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I am sad to tell everyone that Tom, the famous tram driver here in Eloy passed today(Dec 20) in his home. Tom was an icon at skydive Arizona and anyone who has jumped here knows who Tom is. Tom was 69-70 years old.Cause of death is unknown at this time. Busch beer(Toms favorite) was ordered by all in the bar in tribute.Tom will be greatly missed.:(
"It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required"
Some people dream about flying, I live my dream

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Godspeed, and thanks, Tom. For those friends and family, this news hits hard especially at this time of year. Remember, then, his laugh, and his smile, and lift a Busch beer in his honor.


~Do Angels keep the dreams we seek
While our hearts lie bleeding?~

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Hey Zing,

I got a call from Eloy this afternoon about this. Knew it was just a matter of time... but still... sad news.

If there's anything I can do to assist for arrangements for Tom in terms of funeral expenses, emergency family expenses, or the like... please let me know, I'd like to help as much as I can. I'll be back on the 3rd. I already sent a note to this effect to manifest & Betsy. (They have my contact info if you need it).

Sad to see another true "character" and a man of strong personal intregrity has departed, they are becoming fewer by the year. I'll miss his annual guitar serenades at the Invasion hotdog event, saying "good morning" to him as we sat outside at 7:30am chuckling at the jumpers stretching inside, offering him a light (or bumming one from him as the case may have been), listening to him growl/snarl at the slackers and "lazy bastards", commisserating about the new "stars", buying him the first Busch of his day after work on occasion, and especially - enjoying the fine Scotch that he bought for me in honour of our lost mutual friend.

Oh yeah... for those who didn't know, among MANY other things, he played on stage at a few small venues in AZ with both Roy Orbison and Willy Nelson back before they became famous, and he also served in combat in Korea with the USMC.

From one crusty old bugger to another - semper fi, Tom


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Thanks Sangiro for pulling up that photo.

That photo is in the bar and lined on each side by the US flag. Tom was a veteran. Last night we gently placed that photo over the top of the bar in respect for Tom. Busch was tippin' all around the bar. Tom would have been pleased.:)This Christmas will be difficult for many here at SDAZ.
Personally, each Christmas Tom and I would find one evening to get together and sing Christmas caroles. The last few years have been difficult for Tom to sing, but he would always manage at least one song with me. I am going to miss that.

Tom Williams...yes THAT Tom Williams... the world famous tram driver. If one were to ask Tom he would have told you..."Yep I am known all over the world. I've been driving this tram for years, and I haven't lost a skydiver yet!"

Tom was actually one of the most well read people I have ever known. He spoke 5 languages and knew a little about a lot "he "would say.
He was indeed..one of the good ones.

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Just received the following email and two great photos of Tom:



I've never met you but I was saddened to here about the death of Tom at Eloy
on dropzone.com. I've attached a couple of pics of him that you might wish
to post. They were both taken in Eloy within the last few years. I didn't
know him well and I regret never having the opportunity to let him see these

James Stevenson

Thanks James.
Safe swoops

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