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  1. I got free insurance coverage for 3months through the AKC when I bought and registered Boomer (my 4month old English Bulldog). It covers accident/injury stuff but not general/preventive care.I'm socking money away here and there for all his expenses but I might look into insurance after the AKC coverage runs out.Whether its insurance or just saving up out of pocket it is very important to be proactive for your furry friends.
  2. This came from my older sister and believe me, we're never going to let her forget it. When we were younger (I was in grade school and she was in middle school) my mom worked and went to school full-time to get her RN license. At one point during her clinical rotations she was telling us about her experience at a psychiatric facility and that she liked the pet therapy program. My sister, confused yet curious, asked "they have crazy dogs and cats there too?" So shes not exactly amused when I ask if her Boxer has had a "session" with his doctor recently. "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  3. Ok, all you vidiot/picture happy people out there I need your help! One of my very best friends in the world is April aka Freaksister here on guess you could say she was one of the early members of this site but she doesnt post here anymore so many of you dont know her (or me for that matter since I rarely post anymore either lol!).So, for those of you that do, please help me out here! I'm trying to find any and every pic of her that anyone can find. Awhile back she moved to a different area and lost all of her pics that werent on her comp plus her ex-roomate trashed the rest of them.Shes really bummed out so I'm trying to track down as many as possible to cheer her up.She was a regular at many DZs in TX especially SDD and I think Eagle Flight.I think shes attended Skyfest in the past but I dont know what year(s).I know for sure she was at AOTMB at Aggieland in 2002 and WFFC in 2003.If anyone can help me out here send me a PM or email. I'd be mucho appreciative!
  4. LMAO!! "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  5. No.No flamming here. I appreciate your candor and understand and respect your (and everyone else's) strong opinions and passionate convictions on the subject.Besides, I opened myself up for this type of response when I asked for people's opinion. I would like to point out that in my origional post I specifically said that not only have I fostered dogs of this breed in the past from rescue groups, but I have in my search gone to/contacted shelters, rescue organizations, animals at risk groups, and adoption agencies before I ever considered buying one. I also volunteered at an animal shelter back when I was in college. So I know where you're comming from. So thank you for your reply and yes, flame away. I don't care. "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  6. Ok, folks I'm looking for some suggestions, tips etc. Heres the deal: My dog passed away a little over a year ago. Shortly thereafter I was inundated with free puppy offers, my family wanted to buy another for me etc. but I felt I needed time to grieve and wasnt really ready to "replace" my lost buddy. So here I am today, seriously considering and researching information on English Bulldogs. I have had experience with this breed but I'm always willing to educate myself further. I've lived with a Bully in my home when I was younger that we fostered for a rescue agency. I've "dog sat" one for a friend while he was on vacation and one of my absolute best friends owns one and we are always giving him attention or talking about her little man. I know this breed has a propensity for specific health issues like respiratory/sinus and issues concerning the formation of the soft palate in the mouth etc. Anyway, I've checked around with animal shelters and animals at risk foundations in my area and the surrounding counties but no dice. I've sent about a dozen emails and voice messages to English Bulldog rescue organizations, foster homes and adoption agencies and have yet to receive a reply. I've looked in classified ads online and in newspapers/breeders magazines and breeder lists but my lord they can be seriously expensive! The average price I've seen for a puppy is about $1200. Yes, I know "you get what you pay for" and most of the cheaper listings are more than likely puppy mills which I will NOT use or give money to. And yet another issue is that there is currently a huge number of puppy scams that list puppys for sale and want you to wire money to so they can "ship" the dog to my location and I'm not going to do that because #1 the funds would be insecure/uninsured and I'd never hear from them again once they had my $ and #2 I know there are safe, caring shipping agencies out there that do this all the time but I just think shipping puppies around all over the place could be very scary and stressful for a pup. If I cant meet them/pick the pup up in person and meet the seller I'm not buying. I just want a good dog (puppy or adolescent/young adult) that is healthy, has the traditional personality traits/looks of this breed that can be my companion. I do not care to have a champion bloodline because I dont intend to breed it.I dont really even care if it has papers. The only reason I would appreciate those things is for family/hereditary health concerns.My big requirements are: 1. good health 2. personality/companion ability 3. sociability 4. good with children of all ages (my sister's kids) 5. good with other animals (dogs, cats etc) So with that being said, what should I do? Any tips, advice or suggestions? any refrence material or guidelines? personal experience that you're willing to share? Where should I look? who should I talk to? What do you consider the big "dos" and "don't" ? I live in North central Texas (Dallas area) but would be willing to travel a reasonable distance to find my new furry friend.Sorry for the epically long post. "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  7. I had the same problem a few years ago but a divorce solved it. Keep in mind that whatever you do you will have to put up with/endure aswell (like stinking up the house or loud