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  1. Great links lurch any explanation for why your best distance and speed results have come from your sbird keeping in mind that no matter how holier than thau you and your friends think you are, you are still bound by the same laws of physics as the rest of us mere mortals.
  2. Ask a silly question get a silly answer i guess. Even sillyer still is repremanding someone for providing an answer to a question. And in response to your question last i checked australia was on planet earth but being form the usa you probably arnt aware of that or anything outside of your little bubble.
  3. Just tryin to keep it real and make sence of it all is all. you have to admit you do contradict yourself quiet alot its very confusing.
  4. Try telling that to lurch. Better yet try plotting the tbirds polar curve via his description and post what you come up with.
  5. To me i have always found max glide to have a faster fallrate than min sink and max fwd speed a faster fallrate still. But it looks like you have proven otherwise.
  6. Are you guys finished blowing sunshine up eachothers asses yet? On a serious not lurch are you saying t-bird has faster fwd speed than apache? I mean if you were at your drag limit and the tbird was being flow for time ie 4min im guessing it could be flown to go alot faster fwd?
  7. Definately wingsuit base first. Object separation is paramount!
  8. Do you understand this is more theory than fact.
  9. I cant believe people go around doing this sort of bs to perfectly servicable containers. But whatever maked you feel special and unique i guess pfftt pull your finger out!
  10. is it that the suit is to tall for your girl or is there no arm sweep in the X3? and for outperformance do you mean glide, horizontal speed, min vertical speeds/time or all?
  11. Ok have done a few base jumps with me in v4 and company in x2. On pretty much all jumps x2 did not go as steep (seems the bigger arms catch you sooner whereas little arms that are quiet swept back dont give you much to fight against the oversized tail and down you go) and therefore got flying a little faster less than 50ft between them. glide was about the same with x2 able to go a little further due to having the extra few ft of atl. At first we also thaught speed was about the same, but once i began to get in the groove and fly faster it was obvious x2 is the slower suit with my buddy commenting that the faster we went the harder it was for him to fly straight and had instability that he discribed as around the yaw axis. where the faster we went the more solid and stable i felt. by this stage the x2 was also opening around the same distance which leads me to belive at top speeds the v4 has the better glide we never went so fast that it ever adversly affected our distance. From what im seeing x2 type suits seem quicker and easier to exit with compareable handling and speed flown slow and obviously slower minimum speeds both vert and horizontal. but are at an exponentially increasing disadvantage the faster you go and more agressive you fly in all aspects handling glide and speed.
  12. Ok noone is telling you what you want to hear so i will. if i was gonna mod your suit i woul be leaving a phantom sized gripper and clipping the corner like s6/gti (this should have a nice easy pull without loosing to much of the armwing i have always found the s6 to be easier to boc than big handle types though if i were you and my plan was base i would always be jumping the legpouch regardless)de maybe even change the angle of the gripper so it doesnt point outwards to much this should hopefully have you being able to fly handsfree without the gripper flapping (another mod i would be doing is adding a zp sleeve so air in the wing cannot leak into the body not sure if the legwing is vented to the body/legs but if it is this should also be plugged. Goodluck there is a modded v1/2 on the ready to go video he leaves a phantom type gripper but has the trailing edge straight to the body seems to fly nice no sure but he might have shortened the legwing extension to check it out.
  13. Can someone explain the patent pending inlet design?? sounds interesting.
  14. Shame you didnt just tell it like it is and had to go and wipe the gloss of what otherwise is a wonderful achievement.
  15. Hjumper was your impression of the apache a classic to x2 type increase in performance??
  16. Congrats on the documended increase in altitude during flair, though there is nothing in your experiance or anyone elses for that matter that supports classic to x2 generational jumps. sounds like youve just got a bit more fabric supporting you slower stall speeds that allow the increases during flair, classic to x2 show almost doubling of gr i dont think this suit has gained any gr or significant speed on the x2 for quiet significant fabric penalty which i did point out and you did reject. which is probably why your getting the responses you are, i think luke is just trying to stop the back peddling when our initial comments were closer to the truth than yours.
  17. Its really hard to top the v4 for handling more so the faster you go whilst some may be able to top its min/stall speeds it comes at a substancial material penalty with very little if any increase in gr.
  18. Lurch: the data on the apache is inaccurate. Granpasc: How's that lurch? lurch: Well, I just happened to see a apache do a 5G climb. Skwrl: We!...We. lurch: Sorry, Skwrl. WE happened to see a apache do a 5G climb. Granpasc: Where did you see this? Lurch: That's classified. Granpasc: It's what? Lurch: It's classified. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. Granpasc: Lurch, I have top secret clearance. Tonysuit sees to it that I know more than you. lurch: it doesn't seem so in this case now does it. Granpasc: So, Lurch, where exactly were you? Lurch: Well, WE -- Skwrl: Thank you. Lurch: -- started up on his six, when he pulled through the clouds, and then I moved in below him. Granpasc: Well, if you were directly below him, how did you get above him? Lurch: Because I was climbing. Jarno: (cough) B------t. Skwrl: No, he was, man. It was a really great move. He was climbing. Granpasc: You were in a 5g climb with a apache? Lurch: Yes, ma'am. Granpasc: At what range? Lurch: About two meters. skwrl: Well, it's actually about one and a half, I think. It was one and a half. I've got great video of it, and he's, he's right there. Must be one and a half. lurch: It was nice video.... Skwrl: Thanks, man. I like my videos.... Granpasc: What were you doing there? Skwrl: Communicating. Lurch: Communicating. Keeping up foreign relations. I was, uh, you know, giving him "the bird." Skwrl: You know -- "the finger." Granpasc: Yes, I know the finger, Skwrl. Skwrl: I'm, I'm sorry. I hate it when it does that. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Granpasc: [to Lurch] So you're the one. Lurch: Yes, ma'am.
  19. Anyone else with similar experiance to lurchs on the apache please speak up.......... Crickets ps. judging heading performance on a handfull of jumps and modifying your gear before you are comfortable with deployment in the suit is naive at best i really hope noone else reads this and jumps on the 10ft plus bridal bandwagon.
  20. May i ask how long the climbs lasted? Ie for how many seconds did you stay above 0 fallrate?
  21. Whatever he was doing it wasnt intentional he actually blames it on turbulence in an interview which may have magnified the apaches inherent instability when steep. Is your experiance with the apache in line with lurches?
  22. they have very good "slow speed/floaty" abilities., but apparently also good high speed capacities too. from what i have heard they can be flown fast but not naturally ie, instability (yaw etc) the faster you go. i could sort of see it in garys flight lots of wabbling as he tries to speed up and falls below and infront of the camera man and then stops wabbling as he planes out and sets up for flair. kinda like the death wobbles on a skateboard
  23. more enery stored but also more force to overcome. the suit has been out for a while whilest i believe lower averages and slower stall speeds are possible due to more fabric from what i have seen glide has not improved much if at all for a very large fabric penalty. as for increased internal pressurisation would be cool if the manufactures went to some trouble to measure it. doubt the apache would have much more though same vents and internal sealing. there is only so much ram air can do the slower you go the less it can do
  24. thanks can you tell us more about the suits features size differences (leg and arm compared to other top end suit) maybe some pics? not to question your flights but Gary performed a pretty aggressive flare that didnt at all look anything like climbing didnt really change glide substancially either, somehow i just cant see most having the same experiance as you unless something really unique is going on behind the outline i just cant see how a little bit larger arm/leg wing cant have classic to xbird differences.