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  1. Seems a neat idea. Where do you get one?
  2. No web site and telephone number not working. I’d like to get in touch about a Brandi Belt.
  3. Nobody landed in the water at the '09 festival. One of the demo jumpers had a cutaway that was retrieved by a boat...but landed the reserve on target with the rest of us.
  4. Yeah...it's a good one alright. Stuart Carter shot it, I got a copy of the British govt report, seems the Chipmunk driver was following a road near the DZ, got off course, and there wasn't any indication the pilot ever saw the jumpers. Scary
  5. Perhaps I should mention that I will only use the video if I have the videographers permission. I'm not looking to rip-off your work, and I do not get paid for giving my presentation.
  6. Thanks for the info. I've searched dropzone.com, and have what's available here. I'm hoping to get access to some higher quality video...something clear & suitable for a large screen. The best example I've seen to date is Stu Carter's "flyby" video, he gave me permission to use it. There is an old video showing an AFF and an airliner flying underneath which is a real eye-opener, but I have not been able to get a high quality copy. I can provide a file transfer address for big files.
  7. I'm looking for good quality examples of aircraft/skydiver near-hit videos to update a safety presentation. The presentation is designed to educate (non-skydiver, whuffo) pilots on best practices in staying safe when flying around dropzones. These videos make great attention-getters. Any available details of the incident would be appreciated, although I do not reveal names, DZs, etc unless you desire it.
  8. Ran across a cutaway video of yours I'd like permission to use.
  9. I'm putting together some training aids to use with students and candidate instructors. I'd appreciate high-resolution videos of canopy openings, particularly from jumper POV showing problems or malfunctions and how they were dealt with. Also, challenging or nightmare AFF and Coach dives which would be useful for candidate instructors to analyze and learn from. Msg me and I can provide a file server or snail-mail address.
  10. I've attached an image of a card provided to pilots a few years back. It gives some common wind speed indications.