music) and I'd advise against destruction of property/vandalism etc. that might result in losing your deposit if you have one.That being said, here are my suggestions: Annoying music: the full 2 CD set of the original Phantom of the Opera soundtrack worked nicely. And never underestimate the power of Irish/Scotish bagpipe music...especially early in the morning when he has a hangover. Bathroom humor: Play hide and seek with the toilet paper...not as effective with guys but it could be fun if you get creative. Or try never shutting the bathroom door while "in use". If you dont share a bathroom be sure the toilet seat/lid is down if you think he might go take a midnight piss while half asleep especially if hes one of the annoying "point and shoot" roommates that dont turn the light on. If you have a girlfriend get her in on the fun and leave used condoms or her sanitary napkins/tampons in his bathroom. Since you do all the cleaning maybe you could get a sudden urge to rearrange all the furniture and other stuff in the house especially with regards to his stuff that might be in common areas. Ofcourse you could go to a cheap adult novelty store and leave a 1/2 used bottle of lube and some anal beads on his bathroom counter...maybe strategically place gay porn or fetish porn where he might find it...better yet, leave it on his bed along with a skanky pair of crotchless panties and make him think you're screwing in his bed and then leave over the counter meds/creams/ointments for STDs or crabs where he will see it. Seriously, you're a skydiver, think of all the practical jokes, pranks and shenanigans that happen after the beer light comes on. Depending on your DZ that could be all the ammo you need. "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  8. I LOVE the drive in theater near us! Its just north of Ennis in Garrett on I-45. It has 4 or 5 screens with back to back double features per screen plus a small playground and miniture golf for the kids before/between shows. I think there is also talk of a mini "spray/sprinkler park" to be added during the summer. Very affordable, clean and family oriented. Lots of fun on those summer nights.
  9. I remember the day Columbia came down. I saw the flashes and smoke trailing in the sky. For hours I watch the news reporting the incident. Then the NASA crews showed up with other government agencies over the following weeks searching for debris. They asked some the college's Criminal Justice students who had been through the Crime Scene Investigations honors course to volunteer in the search. We spent hours combing through brush and fields searching for even the smallest bit of material that could have been from Columbia. I still have my "Columbia Recovery Team" hat that they gave us to help identify the real recovery volunteers from the trophy hunters and people wanting pieces of Columbia to sell. Someone even offered to buy it from me for $40 to get access to the recovery areas. Freaking jerk. I hope all of those lost will be remembered for their contribution to the world. "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  10. LMAO! My sentiments exactly! Thank you Shell! "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  11. The Clitaurus features a manual transmisson which will require frequent lubrication for optimal performance. The onboard audio navigation system helps you get to your desired destination with ease whether its a short trip alone or long journey with friends. Feel free to schedule a test drive today with one of our representatives. Our sponsors would like to remind you that "A happy Clitaurus will keep the good times rolling" Yes, I'm bored. "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  12. Springfield 1911 Champion "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  13. LOL! Yeah I guess I do.This is my pre-second college degree after all. But anyone who wants it will have to come to my house to get it.We're having a big graduation party on Saturday.Currently on the menu for the party: 2 briskets,hot links, BBQ sausage, beans, homemade fries, 2 different kinds of salad, shrimp, cheesecakes, orange-slice cake and (by my family's secret recipe) 3 homemade apple pies.Oh and beer and whiskey ofcourse.Yummy! If anyone walks away from this party hungry or sober its going to be their own fault! I just wish I could get my hands on a couple of cases of Lang,especially after hearing that they are closing their doors. Anyway, if no one hears from me for awhile after Saturday its because I'm probably either still drunk and partying or sleeping it off somewhere.Especially since one of my best friends is comming back into town tonight and we're going to start the nig noggery and alcohol consumption tonight!hehehe!Lets hope I'm not too hungover at graduation on Sat.LOL! "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  14. I dont know.I've already got a good lead on a job at the local Sheriff's Dept.So if that works out in my favor I'll probably be working all job,no rank and unlikelihood of me being able to get the time off of work predicts that I probably wont make it up that way this year though.If I dont have a job this summer I wont be able to afford going anywhere lol! So damned if I do and damned if I dont. Also, my family and I are playing with the idea of taking a mini-vacation sometime soon.So if I do somehow get enough $ and time to take a trip this summer it'll probably be with the family.But then again, its all up in the air right now and things change so I'm not going to rule anything out just yet. Besides, I like spur-of-the-moment trips to the middle of nowhere. For right now the only thing thats for sure is that I'll be walking the stage in cap and gown on Saturday(...unless I'm hit by a bus or something.hehe!)I'm not going to plan anything else any further in advance than that. damn what a rambling post! Fuck it! I'm in a good mood so who cares? "...just an earthbound misfit, I."
  15. I just got my grades back from final exams and I made a 4.0! This means I have successfully completed my degree plan and will receive my Criminal Justice degree at the graduation ceremony this Saturday at 9am!I'm done! I did it! WOOHOO!!!! "...just an earthbound misfit, I."