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  1. bump anyone, does your hand go above (around the back of) or below (in front of) the gripper when reaching for the handle for legpouch deployment with the vampire???
  2. Ok after only ever using the boc both base/skydive for w/s jumps (S6) I now have a V4 with a leg pouch that pf seem very adiment about having on this suit so ive decided to bite the bullet and convert for 100% of my ws jumps with this suit. on the first 2 jumps i went boc and found it ok a little bit of fumbling with the extra fabric but getting to it was easy (it must just be the way you reach aroung that helps colapse the wing and doesnt leave you fighting much resistance to get there, then i decided to install the shrivel flap (stupid note to others before you go running for the sewing machine consider your kill line if you have one, to avoid it i stitched a line 1 inch long either side of it at the correct end might be wrong but i was in a hurry and didnt have the instructions for it with me feel free to correct me if there is a better way). anywho on this flight i decided not to put as much effort in with my arms that was making me tired and just let the armwings go where they wanted seemed to have me going quiet fast fwd so i dont know if that had anything to do with it but when it came time to pull (from full flight) I go to reach straight for the pouch and with the same force as ide go for the boc I just couldnt overcome the pressurisation of the armwing, so i push 3x harder and alot slower i finally get there (the access is actually cleaner than boc). only done the 1 with the pouch so far Just wondering if anyone else is experiancing this and whats there method for getting to the pouch, do you go straight for it, reach under or reach over the armwing and gripper (it seems the time im saving in finding the hackey is being lost by fighting the pressurisation of the armwing, any hints or tips for a pouch newby???
  3. some nice flying by the guy in the phantom
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    hey mcfli, from what i hear both have comparable glide but V4 is faster so I would and did go the V4 (when i look for a suit i try and find the suit with the best glide and least amount of fabric to achieve it).
  6. you could also unstitch the sole of the bootie cut the bootie sleeve shorter and sew the sole back on you can usuall get a coulple of inches.
  7. I think its time we got rid of the reserve handle, its just not needed anymore and only comlicates things (ie risk of out of sequence proceedures, unsatable deployments ect). new proceedure should be: cut away then spend remaining timegetting stable and waiting for cypres. professional pilots all over the world rely 100% on instraments and computers everyday with there lives an 300 odd other why cant we???
  8. I ordered My V4 as a preorder from adrenalin base mid february (was gonna just enlarge the legwing on my S6 and be happy but after seeing afew sneak peaks here and there of the V4 i really dug the design of the V4 and have now shelved the idea of further modding the S6 ill save her for flocking) it is now being held by customs. once i pay the duty its mine woohoo wonder if it will be th first V4 in australia??? was expecting to be waiting much longer considering it was V4 and through a dealer(more handling) and probably sat in preorder for a while. has anyone else recieved a production V4 yet?? care to post some pics??
  9. nice shots are production suits? dates are very early those photos predate my order form. anywho the blue one seemed to be airlocked and the orange mesh hey if photos like this get posted in russian forums could you please repost here so us english speakers dont miss out i am very interested in whats info the rest of the world has or is up to?
  10. V4 has airlocked legwing It is final version for V4-legwing or a prototype? It is possible to post here any photos for airlocked V4-legwing? its an assumtion im making from the V4 order form you even get to pick the colour of the scoops (seems like it will be similar phantom/ghost etc no mesh) i could be wrong as ive never seen production suit in the flesh. do you have photos of non-airlocked production suit?
  11. I think wingsuiting needs to put together flying devisions like in boxing but height and weight as peramiters maybe height divided by weight or something like that so when 2 different people can compare suits or compete against eachother and be almost equally matched phisics wise and if they wernt a handicapp of some sort could be applied to level the playing field if everyone thats done the online wingsuit comp were also put in devisions the numbers they post would be somuch more valuble it would eventually paint a rough picture for what we need.........just a thaught
  12. I think Pf have the right idea (with the V4) of using the arm to leg extension to streamline the leg and not add unnessesary fabric, tony seems to be using it as an opportunity to add surface area. with pressurisation as good as it is now (only limited by the ram effect on the inlet) im interested to see just how much fabric he can add before flapping and just how slow the suit can go cant imagine it improoving L/D though. both suits seem not to have the smoothest transition from arm extention to legwing, seems the foot is now sticking out like a sore thumb to??
  13. Looks like suits have finall made it connecting the hand to the toe lol
  14. Sure it is, in my home country australia many a first flight course has been done in an s-bird prototype.
  15. looking at the pics It seems to have those tonysuit type 1/2 ribs inbetween on the legwing main ribs?? are these on the armwing and will we also find them on the V4. also I would like to know in max glide how much slower the suit would be than V4 ie, if V4 was doing 90mph horizontal would the venom be doing 80 say and what makes this so? also wondering about the vampires butt defector is this still considered to be superior to a normal legwing it seems to be the only wingsuit left that still has it and tony hasnt copied it? I love the the idea behind it just seems like it would be a little disruptive and draggy for added lift i wonder how a vampire without it would compare?? sorry for all the questions just very intruged??
  16. I always thaught a cypres would not fire lower than 300ft but have heard alot of reports on it doing so has something changed?
  17. sorry if this has already been discussed i really couldnt be bothered reading through 5 pages but why dont they put the cutter on the bottom of the tray that way if it hung up you could still deploy your reserve. is there a major reason why all cutters placed on one of the closing flaps?
  18. this popped up on fb, lots of people saying it was the venom, but i believe it to be v4 as it has butt deflector V and skyflier style i wonder if the v4 is now in production?, but then again it could also be a custom/proto jobbie.
  19. Does anyone know if the pf tracking suit will be update in the near future ??
  20. I hear V4 will have phantom/ghost etc type scoop intakes for legwing instead of mesh?? I always thaught they stuck with the mesh for speed of inflation I wonder whats changed maybe (read just me speculating) all wings are ducted together somehow ie, whichever inflates first can then aid the other wings in inflating. but then again if they done this they could do away with the legwing inlets alltogether and just have the armwing inlets (which seem to be the most effective) running all 3 wings. wouldnt be to hard to do now the armwing extends down to the leg.
  21. my statements are my opinions and are not solid answers or facts blind freddy could see this in my wording (and was only said to get people off my back about what im trying to add to the discussion) but lets assume they were how may of them would be true in regards to the v4 right now as it stands?? please stop twisting my words and treating them as personal attacks. I will not be bullied into keeping what i have to add to the discussion which is totally valid to myself just because it differs with yours or popular opinion.