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  1. I have agreed with you If your not smart enough to know when you have the right to shoot another human or even at one then you ARE too stupid to own one. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  2. Hmmm, I guess the dumbest way ever was thinking that yoga crap was eeeeasssyyyy and letting my ego run wild... Back when I was in the USMC shortly after bootcamp I was on leave for a few days, I flew back to Washington to visit my family, my mother was teaching Yoga so I went down to the studio and her assistant said I had to participate or wait outside... I was in fantastic shape - how hard could this sissy stuff be? ... no sweat I got this... She didn't say it was the advanced class which emphasized stretching which wasn't exactly something the Marine Corp stressed - But shortly I came to understand the wicked smile she gave me I pulled everything and found muscles that may not even have a name... That shit kicked my ass worse than shouldering an 80lb ALICE pack and going 15k at a forced march. I think I turned in my man card that day Roy PS: 30 years later my mother still likes to mention this... They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  3. I grew up hunting and fishing. both fishing and hunting are a source of meat in my house, I fish for just about everything freshwater, and hunt deer and elk. I have never taken a trophy - Taxidermy...that practice disgusts me beyond words, I use either a muzzleloader or a bow and if I ever make a piss poor shot like this douchbag did and cause an animal that much suffering I would never brag about it and I will probably hang up my weapons for good. I was taught how to track and stalk the animals which is much less efficient than baiting and waiting -oh wait.. I mean accidentally dropping a large bunch of apples and other food the animal likes then hanging around that area safe on a perch. I see absolutely no reason to hunt a predator unless its a threat to my family or my animals. My son is being taught the same - If you shoot it make it a clean kill, no excuses - and don't waste any part that is useable. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  4. I once read a story about a guy doing 75mph in a 55 zone. Rabbit ran out in the middle of the road and stopped. As he approached, it jumped straight up. Went through the grill, *and* completely through the radiator. Back in 97' or 98' a friend of mine started working for skydive Las Vegas and I took his van down to him and his girlfriend a month after they moved - those long highways in Nevada are like death central, everything goes to the road to die. About 60miles from Vegas I got passed by a very large 4x4 with huge mudders, I could hear the tires before I could hear the engine and as he got in front of me a rabbit committed suicide by diving under one of the tires - those tires threw the carcass into the grill and blood sprayed over the entire front of the white van... and a rabbit has a surprising amount of blood in such a small body The grill was damaged but Luckily it didn't damage the radiator but boy did it look like a prop from Texas chainsaw massacre - and wipers don't work all that well on blood, and I had no wiper fluid... Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  5. I like this idea, everyone thinks they will react well but nobody knows just how different shooting is when their adrenaline jacks up and suddenly their hands feel like they are wearing oven mitts - I am gonna do something similar when my son is ready but am thinking air horn or bullhorn if I can find one rather than screaming myself hoarse
  6. I have heard that, but my experience with .22 is bolt actions and revolvers - I cannot remember ever shooting a semi auto .22 I don't remember why they have issues cycling though... I just recall reading about it somewhere. edit to add: is it a rimfire problem? my son has a .17 semi auto that shoots the Mach II's and it has no feeding problems at all - damned fine rifle Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  7. A .22 is a small round which is why its not usually recommended for defense, can it kill - definitely but in a fight or die situation - that kill may take long enough for the assailant to end you. A larger round makes a larger hole and dumps more kinetic energy into the body - the reason you use hollowpoint ammo is so it doesn't merely go right on through wasting that kinetic energy that could be imparted to your attacker. That being said: I sure as hell will never volunteer to be shot by a .22 and I doubt there are many who would. Stayhigh's comment about the range is way off the mark, they are dangerous much farther than most people realize. Its a great inexpensive round but take it for what it is - deadly to small animals and potentially deadly to larger, but shot placement has to be perfect or really lucky in a fight or die scenario and if It was all I had I would definitely empty it into the attacker to increase my odds of him going down. assassins use it at point blank ranges Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  8. The process is amazingly similar as is the penalty for skipping steps. I forgot to add: Have fun and be safe!
