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  1. I know mate, thanks. I just wanted to comment it to give some thoughts to other readers. An AAD is fine, but it is only one part of a whole system that has to work.
  2. As far as I know Airtec is the only AAD manufacturer who test all containers on the market with their AAD. They tested the Wings container in 1998 and had no problems with it. Neither me nor one from Airtec to whom I talked about it this morning, has any knowledge about changes of the container meanwhile. Every manufacturer is invited to send a container to Airtec when modifications are done, to make sure that the cutter is still placed in the best way. However there are many more parameters which have influence on reserve container opening: -age of the PC -position of the PC and the fabric -length of the loop -routing of the bridle -size of container vs. size of reserve Especially the last point requires attention, because many container manufacturers moved on to small reserve containers for a better look. But slim reserve containers require real small reserves for a good opening without snags. This is a problem of the container not of any AAD.