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  1. Wow..... some crazy prices... I get it is London, but it is almost cheaper to fly to Dubai and back....
  3. Hi HelmetSky, I don't know the specs of tunnels, can only talk from my persional experience, did 20+ hours so far. I flown in 4 types of tunnels: 1. Bedford - the oldest tunnel, if you are not in the UK I don't think they even have those types of tunnels elsewhere, but I might be wrong. The wind isn't the best, but it is wide, unstable wind compensated with the space you have. 2. iFly 12ft - pretty wobbly next to the glass, and due to size it is hard not to fly close to it. 3. iFly 14ft - I quite enjoy it, again I don't think you can avoid unsable wind, but it is large enough to notice it much really. 4. HurracaneFactory 14ft - bigger than iFly and a bit choppier wind, but more powerful than iFly. If I had to start my journey again, I would pick bigger tunnel quicker and a good coach that stays with you through out your jorney. My first 2 hours was with probably 10 different coaches, each had their own idea of how to teach, what speed to choose and I feel I would've progressed quicker if I just sticked to one. Hope this helps somehow.
  4. I hope some AFF instructors will respond, but my understanding that 4way will be great training for you, and if so, 10ft is a bit too small to fit 4 people. Just for you or 2 people I think it should be possible to practice. Why don’t you just go and try it?:)
  5. All UK tunnels were closed today due to coronavirus. Any suggestions for a home training so we don’t loose the skills?
  6. That’s also great, I was just too eager to learn transitions, they looked more cooler to me than knee flying:)))
  7. I practiced knee flying for few minutes before starting to learn transitions. But real knee flying came way after sit flying. It was relatively easy to learn static knee flying, but took a while to learn to fly on knees around the tunnel. I am still rough on outface carving though, which you do on the knees too.
  8. Hi Arthur, If I translate it correctly, 2.5m = 8ft tunnel, and 3m = 10ft tunnel? I only tried 12ft and 14ft tunnels, but friend of mine was in Moscow last year in 8fter. She did 10 hours sitfly/head down, and said it was okay for static flying only. Again, depends on what you want to achive in the tunnel. I started in 12ft until I moved to sitfly and dynamic (carving, layouts) flying, then 12ft became too small (I am quite tall - 183cm/6ft). I actually tried to do layout once in 12ft... landed face down and broke the visor opening mechanism on my helmet :))))) Enjoy and good luck!
  9. Hi blouberg, Great to hear about your progress! Happy New Year to you too! Knee flying can be very challenging indeed... I figured the knee flying long after I mastered sit flying:) what other skills are you learning? I like variety, when something doesn’t work I would just leave it for a while, and concentrate on something else. My goal is to master head down this year! I am almost ready to fly unassisted:) I also have a goal to sort all my videos and post some of them.
  10. It seems that you have flown for a while since we last spoke! How is your progression?
  11. Blouberg, how did it go with a new suit and a new helmet?:)
  12. I agree with everyone who commented, it all depends on your goal, your body and ability to process. If I do 5 day camp, I like to mix 30/45 minutes per day to give my body chance sometimes to rest. I always prefer 15 mins sessions 6x2:30. However, if I do one day per month after work type of flying, then I’d prefer 2x10 mins sessions, as I get too tired after work to do more. Having a coach makes a lot of difference, so definitely agree with that advice too:)
  13. Welcome blouberg! Nice videos! Always great to see someone new who is hooked on flying as much as you are wait and see when you start backflying, and then transitions too. For me to do my first half barrel roll was something more than amazing;) building strength and stretching is super important as want2doit said, and don’t forget to warm up before you get into the tunnel too. You are super lucky to have a tunnel so close by! It takes me 2 hours one way to get there... but maybe it’s good, otherwise I’d spend too much Time there.... hehe what suit did you go for?
  14. Hi wind tunnel friends, I have been trying out head down flying for quite a few months few minutes here and there, but only recently I made it my goal to progress. I got comfortable on low speeds on the net, but the moment the speed go up, I really struggle to keep strong arms and legs, so have no idea how I can lift without a support from a coach.... I do have a rather weak body, even though I swim, go to the gym, do yoga... I can’t pull up or push up.... I am trying, and work with personal trainer, but I do think it will take me months before I become stronger. And I don’t want to spend months on the net :)) oh and I can only do shelf, I can’t even keep balanced in Duffy, and I am not even trying anymore:)) any ideas? Suggestions? What can I do to progress quicker? Thanks!