from 10 hours to 5 hours only, as sadly one of the instructors had died in skydiving accident:( As I now have all my gear, here are my thoughts: 1. Elbow pads is a must when you move to back flying. In my first backfly session (without elbow pads) I hit my elbow on the wall, it still hurts sometimes 3 months later.... 2. Jeans are okay initially but leggings are so much better. I wear long leggings and it works well even in hot weather. 3. I found base layer with a hood at MEC (in Toronto) that works really well under the helmet. 4. No to buffs... my hair was tangled so much at the ends as buff came off from my collar... 5. I did 30 mins per day sessions 3 times (1-2 months apart) and boy my body hurts the next day... so worrying now even more how I can do 5 x 1 hour days in a row haha I'll tell you more at the end of September. I am just waiting for the tunnel to send my last videos, so I can share the final progress, but here is the video of my figuring out back to belly transitions