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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if he ran out cuz he was gonna get emotional? And felt embarassed. I've seen more than one of those guys ball after a match, just cuz they're so hyped up and whatnot. Just watch TUF, Leben, Koscheck, and at least a few others got teary after their losses. Forrest is great but Silva seems invincible these days. How about an Anderson Silva Lyoto Machida match up. That'd be great, but probably won't happen cuz of the weight difference.
  2. Obviously you're watching it, so please elaborate, was Forrest having a bad attitude after the loss?
  3. Griffin just got KO'd. is posting the results.
  4. Here's a bunch of videos I have of Rob. You can tell the date of the skydive by the file name. Click File, then Save As to save a copy once it's downloaded (it'll play better that way). Rob is wearing a blue jump suit, and a white helmet, or no helmet and sunglasses.
  5. Blue Skies Rob. One hell of a skydiver. The first time Rob and I met was on a flail load in 98. After opening I thought it would be a good idea to buzz whoever was closest under canopy. I looked below, and saw an unfamiliar canopy. It was Rob. So I spiraled down at him, and buzzed him very close, way closer that I'd intended. Rob wasn't really happy when we landed, but he was cool about it. We went on to become friends and joked about the incident just a year or two ago. And I stopped buzzing strangers under canopy. One conversation we'd had in the last year, I mentioned that I was expecting to be a father, and he said "That's the greatest joy in life, being a father." I believe those were his exact words. Blue skies Rob, you will be missed.
  6. That brown haired pot selling mom is hot! Dark hair, pale skin, and a nice face...Oh Yeah!
  7. I think we all get our moment. The really skinny people when they were young weren't very good looking. The ones that developed fast looked good when they were young, had developed bodies and whatnot. Now that they're older, the fast developers are fat and ugly. The skinny ones have filled out and are now good looking. But of course there are exceptions.
  8. Thanks man, I'll try it. My turkey's are usually as dry as the dog turds in the back yard (I live in Arizona).
  9. Sounds like your camera setup is similar to how mine is. If I'm filming rw, and I'm not very vertical, I look at whoever's farthest away in the formation, that moves everyone down from the top 1/3 of the frame. If I fly steeper I have to look at whoever's closest to me to get the formation centered. I've been able to film decent rw video like that without ever using a ring site. But the good cameramen will tell you that using a ring site is the way to get the BEST video you can.
  10. There is software that will record your desktop like it was a video camera. They can littlerally watch a video of what you did all day long, minute by minute. I havn't used such software, but a network admin at a client of ours was monitoring a few computers like that, and showed me what he was doing. It was a nice little video of someone moving a mouse around and working. George Orwell was correct, just off 20 years or so. I don't know the brand of software he was using. But if you can find the major brands of software that does that, you can probably find out what the process is called, and find it in task manager. I'd better get back to work.
  11. Nice! Dock of the Bay. I second that one!
  12. Since the Hare drank Red Bull, I'd better improvise.
  13. Don't do it man! If I were you I wouldn't touch that wedding video gig with a 10 foot pole. Friends that ask for video work aren't your friends. Fk-ers. Obviously I've had some bad personal experiences. Try asking for 2K and watch your friend get mad at you. The pro's charge alot cuz it takes alot of time. But think about this. 3 hours filming 3 hours to get that video to your pc 6 hours of watching it/editing minimum. Depending on DVD burning speed on your pc. 10min per DVD, * number of DVD's. If you get away with < 20 hours you'll be lucky. No F'ing a-hole friend of mine is ever getting me to do another video, slide show, video of their loser kids birthday parties, or anything!
  14. Ditto on the Anne Rice books.
  15. Here's a Tandem bag-lock malfunction. It's not high-res, maybe useful, maybe not.