  9. Get professional instruction, basic shooting classes and advanced classes are available but you may have to check around to find out where and when they are held. practice the safe firearm fundamentals until they are second nature and never never get complacent. Always know what is behind your target - bullets can go a looong ways and you are liable for every round that leaves your gun. Go to a range that has demo weapons, try the semi-auto's from .380 to 10mm find the weapon and caliber that fits you and is fun to shoot - .380 is on the low end of effective self defense (IMO) and 10mm is over the top (Powah!!!) The revolvers from .38 cal (low end)(IMO) to the .44 mag (Redonkulous Powah!!!) - or even the .50 which is (Retardomaculous Powah) -*A touch on the OMGWTFBBQ end of the spectrum... unless you run into a pissed off Grizzly... .380, 9mm or .38 are good, most bang for your buck if you want to shoot a lot as the other calibres are more expensive. Use fmj for practice but hollowpoints for self defense. Once you purchase the one you like Learn the weapon inside and out, learn to fully disassemble it and learn how each piece functions. get a good holster - one that covers the trigger, don't go cheap on this! Do not listen to anyone that tells you that you need a competition trigger, most semi auto's have between a 5-6lb trigger pull, this is perfect for a carry gun, leave the weapons with a 2lb trigger where they belong - in competition. Once you have done all this and are comfortable with your firearm go take a combat course, learn to move and shoot - you will gain a ton of knowledge on the capabilities of your weapon (penetration, overpenetration) and how to move and shoot effectively. Get a small biometric gun safe, keep the weapon out of curious hands when it is not in your possession. Shooting is like skydiving, you never really forget how to do it but you do get rusty - Practice Practice Practice! Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  10. Yes, they're nearly always in the US. Europe has a far larger population than the US; we don't have these problems on the frequency/scale of the US. I completely agree and cannot not argue with you on this point. We have a horrible issue with lack of respect for life here but if firearms were banned the criminals would still use them. Guns would be a large import in addition to drugs through our very porous southern border if they were illegal and making law abiding citizens helpless wont make the problem go away, the criminals bent on doing their deed would merely have an easier time of it. They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  11. does this even exist ? (I think I understand what you mean, no longer active military...) Heh, no it really doesn't exist - once a Marine always a Marine. but the Marine I was, was 185 pounds of solid muscle in top physical shape. I feel a twinge of guilt to think of still calling my self a Marine as I am no longer in that kind of shape nor am I active duty. The title Marine belongs to those in that shape and active duty. For us crusty old farts we are still one in our hearts but our bodies are losing the battle with age and injuries. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  12. What it boils down to is I refuse to be a victim - I conceal carry to avoid attention - unless a need arose you would never know it was there. I guess it depends on what newsfeeds you pay attention to, I see articles almost every day where a legal gun owner has used their firearm to save themselves or others - many times in their OWN home. I carry the insurance that is available https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/ and have done so for years. What is truly obscene is people expecting a person to engage in a life or death struggle with a larger, stronger opponent - or numerous opponents with nothing more than their fists. They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  13. I really don't care if you are butthurt that I carry. There is no chance your child could play with it - its in a retention holster and when I am not wearing it, it is placed in a biometric gun safe in my locked trunk. and as for the silly "imaginary enemy" comment... We just had a individual get beat to near death with bats by three guys here in town in a good neighborhood - his girlfriend got tried to intervene and got tossed into traffic where she got hit by a car. beginning of the year we had an 80 somthing year old woman suffer a home invasion and RAPE, in a good neighborhood. I have said it many times, it only takes you being in the wrong place, wrong time - and it can occur anywhere. Being vigilant and taking steps to safeguard mine and my sons life is something I take serious. you want to call it "paranoid delusion"? go ahead, in my opinion you have your head in the sand. I hope I never have to use it but I train regularly, I am an ex Marine and I keep my skills up. I hope you never find yourself in a situation that spins out of your control, begging will be your only option. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  14. We have a gun range so yes I have carried, and packed while wearing it, no it doesn't accompany me on dives Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  15. I haven't, only dz in that state I have jumped at is Buckeye. