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  1. is the swift really baggier in the arms? most of the squirrels i have seen (aura) have good fit in the arms deff not baggy-draggy-laggy unresponsive. in the vids i have seen the glideskin gets a little deformed in dives but that seems mostly asthetic
  2. you are aware there are more than just you and me reading your posts right?
  3. You already started the shittalk when you suggested there was a manufacturer that couldnt and wouldnt make a mistake. If you think your experiance is the only possible outcome that has and is to be your nuts
  4. Go on tell us who is this mythical manufacturer from the perfect world that gets it right first time ever time?
  5. What was the cost for cancellation of the carve?
  6. Hi cris can you give us your impressions on how it flys feels comp to your v4?
  7. Its just friendly advice that more and more i now see could really have helped you i dont understand why you would contact them with regards to everything accept payment, Like someone said order-invoice-pay -recieve, no use chasing up a missing suit when next in the natural order of things is payment, just adds to the confusion,
  8. I still think that if you were as proactive about organsing payment as you were about asking where the suit you hadnt paid for was, you would have had a much better outcome. I always find a little goodwill goes a long way.
  9. I wish there was abit more info on the colugo 2 anyone know anything? was ment to be released late feb. im guessing it will go down in size and be more for speed like the scorpion.
  10. Im kinda confused with what role the dealer was playing besides adding to the confusion.
  11. If he ordered from the dealer the dealer should have requested payment and he should have payed the dealer why would pf ask him for the money directly ya dig. Like you said whats the dealer there for
  12. I dont know sounds like more of a dealer issue to me, just found it interesting that after cancelling your order no monies were outstanding, regardless of how the dealer takes the order didnt you find that odd after all that time?
  13. Maybe try paying in full up front like with most manufacturers nd see how your order is treated.
  14. there is a way better pov scene in this game if you choose the right ending ;-) unless of course your one of those that think wsing is better than sex.