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  1. No 150's... Best you're going to get is a 210 or 260...
  2. Check out skydive ogden. Ask for Suzanne or Brian Wallace.
  3. Can you fly rears? Carve sideways? Use fronts? Really know your current canopy in and out? If not, learn everything then downsize. No reason to change canopies if you have not gotten everything out of your current one. Believe me , it will make you a better canopy pilot. Just my thoughts. Be safe .
  4. Of course it's fucking legit. I know the guy and he jumped out at Spaceland...
  5. I truly believe when one gets hurt his or her mentally changes toward the sport... It's then you realize it's more than having fun. You can actually die. I went through a major injury after a really bad swoop in Dubai. Skydiving just wasn't the same. It's been over 2 yrs and I'm still not totally comfortable until my canopy is fully inflated. But I do it cause I do love it. But definitely different. I used to be a lot more carefree . But being humbled isn't a bad thing:)
  6. How many jumps did you actually have? 195 I didn't even get that much blood on my wingsuit! And most of it wasn't mine... I was on track for 200 before the jump but I had a head cold/sinus infection for a couple weeks before the jump. Didn't even want to do a hop and pop with my ears clogged up like that. I figured with 3 hours of tunnel time now, 5 more jumps this way or that wouldn't make a difference, and I was right. You weren't "right." This is a BSR (Basic Safety Requirement). Your "instructor" violated the BSR, you had linetwists, and landed off the DZ. This also puts your instructor's standing with USPA at risk. All three are indicators of the typical terrible instruction that are causing problems for wingsuiters around the globe. 200 jumps is a threshold indicator for being able to put on a wingsuit. Just because you have reached 200 jumps doesn't mean you're ready for a wingsuit (or any other advanced discipline). Disagree. Tear shit up and become the best pilot out there. Obviously you "were" ready to fly it... Don't let others give you to much advise. It's probably shit anyways... Fly then learn ..weeeeee
  7. Sorry bro. The rds is a it unnecessary . And learn to lean forward and stop using the ground as a bail out to slide, bad habit o get into
  8. Upsize bro!!' Learn your 170 then downsize. Like I always tell guys downsizing... Don't downsize until YOU can do everything with your current canopy... I think IMO you just want to tell people you're flying a small canopy.
  9. What an accomplishment. Cheif, there's some things a man just as well keep to himself. This is one of them. It's offensive and sexist. Maybe you've heard about the rule that instructors are morally obligated to abstain from sexual activities with paying customers? If you knew that, then this little scenario tells us just what kind of guy you really are, which is hardly anything to be proud of. And this is why we throw people out of Dubai all the time!!! Big babies like you wouldn't last nor fit in. Plus I was messing around. It's a different breed of jumpers these days. Sub 100 or not. Sucks but your post proved my point. Like they say in Hawaii. Stay off our fucking hp landing area with your boat. :) Best- Richard
  10. Damn I thought my cutaway was bad. He had it WAYYYYYY worse. http://youtu.be/RfoW4qDaaWc
  11. Received a killlller bj from a student after filming her tandem. Love Eloy and the hot chicks there. Boom...
  12. Ouch! But very funny! To bad Elsinore does not want to be a premiere drop zone anymore. They are very touchy with any canopy coaching, yet they allow high performance landings over the dirt, only coaching available is B license check offs. all in all a bad recipe and shame on the dz for the lack of training people to become better pilots considering every jump ends safely with a landing. Good work Nate keep it up and to a poster a while above, those are katanas not velos Ditto fucking whittoooooo!!!
  13. Someone please delete this whole thread please...sheeesehhfethfjg