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  1. because the swoopers have a conflict of interest and know it, kids at school dont or dont realise it. if it was a good fair system the method would be used at the olympic games.
  2. Ok here is how it went down, noticed the amount charged to my account and sent them an email questioning it (still no reply) received the items yesterday all good came in a 15*15*25cm box, recieved the invoice with shipping charges via email today (the first time i have seen the shipping charges) $35usd no invoice with the items.
  3. that looks about right they have probably charged me express when first class would have been fine (i just hope it comes via express and not first class), they dont give you an option on which shipping method they will choose, its silly if i wanted to spend that much on shipping of such small ticket items cause i wanted to save a couple of days i would have just baught local and had it now and cheaper! whats even sillier is that for such a big company there website cant give you a price on shipping before you make payment so you can make an informed decision there and then, just about every online retailer does it, and suprise suprise the ones that dont are the ones that charge exessive shipping really ticks me off step up paragear
  4. I would just like to warn any potential overseas paragear clientel of there rip off hidden shipping charges, i recently purchased some goggles $14usd and soft links $25usd and was debited $115aud never told about shipping costs and considering i had a par of sking goggles shipped from the states recently for $10usd i dont know where they get off charging $55aud odd, creeps!
  5. sounds good, I was just a bit worried if i sent it to a rep and had it sent, away airtec would knock it back and i would be out of pocket for the shipping or whatever the charge was. Boy that was pretty cheeky of them to charge twice for one service back in the day Thanks team.
  6. I have a original cypres that has been lying around (been away from the sport for a while) and has missed its 4 year service but is now due for its 8 year. will airtec accept it for its 8 year service, or do cypreses that miss the 3 month window for the 4 year service become unservicable/throw away? Cheers, Ps. please facts only, no guessing games or personal theories on why it should shouldnt etc.