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  1. 1995 Hinckley, IL I did a tandem thinking it would be cool to mark skydiving off of my list. Then did 4 more jumps before winter closed in. I had to look at my first jump certificate to get the actual date. I kept thinking it was in '96. Oh well.
  2. They can all be side mounted. It might not be advisable. The only helmet I would use for side mounting any of these is the FF3 from 2k Composites.
  3. The search function works really well. All of your questions have been asked before. Tape = Sony HC1,3,5,7 or 9 Memory Stick = Sony CX7, 12 Hard drives don't work at altitude.
  4. Caravan at 11,000 ft the engine seized up. The pilot ordered us to wait while he glided closer to the dropzone and then had us exit one at a time, no poised exits or hanging outside the plane. He landed the plane with out incident.
  5. Look it up in a dictionary. Yours must be different then mine. Spirtualism is belief in supernatural.
  6. I think eventualy sprituality will wane also. I don't understand people's need for a supernatural explaination.
  7. Icon addressed the transfer speed issue. With this camera you can review the video on the machine itself and choose to keep or delete it then. Why do you think you would have to download to a computer to review? It can be hooked up to a TV just like any other camcorder. It does have AV output.
  8. From what I have seen the top three reasons for those people leaving is 1. Family reasons(starting one or new child) 2. Money issues(lack of) 3. Death or major injury of someone they knew well
  9. Downloading the video to your PC/Mac should be the easiest and fastest part of processing the video. Faster then firewire on a miniDV cam.
  10. I thought this thread was just a joke, that no one would try to jump a camera hand held. Guess I was wrong.
  11. Yeah well, my biggest reason for wanting more skydivers is to have more people at the dropzone, bigger parties, bigger formations. We have had days this year where the weather was great but not enough people to keep the Otter running. Yeah we have a Caravan, but to train for Nationals we really need the Otter. We need more skydivers so that we more people that would be interested in competitions. I would like to see a 4 vrw competition league started up. There are a lot fewer regular skydivers around then there were 5 or 6 years ago at Skydive Dallas. This year my team was the only team from Skydive Dallas to go to Nationals. Hopefully this year we will see more teams with Nationals being in Houston.
  12. Actually, the FAA already guarantees our place at federally funded airports. Yes, USPA calls on the FAA to enforce their own rules. But that has nothing to do with the number of members. We had access when there were fewer members. More members didn't make more access. There are no guarantees of anything. We need our membership to keep our voice heard.
  13. "to ensure skydiving’s rightful place on airports and in the airspace system" This is the part that really requires more membership. With out a substantial membership it will be hard to keep the Gov regulations at a minimum and reasonable.
  14. I did my first five jumps in '96 and then didn't get my AFF and license completed till '98 due to a car accident and money issues. I like you was never on the fence. But, it was just luck that I happened to drive by a dropzone and saw that there was any such thing as sport skydiving. I think there are a lot of people out there that have no idea what skydiving is all about that would be well suited to skydiving. We need to attract those people. This post card may not be the best idea, but it is an effort. I do think it is the business of the USPA to increase our membership. With greater membership we will be able to exert more influence on the FAA. We don't want more Gov regulations.
  15. How do you propose the USPA should work to increase their membership with out promoting dropzones? Your reasoning doesn't really make sense. There isn't any way to promote skydiving or bring in new members with out benefiting dropzones.
  16. Sounds more like a training issue rather than the number of new skydivers. I can't really speak to any training issues. I have no ratings at all and don't want any. I skydive for fun and don't want to make it my work. That may change one day, but not right away. When I can I jump with new freefliers so that I can help them with their skills. The last couple of years I have spent most of my time training for and competing at Nationals. I would like to make the podium one day.
  17. Come on! Do you have a blind fold on??! This is of interest to both Skydivers and DZO. This is something that the USPA should be looking at. We need more USPA members. We need more Skydivers and DZO's want more customers! Pull your head out of the sand! I have donated my time and hard work to helping out my dropzone not for the DZO, but to see more skydivers or potential skydivers at my dropzone. Yes this does help the DZO, but we have a shared interest in this. I want to see more people at the dropzone so they can run the big planes and I can get lots of jumps in and have people to jump with. I want to see the USPA reaching out to more people. This is a good thing for all skydivers.
  18. Ya think it will be a Union plant? I think the UAW is a big part of why the big 3 are in the mess they currently are in.
  19. I think BillVon's answer makes much more sense then your conspiricy theory bull shit. You seem to think the BOD and USPA is full of power hungry people. If they really were that power hungry I submit that there are much better bigger Associations to be a part of that would offer more for their efforts.
  20. beowulf


    I looks like a much more honest version of Skyride. I typed in my zip code and got Salado as being their nearest participating DZ and it also listed all the nearest DZ's available in this area that did not participate. Their list isn't 100% accurate. It still listed Granbury, that is now Skydive 35 and isn't in Granbury anymore. But they are all valid DZ's or at least were. They even had a map display of where Salado is located and displayed how far each of the other DZ's were that don't participate in their gift certificate.
  21. While I do see the irony in this, I personally don't think it really detracts from him as a professional. Anyone can be kidnapped. He was probably targeted because of his chosen profession. The kidnappers probably had help from the police. I think I would not plan any trips to Mexico.
  22. They could have just gotten a shipment in today?
  23. B and H has it instock according to their website.