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  1. Chris, Come prepared Best regards, Jason
  2. Chris, 841 Magrath Ave. Manteca, CA 95336
  3. I'm sorry. That was a drunken rant...Idiotic. I dont drink anymore and I will stop littering this forum with garbage. I really am sorry. You make a good point Samadhi. I will be jumping them most likely alone if I dont shape up and fall in line.
  4. One last thing before I embark on my journey. DAMN you for trying to hoard the dream of men. For centuries men have dreamed of flight. Since we could look up to the skies. It is not yours to have. It is not yours to control and no matter how hard you try you will not contain it. I know what its like to lose a brother/friend to combat or a cause, or "fun". Shit happens. "Whatever happens, happens". We choose our destiny. You don't have the right to take it from anyone. Who do you think you are???
  5. I'm done. Crucify me if you must. I just can't feeking think about anything but jumping it's making me crazy !! Take care my friends. I have nothing but respect for veterans of this sport knowing now how much sacrifice it takes. Blue skies.
  6. I'm not arguing with any of you guys and I understand your frustrations with me but I am extremely frustrated too. I can't find anwers to a lot of my question in any articles. If I ask experienced people on the DZ the answer is basically the same. Get more jumps then talk to me. I totally get that. If I ask on a forum I get kicked in the balls. I'm not even about to post anything on BASEjumper.com I would get my head ripped off. I dont think it's unreasonable to ask specific gear questions about flying a large (250-270) canopy out of a plane with 70 jumps. I need this.
  7. I sincerely appreciate everyones feedback, even negative feedback helps me understand the sport more. I have about 70 jumps now just havent updated my profile. I can't tell you whether you should downsize or not, i'm not qualified to give that kind of advise. I totally understand where you are coming from and what you are saying. I will not be asking anymore questions until I have a little bit of experience.
  8. Yes. I'm a noobie, and so were you at one time. I realize theres a stigma against noobie questions in this sport. Doesnt make sense to me because no question is stupid..especially if it's potentially life and death. When I am an experienced BASE jumper (granted I don't die in the process) I will check my ego at the door and help newcomers by telling them what they can do, not what they can't.
  9. Thank you Dave and Tom. I'm even less prepared than I thought... Very very helpful information. I was trying to downsize when I should have been going bigger. I'm going to look for a used large canopy/container. I should have maybe researched a little. I was just so excited to get my own gear I bought before I knew anything. Big mistake. Growing pains #@%[email protected]^@%^&
  10. I really appreciate the feedback guys, I guess I was just trying to figure out which would be the better route financially. I still have a long way... just anxious I guess. It seemed to me like BASE would be more difficult to get into and more expensive... Either way I'll be broke hahaha. Anyone want to buy some golf clubs or a snowboard ? LOL I would live out of my vehicle if it meant i could jump everyday. LOVE IT. Quote
  11. I only have 56 skydives but want to plan this thing out... Should I get into wingsuiting first or BASE ? Seems to me it would be more important to do a BASE FJC first... then learn to fly.. ? any guidance would be appreciated.
  12. "Inspite of all the danger, there comes a time when the animal inside says, let me be free, and you must roll the dice and throw yourself into the unknown and see what happens because that, that is truly living. Thats the choices we make and we will live with them." -Dwain Weston
  13. Thanks,u guys are awesome. yeah i'm definitely down. i was cruising up till level 4 and kept going into a spin, im going to go in the tunnel before i go back up and get the feeling and control down. definitely want my license and have everything i need minus canopies...Blue skies