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  1. jverley

    Pat Works

    I remember having 2 or 3 jumps in 1992 and being totally hooked on skydiving and wanting as much information about the sport as I could get. I went to the local library and look up Skydiving in the card catalog (you younger folks, ask you parents) and the only book I found was the Art of Freefall Relative Work. I read it cover to cover many times and though I did not understand most of it at the time, it opened my eyes to what could be. Later I read United We Fall and I learned about skydancing. That book is still on my desk and I peruse it often. Blue Skies , Pat. Thanks for everything.
  2. jverley

    'A' blocks

    GIYF -- Per [url http://skyleague.geeq.de/pages/rules/] this[/url] AAA/Open Class Class This is the current USPA Open/Advanced Class applying the whole IPC 2012 dive pool and rules. AA/Intermediate Class The AA Class is identical with the current USPA Intermediate Class. This class is the next step for teams and competitors that have mastered the Rookie Class and the A Class. Eight additional blocks (1, 11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22) without memory and mirror image and a little longer sequence are added to the rules of the A Class. A Class The A Class is the next step up after learning the basics of 4-way competition in the Rookie Class. The A Class applies the following eight blocks of the IPC dive pool: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 19, 21. The sequence can be three or four formations long.
  3. jverley

    fast Fall rate how to change

    So you sunk out and ended up 200 feet down. Were you able to stay 200 feet down or were you accelerating away from the group? How experienced was the group? A inexperienced group will likely have a wide ranging fall rate. What is the suit you are wearing made of? Do you have booties? Swoop cords are helpful if you are diving to the formation and need assistance in stopping. They do not make sense for general fall rate control. I suggest you work body position and fall rate control in a tunnel well before you make modifications on a suit.
  4. jverley

    question on 4-way block 7

    The example with P is fine and many teams perform Block 7 that way. If you rotated or slid the two pieces you could make them line up as shown in the block diagram. The block diagram shows that the head of the side buddies are facing the same way and the sidebody persons are on the same side. The example with the N is not allowed. If you tried to rotate or slide the pieces, they would never line up as shown in the block diagram.
  5. jverley

    How should I split up my time?

    You need to make sure the tunnel knows you want to share your time with another parson or group. If you try to fly for 10 straight minutes (or even 5) you will be hating life. A good rotation is where you fly for 1-2 minutes and out at least two minutes. You can fly all 10 minutes in one session, but that session should be about an hour long. Some aspects are different but each minute in the tunnel is similar to a one minute free fall. Mixing freefall with tunnel is fine, but recognize that your body will become more exhausted with each tunnel minute or freefall you do. Pack for yourself and the fatigue will increase. Enjoy the tunnel and Perris. It is a great DZ.
  6. jverley

    Sabre1 extra break line....

    Is the canopy a Sabre 190 ?
  7. jverley

    What is an Expert Skydiver?

    It seems to be anyone with more than two jumps when pontificating in either: a) A bar b) an internet forum Expertise comes in many forms and skydiving has many disciplines. An expert in Belly-RW may not be the expert in VRW or Canopy piloting.
  8. jverley

    Is this video normal?

    Made it clicky http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPrTWSSD6AQ Not sure what you're asking about. Lots of CRW, some old gear, some tandem, some drinking in the plane. Nothing really odd.
  9. jverley

    injury insurance

    I have insurance for medical through work. A routine HMO plan. I have disability insurance too. Have not used either for skydiving. Frankly, the nature of your posts concern me. You have not yet jumped except a few tandems, apparently) but your posts are usually about what can go wrong in skydiving. You may be just overly cautious, but you need to realize, there is nothing safe about skydiving. You can get hurt and hurt badly. You could die. You could die doing a lot of other things, too. If you are that concerned about the safety of the sport, it is not something you should participate in. Education is fine, but if you are looking for some level of assurance that you will be safe, you probably should look to a less risky endeavor.
  10. Yes, but it is situational. To move quickly, you must force on the air. For example if your body is relaxed in your track, you likely are not getting maximum lift and speed. This will mean you are not creating the optimum distance from the rest of your group. It helps if you start from a relaxed body position, but you must tense some portion of your body to move efficiently. Mentally relaxed is much more important than physically relaxed.
  11. jverley

    Rocky Point, Mexico April 25-27th

    Lots of us are wondering the same thing. The last I heard is that they still don't have agreement with the Mexican Authorities to let us jump. Perhaps Betsy can provide an update.
  12. jverley

    Starting out.

    This is a nice place to start. http://www.dropzone.com/safety/Learn_to_Skydive/index.shtml
  13. jverley

    Nats round 10...Vixen

    Very nice. I noticed it was their highest scoring round, although they did suffer one "bust" (officialaly that is)