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  1. website is down for where i usually get the instructions for making these anyone have the instructions saved? i really wish we had a central location with all know manuals for the systems out there
  2. risk is inherent in this sport, if you feel you can mitigate the risk of deteriorating vision I would encourage you to keep jumping, don't give up because genetics dealt you a bad hand, now that being said under canopy at high traffic dz's such as eloy this could be a greater risk to yourself and other jumpers, you might want to find a cessna club or dz and keep the risk of canopy collision to a minimum, if there are only 3 other jumpers in the air with you they can all be aware of your handicap and adjust procedures easily to help you out, and maybe find the closer jump crew who can help you deal with what you are going through as a good sky family does, oh yeah and double up on audibles haha, i'd still jump with you, and i hope you find a treatment that helps nip this in the ass.
  3. Anyone out there have or know of where to find technical drawings for building 3-ring riser, big or mini, bored and need some projects to build, actually any technical drawings on any parachute equipment would be intellectually entertaining, thanks
  4. Thank you much, and beer will be paid when I run into you, I am a man of my word
  5. anyone out there have a sweet hog manual and the ability to scan it in as a pdf, buddy bought some gear as a water rig/something to throw a base canopy in it, but i don't have a manual to pack it. Would buy anyone who scans it in their beer of choice if we run into eachother thanks yall cheers
  6. okay this i dumb i know but i can't find where to buy cypress washers on paragear or chuting star, am i retarded? well maybe but where the hell does one buy these things, i can find the vigil ones but the cypress ones are proving impossible where are they for sale?
  7. getting ready to do tandem rating course, went to get my medical yesterday and the only issue that came up was from tuthfully answering the dui quesiton, i had a DUI in 2009 and cleared it up with an administrative plea (accelerated rehabilitative disposition ARD in pennsylvania) which means i've never had a conviction, restored my driving privlege and can truthfully(without the threat of purgery) answer i've never been convicted of a crime to prospective employers, so the doc said he'd get in contact with the faa and find out if i need documentation of treatment etc to finish and get the medical certificate. i know i will be able to resolve these issues and get a medical certificate in the end but i was curious as to being able to do a ratings course with the certificate pending and submit for the rating once i receive the certificate? anyone have any advice or similar experience that can give advice would be greatly appreciated