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  1. Skybear

    6 Ways to Be Less Dumb When You Buy Used Skydiving Gear

    That's a MUST READ for every newbie! I suggest that a copy of this article is made available on every dropzone in the student area
  2. Skybear

    Shipping items from Germany to Denmark

    German Post. It will take 2-3 days to get it to Denmark and will cost 17 Euro if you ship it with insurance.
  3. About the helmets: Cookies are a great choice. But the G3 is a much better choice for freefall than the GAS. Imagine being on short final to the landing area and someone walking in your path without looking. With a open flip-up-visor you can shout at him and let him realize he is in danger (and you are as well). The visor of the GAS is always closed and therefore takes this option away. About the wrist alit or finger loop: Take whatever feels more comfortable to you. About the audible: Yes, it is just a backup. Therefore my audible is set to 100m below pull height. If I ever hear my audible without at least grabbing the hackey something is wrong. And yes, it happened a few times already. It is good to have an audible but you should never get device-dependend.
  4. Skybear

    AAD Statistics

    Simply not true. Cypres calculates in real time and thus decides at 750 feet to fire or not. Of course it also can decide lower, in case you reach more than 35m/sec again after being slower at 750feet. In doubt ask Airtec, that 's where I got this info from. The fact sheet is very suspicious, as it does not state the name of the author or any sources. That doesn't make it seem much reliable.
  5. Skybear

    gear sale lost in the mail...responsibility?

    It 's quite simple. NEVER ship gear without sufficient insurance. This costs a few $ but it 's worth it. Responsibility then rests with the shipping company.
  6. Skybear

    Pullout Skydive

    Pullout Skydive is located at Gießen-Lützellinden (EDFL), about 45 km north of Frankfurt. Take exit "Wetzlar-Süd" from the Autobahn A45 and you are almost there. The dropzone has a well maintained Pilatus Porter, indoor and outdoor packing areas, rental gear, a big landing area, a small canteen and a good restaurant on site. Video debriefs are possible on a big screen in the packing area. The dropzone is operated from friday to Sunday and on national holidays from March to October. During the season there are several jump weeks when the dropzone is open all week. For this you should check the calendar on the dropzone's website. Manifest is doing a good job on balancing tandems and students versus licensed jumpers. On weekends the number of tandems per day is limited, so that even on a very busy day you will be able to make at least 4 to five jumps. Coaching is available on request in formation skydiving, freeflying and wingsuiting. Although there are no popular names amongst the coaches some of them are holding national records in their discipline, and all of them are very professional and safety-minded. On weekends you can meet small groups of fun-jumpers doing anything from solos to nine-ways. As the dropzone is not that big, there are no closed groups or teams and visitors are always welcome to join in. The landing area is divided into two sections. One for all and one for high-performance landings. Before you get in the plane for the first time you will get a briefing on local rules like this, which is part of the check-in at the dropzone. There is no rigging loft directly at the dropzone, but smaller problems can be fixed by local riggers during the day. For everything else you can leave your gear with the local shop and you will get it back one week later. When the jumpers call it a day it is time to enjoy a beer with friends at the terrace in front of the canteen, or at the restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and the quality very good. Meat-lovers as well as Fish-eaters or Vegetarians will find a good variety on the menu. Pullout Skydive is probably the best dropzone close to Frankfurt. The only thing that can be really wrong is the weather, but that applies to every other dropzone in this area as well. Enjoy your visit!
  7. Skybear

    Anybody have the G3?

    Just got a few into my shop. The design is mostly the same as the G2, with a few adjustments on the liners and the ventilation. The shell seems to be extremely tough. Personally I still prefer the look of carbon, but I think ABS is the better choice in the long run. Matte black is sweeeeet!
  8. Skybear

    vigil battery shelf life

    It should be good for ten years since DOM.
  9. I think it is absolutely okay to replace the control unit and charge for that. They advertise a 12-month warranty and that's it. If you want more you should consider another AAD. You get what you pay for.
  10. Skybear

    Special size helmet XXXL!

    Did you try Cookie?
  11. Skybear

    Rawa Image vs Cookie Ozone Entscheidungshilfe

    d3O ist genial, echtes Teufelszueg. Die Stoßenergie wird in der Polymerstruktur gleichmäßig verteilt und somit weitestgehend abgfangen. Dabei wird das Material nicht, wie z.B. Styropor in Fahrradhelmen, zerstört. Es verfestigt sich kurzzeitig während der Stoßabsorption und begibt sich danach in den Ausgangszustand zurück.
  12. Skybear

    student cypres with 190 main

    The best idea is: Ship it to Airtec and ask them to change it to Expert-Mode. They change the modes free of charge, you just have to pay one-way shipping. Please do it for your and others safety.
  13. Skybear

    Helmet question

    I do not know anything about USPA regulations concerning full face helmets, but from my point of view there is no sense in putting a jump number limit for the use of full face helmets. I recommend the Cookie G2, because of the super-secure locking mechanism, the large visor and the possibility to wear glasses comfortably. It is a expensive helmet but it is worth the money.
  14. Skybear

    Skydive Arizona

    Wasn't there for the training, only for funjumps. It is definitely the worst dropzone ever. Only crappy small airplanes and a low number of it. You have to wait at least ten minutes for the next load and then you are sitting on a uncomfortable wooden bench in a Twin Otter. And then the weather! Warm blue skies all the day, what a mess! No, serious: Go there! It is a perfect place to learn skydiving, do funjumps, meet old friends and make new friends. You will enjoy for sure!
  15. Skybear

    Wingsuit Instructor in NZ ?

    Contact Tomas@velocityau.COM. He is listed on the Birdman-Homepage. Have Fun!
  16. Skybear

    Cypres 2

    Until today I saw my Cypres 2 only twice, once when it was new and once when I removed it from the rig for service. No need for battery changes, no defects, no bugs and no damages. That 's why I consider the Cypres 2 as the best AAD on the market. All you have to do is switch it on and then forget it. The 4-year service is worth its money, as Airtec guarantees that all expenses are covered by the fixed service fee. And they guarantee the 100% working condition over 12,5 years, which means 100% reliability without hidden extra costs in that period of time. The maintenance shows the ultimate degree of perfectionism in saving our lifes: Everything is checked, calibrated and replaced if necessary: -temperature stability -air pressure sensors -power consumption -new batteries -functional check -cutter check -electronic shielding check -Softwareupdates -Hardwareupdates The absence of different jump modes is no problem for me, as I don't change the AAD between student, experienced and tandem rigs. It also results in less risk, because I don't have to care about me or other people which might change the setting by accident. When I have to change the mode sometime, maybe for swooping, Airtec will do it for free at the factory.