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  1. Many tunnels hold scramble compitiions regardless of experience, which can be a cheap way of learning fast, making new friends and laughing alot.
  2. Hope the body hold out for you. I always ache like hell after tunnel time. BP
  3. Something created by yourself. A thank you note maybe. Personally I'd go for a CD Mix of hits that say what you want... "I said a hip, a hop, the hippie, the hippie To the hip hip hop, a you dont stop The rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat..." BP
  4. bluepill


    Okay, these 2 have entertained me this morning: and BP
  5. I’m not sure if this is the right place to raise this or if it has been discussed before. Apologies if it has. (I couldn’t find anything on search) I’ve been reading the incident forum recently, about hard cutaway pulls and the pros and cons of using pillows vs anything else. And also handles not being where you would expect them e.g. floating or being tucked under harness. Now I can practice some of these scenario’s on the ground and I can also practice in a harness, but these are pretty much controlled environments. I.e. I set them up and have my feet on the ground or my ass in a harness a foot above the ground. I was just wondering if it’s possible to replicate and practice EP scenarios in a wind tunnel? E.g. By wearing a harness only with handles that can be adjusted to simulate floating, hard pull or different types of handles. And to be able to do this in an unstable environment. (Obviously the handles would have to never fully detach from the harness.) I think I could benefit from knowing what it feels like to have to use 2 hands to pull 3 times on a cutaway and then go for the reserve handle and to be able to see just how long that took and understand what happens to my stability. Or searching for a floater in the wind, would possibly help. At least that way I can have a simulation of what might happen in a less controlled environment and would give me a memory feel of something I could face. Any thoughts? Is this already being done or is it a stupid idea? BP
  6. Congrats. Download 'Words with Friends' (like Scrabble) and 'Chess with friends' and look me up for a game. (they're both free) My name on both is: Grand Master Mike BP
  7. I'm willing to pay to see it fall apart!! BP
  8. People who insist on touching my computer screen at work leaving their smeg stained finger prints. Really tall guys who date really short girls. Simon Cowell People who drive silver cars Men who piss in a urinal so hard there is major splashback. Superfical greedy self centred people. People who get to the end of an escalator, step off and then stand there figuring out where to go next. BP
  9. I don't feel guilty over *who* I eat either!! Really - okay, 1 x bluepill love buffet to go coming up. BP