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  1. Hmm.. apparently it wasn't a priority for Interstate Battery. I never asked about the jumpsuits. Never even thought about it till now.
  2. I have no idea. I am not in the commercial and had nothing to do with it, other then observing them at the dropzone. It's just the usual lawyer's disclaimer would be my guess.
  3. I agree, it's more then most whuffos get to see. Shows a more realistic view of skydiving.
  4. From what I was told this was all done in a very short time frame. In a matter of weeks. So no time to build new jumpsuits. The skydiving part was done over two days, maybe three. I know it was done over a Saturday and Sunday not sure about Monday as I have to work weekdays. But then again someone always has to come up with a negative critic.
  5. I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but this was shot at Skydive Dallas. Pretty cool. The skydving was organized by Al Hively and Scott Latinis. It was fun to watch this whole thing being organized. They all did a great job. Looks great.
  6. It wasn't much of a fight. By the time he blew the whistle nothing was really happening. I think it was a bad call. It could have been a bad fight but watching it multiple times it didn't look like it was going that way.
  7. I have family in Elgin so it will be convenient for me.
  8. That is by far the most insane stunt I have ever seen! No room for error at all. Pretty amazing!
  9. I spoke directly with the CEO of iFly so it's not second hand. "Ground was broken" doesn't mean major construction has started. It wouldn't be noticeable. But we can't start booking time till it's up and being tested.
  10. The Dallas tunnel is supposed to be up and running early next year. I don't think they have started major construction yet. I was told they have broken ground. I don't know anything about any other location.
  11. Which college you go to does matter.
  12. It depends on what the degree is in. If you graduate college with a sociology degree and $200,000 in student loans, it's not likely to be better off then someone with no degree and very low debt. It's more of a debt to income ratio, rather then education level. If you get a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering you are much more likely to be better off, although the hi level of debt is a big drag that needs to be dealt with.
  13. Some people just like to create controversy and conspiracy theories. Apparently they have nothing better to do.
  14. I caught the end of the game. Very exciting! Kings managed to tie it up at 2 and the Red Wings scored in the last 30 seconds to win the game.