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  1. Some loose flying for sure how he didnt end up on his back well before the boxes only god knows and to hit the boxes so perfectly after im speachless. congrats
  2. You dont fly like hell you dive to 3k then flair out the higher you exit above 3k the more advantageous the glide numbers are unrealistic those that choose not to dive dont look compeditive i dont want to take away from the current format just would like to see a new format addrd that is more geared towards max sustainable glide. Looks like it doesnt interest anyone so ill shut up.
  3. im thinking more you clear the airplane and max out just that everything from exit till 100ft is not include in the run to negate tail exits and exit speeds and discorage people from flying before they have cleared the plane etc. or whatever the rules have to be so the strategy is to max out and stay maxed out for X vertical distance. you could even have 2 different primanry distances say 10k long distance for the 14k exits and 6k sprint for the cessna dz,s.
  4. yes yes base jumpers will always be the elite pinacle of human flight the one true disipline. Anywho for those with an open mind set a max aircraft speed to be eigable for the comp plus 100 feet after exit should eliminate aircraft speed and diving advantage. I would seriously like it to be added to the comp so just putting it out there. The more dimensions and depth the better i think might even add a bit more fitness and stamina to wingsuiting. JOKE. do you know if there is a base jumper contributing to a thread on A. He will tell you heheheheheheh
  5. i wish that they had a separate league for sustained glide included exit or 100 foot below exit for 1500-2000metres or even the whole jump. would show the suits realistic glide. i would be interested in seeing those numbers more diving turns it into a swoop comp. ide really love to know max glide min sink airspeed get a little aispeed indicator so i know where i was at haha thaughts?
  6. Also if anyone is skydiving in an icaro or charly parag helmet ide like to hear how you are finding it
  7. Thanks lou im just a little conserned about the strength of the hinge points vs a normal fullface will it be able to survive basic impacts as well as a regular fullface also some of the carbon helmets seem tobe very thin and crack very easy whilst my factory divers shell wes quiet thick and durable how does this one compare?
  8. Hello i like full face helmets but dont like the fact that with most of them the hard shell only goes halfway down the back of the head leaving the main place your skull hits when you fall backwards relatively unprotected obviously to aid fittment. which full faces offer the most protection here, I saw the bonehard revolve in a catalog but havnt seen one in the flesh???????? I used to have a std factory diver with the visor removed that i liked but is now lost in the woods below la moose so unless there are others that offer more protection to the back of the head i will probably just get another one of these, i also saw the cookie gass going cheap on paragear is there much diff between these and the g2,3??
  9. I remember a non jumper once comming on here an telling us the obvious why dont you make the armwing extend all the way to the toes....he was booed of stage with a suit like that will never work to much drag bla bla bla and low and behold here we are with this and the apache i guess now its a matter of extending past this line without flapping maybe avampire type outward extemding gripper paddle with the wing then slowly curving back to the toe. not sure if all the extra material is giving better l/d or just slowing things down and getting us flying sooner though
  10. looks like they stitched some modern wing shapes to a jumpsuit everything seems like a patched on after thaught even the vents and knife pocket. though it does have a phoenix/birdman deflector. i recon a tailwing that big with a real deflector is gonna have a high probability of flapping. like you said looks very vemon like with a vampire deflector. ive always wanted to try a back to back shootout of same large wingsuit one with deflector and one without to see the differences/ advantage disadvantages of it.
  11. does this mean the suits now have same/more glide as canopy as you are not using ratchets? what is the glide on a velo?
  12. I hope not average glide for the jump (exit to open) was 2.2
  13. this seems to be the foams primary function in the tonysuit every video i see of a tonysuit in a dive shows the leading edge colapsed and usually flailing towards the baggy escape sleeve with the foam doing nothing for overall form. though the initial part of the leading edge in the tonysuit does seem to be sharper with their foam weather this is an advantage at the speeds we fly i dont know.
  14. I also found rolling your knees outwards and overly pointing toes (old habit from my previous wingsuit that was std sizing and didnt fit correctly) to tension the forward to mid part of the wing made things worse. conversly spreading my legs while keeping my knees facing forward without overly poining toes(though didnt feel like the legwing was held as tight) reduced the problem. may not be relevant to you but might be worth a try. to me it always seemed like the flap was airspeed related, i would start flying a little steeper, no flap then after i reached a certain speed violet flap would start and would remain and get worse the faster i went if i flattened out it would remain until i slowed till i was below that certain speed, attitude was irrelevant. I could never see the legwing but it never felt like it was depressurised. good luck
  15. Doubt this could happen on v4 as the arm inlets are only just above where the mlw enters the suit almost impossible for the mlw to cover it closed and have been around since v3 with nil issues, also v4 doesnt have those rediculous adjustable locks that could to me quite easily add to asemetric inflation and pressurisation not to mension added chance of rigging errors (one open one closed,one fully closed on just opened a little etc)
  16. I believe that ducting of air between legwing and rear deflector (ie vampires and skyfliers) does a similar thing to a vertical stab. while i hear alot of complaints about yaw instability on the bigger suits without especially when trying to fly fast.
  17. Am I glad my scuba tank doesn't know that! Really means nothing here though. Not like anyone thought the wingsuiter was squishing the air!!! um the guy who was comparing air to water, results for this case would be the same regardless of the fluid.
  18. air is considered incompressible at subsonic speeds. (hint the 22mph does not have to overcome the force of the wingsuiter accelerating towards the earth the w/s has already done that). their view is valid. if the vertical component of the airpeed is 15mph and i subtract 22mph i get -7mph, everything else in the equasion is irrelevant.
  19. great vid amazing flying almost thaught it was one of those r/c plane videos unitl you show the shot with the ws in view, any reason why the tonsuits leading edge always seems to be colapsed and flapping when chasing terain? does it affect the suits stability (one arm doing it more than the other)?
  20. whats the back deflector for does air flow between it and the tail wing like the v's and skyfliers/blades
  21. Very possible was thinking it might be poor position aswell maybe knees slightly bent plus all the extra airflow from the deflector causing to much turbulence? the suit seems rock solid otherwise.
  22. Is anyone finding their V4's tail ocassionally violently shaking at higher speeds (not a flap of the rear of the tail wing but the whole tailwing)? mine seems to do it after pulling out of a extended dive or maintaining a dive for to long(very easy to do as the v4 tracks exactly where you point it with everything fully extended amazing)sort of like an over speed and nothing seems to stop it accept slowing down and im not talking overly steep or fast (100 and above miles say).
  23. or better yet draw me a picture?
  24. nice toys, any comparo on armwing sweep and max rib thickness (arm and leg)? just on face value what are your predictions for how they will perform?
  25. Thanks I think last time i went for it i must have gone around the back of the gripper (like i would do for boc) which had me fighting against the wing pressurisation, now i need a new muscle memory to just drop the gripper and go underneath (ps, I did afew let go of gripper in flight and pick back up and remerkably the gripper doesnt get blown away but prettymuch stays right where i left it rock solid!). dont worry for big group flocking I have my S6, V4 is all performance flights or performance small group flocking, But every jump I do with the V4 I want to be legpouched and second nature. on another note in the air i didnt notice the legpouch pull was any harder (skydiving 28inch pc) but practicing on the ground with my 36 had the pull alot harder its bigger but as you were fighting it out sideways because of the angle of the legpuch compared to boc anyone else notice this