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  16. My firearms have killed nobody and I carry every day, you will never know I have it on me as it stays concealed. I have 0% chance of defeating 3 guys with my fists and feet if they decide to kill me and do whatever they want with my son. I carry because the bad guys do as well and we do not go anywhere that prohibits guns for law abiding citizens - I will give my hard earned money to a shop that doesn't shit on my 2A rights Have you by any chance noticed the one thing in common these shooting have? give ya a clue, its a small sign they put in the window. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  17. I worked at freightliner in Yakima, Wa. I put in my two weeks notice and was fired immediately and told to leave the property... So I got a nice two week vacation before starting my new job
  18. In my car I carry a quite extensive medic kit that has virtually everything anyone could need to prolong a life until an ambulance can arrive, I hope to never need it to do more than repair a scrape or bandage a minor cut but I am prepared for worse. I carry a firearm with two spare magazines with the same mindset, If Its needed then I will have it - do I think I will need it? I really hope I never do. Being prepared for the worst is not paranoia, paranoia would be a full battle kit while watering your lawn. Both the medic kit and carrying a weapon are me preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. I carry but I don't feel the need for a backup weapon but Someone carrying two or more weapons is just an extension of 'be prepared' guns can malfunction and drawing a backup can be quicker than clearing the mal so I do understand why but for me one is enough. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  19. So I can feel good about not having it? That is not in the equation at all. Nobody at the dz even knows I don't have one unless they specifically ask, and nobody has so I think we can rule out an ego stroke. Its merely personal preference. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  20. https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/ This is who I am insured by - Quite inexpensive and worth the peace of mind if/when I ever need it. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  21. You notice how much you sound like a non jumper speaking about skydiving in general? - to them its pure stupidity to jump from an airplane no matter what. You will never understand people who just want to live by their own rules. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  22. There is nothing watered down about the term I used - forcing people to use a piece of equipment they do not wish to use for their own safety is exactly that. skydiving even with all the safety devices could be considered a pretty selfish act, if you have anybody who cares about you or relies on you. every skydive has the potential to go catastrophically wrong and end your life no matter what safety devices you use. Me and my son went to the memorial weekend boogie at westplains in Washington state last week and had a great time camping and socializing but I never jump when he is on the dz as I have seen first hand what happens to the family that is forced to watch when something goes wrong, and if it ever does he will be informed of it, not watch it. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  23. I don't use one and other than when I was doing back to back tandem vid's on the dz rigs with them in them I haven't ever used them. I think overall they are a good thing to have - but having said that I will never own one. when I was younger I enjoyed freeclimbing - climbing in safe mode never interested me. This is my life, I will jump free from the nanny state mentality as long as I can - when they become mandatory I will Base exclusively. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  24. When I worked At Richland skysports it was a judgement call that both the TI and the vidiot (me) both had to agree on the jumpers skill and heads up-ness or they did not jump with us. Bit me in the ass one day - Instructions were given and this jumper had displayed good skill before on regular dives, but got excited as it was his mother doing the tandem and held his dive too long. My only indication I was about to get hit was the oh shit look on Todaks face right before impact that luckily my container took the brunt of. We jumped I lived but I was very very angry at the jumper and myself for agreeing he could join us and it was quite a while before anyone got to sting a tandem again - and when they did I knew damned sure they had the skills to do so safely Its not just another skydive, the tandem has limited mobility and extra crap you can get tangled with, the vidiot cannot be watching out for the approaching diver. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.
  25. I knew several members of the Bandido's and rode with large groups of them on several occasions as a non member, most were crude, rude, tough, but reasonable people, some were highly intelligent professionals with good careers, a few in the group however were borderline psychotics (IMO) that were mostly held in check by the leaders. That being said... Mess with one - you get them all. Roy They say I suffer from insanity.... But I actually enjoy it.