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  1. This works for me, cheap as chips & holds a Galaxy note 3 & plenty of other stuff.
  2. Yep, definately tape the ends of your PVC. I've had to shake one off a gloved finger.
  3. If you're going to come on here with a mad rant, it's a bit unfair expecting people to know about something that is not going to happen for another 2 years after the last post!
  4. murf62

    FL Dec

    There's an old geezer with a big nose does the odd wingsuit jump at Z-Hills. Look him up, his name is Tony something.
  5. That's the most sensible post I've seen in this forum to date. Well said Robi. Surely nobody has the inclination or time in their life to read Lurch's posts? I know I don't.
  6. Jesse on Storage Hunters just bought one in a storage bin in Temecula, along with a handful of gopros, a protec and a Stuntman's airbag. Give him a call, there's no way he will get his fat ass in it. :)
  7. I want to fly feet first, Luge style. I'm getting bored of the "skeleton" style of flying. Make it happen Robi! :)
  8. Firstly yeah, Shadow 2 or Phantom 3 are perfect for beginner, or a Tonysuit Intro/T Bird. Nobody mentioned skipping the rules now, or CCIs overriding them. The currency rule was introduced with first flights in mind and although the wording of the ops manual says that you can't have WS1 without the required currency, obviously it is possible to obtain WS1 (and WS2 for that matter) and then slip out of the currency requirement before you get to 500 jumps as time passes. As with many areas in the ops manual, there is not 100% clarity which requires CCIs to use their professional judgement. A common sense approach has to be applied and most CCIs have some of that thankfully. For those that can't be arsed to look it up: "6.9. Wing Suit (WS) 6.9.1. To obtain Grade 1 in Wing Suit (WS1) flying, the parachutist must be a ‘C’ Licence holder with at least 500 descents or at least 200 descents within the previous 18 months and must demonstrate (in a belly to earth position, as in 6.4.1. above) the ability to: a) Control fall rate and turn in place. b) Dive and approach a target and achieve docking techniques. c) Break-off turn and track away to obtain clear airspace for deployment. d) Maintain good altitude awareness throughout the skydive. e) Control horizontal movement (forwards, backwards and sideways). 6.9.2. The parachutist may then be introduced to WS (for WS1 training) by a CCI/Advanced Instructor nominated WS2 Grade parachutist or equivalent of proven WS instructional ability, have received a full safety brief and demonstrated the ability to: a) Complete out at least one descent using a training wing suit/tracking suit (parachutists with less than 500 descents). b) Fly the wing suit safely and in a controlled manner (with overall stability) on at least three descents. c) Deploy the main parachute in a safe wing suit manner (at the correct altitude) on at least three descents. d) Fly a predetermined flight pattern and land within 50 metres of the target. e) Demonstrate the correct post opening procedures on all qualifying descents. 6.9.3. Once WS1 has been obtained, the parachutist must not make WS descents with others without CCI approval, (a log book endorsement will suffice) and initially only small groups (e.g. 2-3 ways). 6.9.4. To obtain Grade 2 in Wing Suit (WS2) the parachutist must be Grade 1 in WS (WS1) and be introduced to WS2 by a CCI/Advanced Instructor nominated WS2 Grade parachutist or equivalent of proven WS instructional ability, have received a full safety brief and demonstrated the ability to: a) Control fall rate, by arching/de arching and use of wings. b) Control of horizontal movement: forwards, backwards (slowing down relative to others) and sideways. c) Maintain control whilst flying suit at it’s best and least effective capabilities. d) Recover from an unstable exit and continue on correct flight path. e) Dive and approach a target. f) Land within 25 metres of the target on 5 consecutive descents. 6.9.5. Once WS2 has been obtained, the parachutist may jump with groups larger than 3 with CCI approval (a log book endorsement will suffice). N.B.(1) Training programmes such as those contained in the BPA Wing Suit Training Manual are acceptable for training for WS1 & WS2, provided all the requirements of sub-para 6.9. (above) are met. N.B.(2) The qualifications to become a WS coach may be found on BPA Form 134E."
  9. The rule in the ops manual is more to stop inexperienced/uncurrect people starting to wingsuit, if you have been at the required currency level previously and wingsuited successfully then it is not necessarily a barrier to carrying on, it depends on the individual case. For instance, if a new jumper does 300 jumps in their first year, (100 of them wingsuit jumps) and then doesn't jump for 18 months, then I would not expect them to do another 200 regular skydives before wingsuiting again. However, if they had 202 jumps (their last 2 had been WS) and have not jumped for 18 months, I would expect them to go get current again first. Your experience level will fall somewhere between these two extremes and would need assessing by a WS coach/CCI.
  10. It it were 1993 this would be amazing but as it's not and there are numerous people doing far more skilful stuff and not even bothering to film it.
  11. It depends on the situation. On at least 2 or 3 occasions I've unzipped my arms and managed to wrestle my way out of a spinning 'malfunction' that I probably wouldn't have been able to do whilst zipped up. One of these was deep over a wood full of bears where chopping was the absolute last resort :) Generally I have at least one arm out before the canopy is even deployed fully anyhow.
  12. I see little sense in the argument against RSLs for wingsuiting, nor in general skydiving (CRW & oil rig style camera setups aside). They repeatedly solve more problems than they cause yet some people still seem to think they're designed to kill them. I've had 2 W/S cutaways, one with skyhook, the other with just RSL and would recommend both to anyone (preferrably skyhook). If you have enough canopy above your head to make you spin unrecoverably, then when you get off it, you are thrown away from the centre feet first. The sooner another canopy is above your head, the more chance it has of opening cleanly. Delaying it just means your legwing will flip you over and you will end up head first travelling along the same radius (transitioning to straight down) trying to get stable whilst dizzy. In this instance if he had a skyhook then he would have been even better off as he would probably only have to buy one new handle and may have also saved on a pair of pants too. :)
  13. I can't imagine winning a firefight would be that easy in an Apache either, even with "escape sleeves".
  14. Wow, you do actually look like a cat too. Suit looks a little big for you though. ;) If you don't like, I will still sell you my V3 if you beg me.