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  1. hnb

    Phoenix Fly

    I haven't been in this site for a couple of days, and I am surprised at all the amount of responces. I want to thank monkycndo for all his help. Any of my friends who are looking to buy, I'll send them your way. Macca, thanks for letting me vent. And thanks to Phoenix Fly for reconfirming my original beliefs that you guys are a great company that looks out for their customers. I am amazied and shocked at the quick turn around, and I turely appreciate it, THANK YOU. Before I ordered and even now I never heard a bad thing about quality or custurmer service that would make me consider shopping else where. I am happy we resolved the issues and look forward to getting my wing suit. Again. Thank you
  2. hnb

    Phoenix Fly

    Is Phoenix Fly going out of business? Are they having major business problems? OR Does Phoenix Fly have VERY HORRIBLE customer service, production organization, and shipping and receiving? I hate complaining, but now going in to the forth month of waiting for a suit and not getting ONE straight answer from them. I had to deal with: "lost in shipping" to "didn't you get it?" to "we'll make you a new one" to "we'll have your suit done in two weeks" to "it will be done this week" and now it's "we have no fabric to make a wing suit, would you like something else" Is any one else having these problem with Phoenix Fly? I am now considering canceling my order with them. Any info is welcome thanks