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  1. Just got a few into my shop. The design is mostly the same as the G2, with a few adjustments on the liners and the ventilation. The shell seems to be extremely tough. Personally I still prefer the look of carbon, but I think ABS is the better choice in the long run. Matte black is sweeeeet!
  2. +1! For me as a dealer it is very important to have a close relationship to my suppliers, because only when they provide a good service to me I can pass it on to my customers. Cookie demonstrated a very good attitude and support towards me as a small dealer, which helped to make my customers happy and establish my small business here in Germany. Sometimes it is annoying to wait a long time for a parcel that comes from the other side of the world, but because of the quality of the products and the service they are my favourite helmet manufacturer. Thank you Jason, Jeremy and Sally!
  3. This sheds a little more light on it:
  4. It should be good for ten years since DOM.
  5. [replyNo AAD is perfect. We all accept financial risk for owning technology. +1
  6. Spoken like the true 1 eyed Cypres supporter you are.
  7. I think it is absolutely okay to replace the control unit and charge for that. They advertise a 12-month warranty and that's it. If you want more you should consider another AAD. You get what you pay for.
  8. Do you think it is wise to jump with an AAD of whichever brand, that shows something on the display that you can't interpret? I think the manual says pretty clear what must be shown on the display when it is ready to jump. Anything else can be dangerous for you ans your fellow jumpers.
  9. Rhys, why are you so difficult? You made the experience that the Airtec people are dirty liers, so you don't like Cypres anymore. Even if I do not agree I respect your point of view. Now you have different choices of other AADs: Vigil, Argus (still banned in Aussieland? I don't know.), M2 (coming soon), KAP3 (still in production). Select the brand you like most, be happy with it and go jump. Clarification was already given by different sources. There is nothing left to discuss on that topic, everybody can build his own opinion on the presented information.
  10. There is no source of the information mentioned in the document nor is the author known. This alone let me questions the whole content.
  11. +1 This will help nobody. It will just make skydiving more expensive than it already is.
  12. You not? 3.5.3 only says, that the Vigil verifies that the battery pck, the cutter and the electronic circuits (main functions) are in proper working conditions. There is no statement about the determination of sensor accuracy. But this is, what was asked by Kenny.
  13. Mannheim In German, it will be written Mannheim. I see no reason for sarcasm. I think in Russian form a pair of words to write can not. Remember your own words!
  14. Nelyubin, you forgot to say that Airtec sent an employee to Thailand, who had enough Cypres 2s in a suitcase to outfit every jumper who had a Vigil for the rest of the world record, to avoid another mass reserve opening in the plane. You forgot to say that your preferred company did absolutely nothing about that problem. As we say in Germany, don't throw stones while sitting in a glass house.
  15. Ever done the Vigil factory tour? Maybe I would be impressed, but they let nobody in. Airtec looks very unspectacular from outside, and even on some places inside, but the precision and quality of their work is outstanding. Before telling people that it looks like a toy assembly you should better go there and have a look. Call them and ask for a visit, they are very open for visiting skydivers.
  16. Correct. They give the loops and discs away for free, because they want to make sure that only Cypres loops are used with Cypres AADs. They never tested Cpyres loops with any other AAD, so that they can't take liability for them. If you have a Vigil or Argus, why not using their specific loops and discs? Seems quite logical to me.
  17. Please excuse me, I know that english isn't yours or my mother language, but could you please phrase your comments and questions a bit better? I do not understand what you mean by this sentence. Airtek will give the reasonable answer concerning shooting of cartridge Cypres-2 on the earth? Thanks for making it clear!
  18. Please excuse me, I know that english isn't yours or my mother language, but could you please phrase your comments and questions a bit better? I do not understand what you mean by this sentence.
  19. Alti-2 have nothing new on their website. Same for the manufacturer. Maybe Mars is doing some serious testing before releasing it to the market?
  20. But this only works if you have two sharp edges, like on scissors. On a cutter, the loop hole does not provide a sharp edge. Otherwise the loop could be easily damaged by the loop hole during normal operation.
  21. I can hardly imagine no reaction from Airtec. Contact Jupp Veltmann, [email protected] , he will help you for sure.
  22. +1 for Paul. I bought a used canopy from him and made a good deal. Thanks again!
  23. Did you try Cookie?
  24. Did you consult Airtec, and if yes, what was their reply? Do the rig manufacturers have to ban the Cypres 2 now? Yes, if this can lead to a malfunction that prevents the reserve container from normal operation.