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  1. thanks for the suggestion however im pretty sure the suit isnt in production yet i doubt pf are taking orders so its even more unlikely the will be taking special requests. hence this thread and the voicing of my opinion on the topic.
  2. I just don't want something useless flapping on the side of me taking up the place of the but deflector on my Wingsuit if I'm not gonna use it is all.
  3. but if a boc pull can be acceptable for the venom surely it can be acceptable and probably easier for the vampire. I hope the bring out a vampire made specifically for boc.
  4. sounds like no base pouch for the venom, wonder why they are so stuborn when it comes to the vampire?
  5. Well if you can't see it the it must be there
  6. To me the left side doesn't look symmetrical to the right as they have to make space for the pouch this space/void seems to project well past the pouch aswell in one of the pics. Ps weather this is the case for v3 is irrelevant to me I don't own one and probably never will.
  7. No but from the pics it seems that the but deflector has been cut into to fit and streamline the base pouch but if I wasn't gonna use it Ide like my but deflector to be unmodified streamline bla bla bla
  8. In those photos it looks like the base pouch would be harder to find than the boc I hope it only comes out as an option I can't see how something tucked away on the suit can be easier to find than a boc that sits proud from the suit.
  9. y news if there is going to be a new tracking suit from pf and when it will be available, need one just wondering if i should hold off on the order till the new stuff is out??
  10. When will they learn that we will never learn!
  11. try using a different memory card. check the gopro forums for more info.
  12. Why don't you guys just stick the stickey mount to the Upper brace part of a commercial wrist guard and be done with it!
  13. from what im gathering sounds like d30 would make a great frap hat.
  14. great answer thanks i guess i now understand why the gass is almost twice the price of my factory diver and can get a clue as to what the d3o is protecting me from that my factory dive isnt, anyone care to enlighten us on why our governing body doesnt require a rating (i mean of anyone surely it would be then that would have our best interests at heart)?
  15. can you give an example/magnitude of an impact that the gas user would be highly likely to 1,maintain conciousness 2,survive while the factory diver user would be 1,unconcious 2,not survive. I mean what is d3o saving us from that factory diver foam isnt??
  16. 60fps (r1 and r3) is mainly for slowmo.
  17. for foot, hand and belly mount i have been using the the headstrap (miners light looking one) just adjust the elastic and wrap it tight around your hand/ankle or max extension for around the belly. mounts well and is very secure all in one solution. hear are some vids using this method handcam: footmount:
  18. Do you have any footage from the glove?? I find the gopro's footage to be unacceptabilly shakey when mounted to anything soft/with give when skydiving.
  19. it sort of ends up like a servo tab on a plane the force towards the rear of the metal tab is greater (larger surface area) than the front and in getting pushed down lifts the front of the inlet up into the airstream. I fiddled with the scoops on the ground but they seem to distort the inlet tomuch and afect the efeectivness of the airlock ie, just blowing on my inlets they will close when i stop blowing and hold pressure i can pump up the legwing and it will more or less hold, with scoops the air just seemed to come straight back out as fast as i blew it in. I only have about 2 inches of overlap for the airlock the inlet is 4 inches wide maybe if i tack the rear of the airlock in the middle down the scoop and airlock would work better. (pic of tack idea attached)
  20. thanks guys i think i have fixed the legwing flapping by (temporarily) sewing a little bit if metal to the inlet to keep the lip of the inlet always a little open on one of the inlets got rid of about 90% of the flapping and while watching the inlets while flying its obvious the one without the metal just stayed completely closed while the other was open about 1/2cm, will figure out something a little more permanent shortly.
  21. one of yesterdays flights. you can see the leg wing flutter as i put it in a little dive to get down to the cloud
  22. ok had some more flights yeaterday and posted another personal best of 68km/h partial average @ 6000 (was just trying to keep max flight the whole way) and total average of 78. the suit feels alot more resposive bordering on twichy now. while i feel I have defiatly moved forward with the armwing (cannot get it to flutter anymore when i point it into a steeper dive which it used to) i have done the oposite with the legwing (the legwing never used to flutter and now will give afew when i decrease angle of attack almost seems like the incresed air from the defector pulls it up during the initial change and then it settles). I flew with afew v3's on the weekend and and it was interesting to note that they now have a mesh inlet for the legwing so maybe legwings with air deflectors are better off with the mesh and i should have left the legwing how it was. as far as the thumbloops go i like the extra mobility now and for unzipping i just pull the zip towards my hand then grab the sleeve with that hand then unzip im sure with practice it will be eventually just as fast as thumbloops. can anyone comment on the corners that i glued up are they there for a reason and should i have left them open??
  23. cant take credit for the sewing i did all the unpicking designing and patturns but wouldnt have been able to put it all together without my mum...thanks mum. have only flown it once since doing it (more jumps comming up tomorrow cant wait) and in comparison the suit just feels so much more rigid and easier to keep in a good body position previously i always felt it was such an effort to lift my core above/against the drag of the wings but now its a sinch and no where near as tired after the jump as before felt like i could maintain max flight forever. with a neptune my previous averages were 80-90km/h (have only got about 30 winsuit flights all bar 2 with this suit) with a slowest average of 78km/h. on the first dive back and having not jumped it for 2 months due to the mods and doing 3 180deg turns during the jump i got total average for the dive of 78km/h and a slowest partial average of 72km/h which i am contributing to the mods. I have also gotten rid of the thumb loops and while the suit doesnt need them in flight it seems to be harder to unzip without tension on the zipper can anyone else with suits without thumbloops comment??
  24. Hi guys, just wanted to share with you some mods i have made to my s6 as an attempt to modernise it, and a bonded patch repair that turned out better than stiching. basically all i have done is remove the armwing deflectors (needed the material and didnt think they did all that much anyhow no suit has these anymore and there is probably a good reason for it). Then with the material from the armwing deflectors i ditched the mesh armvent and made airlocks. then removed the mesh armsleves and relaced them with zp material and sewed closed the gap under the armpit sealing the armwing. for the legwing i just removed the mesh vent and used the bonus patch material from the repair kit for a airlock, at the corners of the trailing edge of the tail and armwing there were little outlets that i glued up with "aquaseal" (eurethane glue for repairing wetsuits, got the idea after i had a go at a patch over a tear on the leg wing that turned out great no stiching required) completely sealing the wings air can now only escape through the stiching photos are attached
  25. i have mine mounted to my soft hat after a little testing the tape wasnt strong enough on the leather so i glues it on with some aquaseal (urethane clear wetsuit glue) and tie the corners down with lockwire. have one mounted on my forhead and another on the crown for lookback shots. I also tried to mount one on my dirtbike helmet but buggered up the alignment and when i went to take it off it tore the paint off and cause i was out of tape i decided to 5min araldite it on seems strong enough and i cant rip it off by hand do you guys think araldite will be strong enough