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  1. In my experience the ElectraGlide fairing seems to block the wind better, probably because the fairing sits closer to you. I also like the fairing/headlight following my handlebars rather than fixed. They ride different, you should rent both before making the purchase and decide which you like better. Then try a Fatboy and forget the fairing...
  2. Airbrush, done by a friend of mine, he did a great job on the bike...
  3. I have been meaning to make a t-shirt based on a couple designs I did for a custom paint job. I'll get around to it some day...
  4. Talk to Spencer at Skydive Hot Springs, he and a friend bring a Porter into the rally to do tandems, they are also friendly to the fun jump crowd. They have been talking about doing a demo jump into the Chip...
  5. Happy to help, where are you trying to get to?
  6. Here's my 08 Fatboy. I did a custom paint job and custom seat last winter, still working on ideas for this winter...
  7. Thanks, I'll send them an email and see what they say...
  8. My nephew is looking to do a Tandem jump in the Baltimore area, he's a big boy but very athletic. He's about 6'-4" and 255 lbs. I told him I would come down and jump with him if I could find a local DZ that would accomodate his size, any thoughts?
  9. Thanks, I figured they must have seen something wrong...
  10. I have had several folks from work mention a jumper at the Hampton Beach, NH seafood festival landing in the ocean over the weekend, far enough out that he was picked up by some boaters. Anyone have actual info as to what happened?
  11. gitRdone

    zion hikes

    The "subway" is a great semi-technical hike. I have done this hike twice and would love to go again, here's a good link.
  12. I have spent the off season customizing my bike. I drew up a design for a custom seat and bags and took the design to Alligator Bob's in February, this is all hand work so I expected it to take awhile but it's still "in process". Expect to have it now by mid June... In the mean time I decided on a new paint job for the season as well. I'm a bit nervous about the paint job as it was a bit spur of the moment and I decided to go with a skydiver theme -- hoping I dont get tired of a theme bike. I pick it up this afternoon, havent seen the paint job yet just the drawings and ideas that I sent the artist -- sure hope it doesn't suck...
  13. I will be there with a few of my kids, we can't wait to jump the Florabama beach again...
  14. Last reported mileage was: 26,891 Recorded on 6/24/2008 at Donaldson's Volkwagen in Sayville, NY during a "Manufacturer's recommended maintenance performed" If you want the full report, PM your email address and I'll send it along via .xps format...