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  1. beowulf

    Any rumors on a Chicago tunnel?

    Heard from the CEO of Skyventure that it's on the list. Dallas is the next tunnel to be built. I don't know what the order is but the Chicago tunnel is in the list of the next 4 tunnels to be built.
  2. beowulf

    I'm moving to Oklahoma City

    The OKC Skydivers I know of jump mostly at Skydive Dallas.
  3. beowulf

    first time wind tunnel advice

    Pay attention to your instructor, follow instructions and relax.
  4. beowulf

    Sky venture Colorado prices

    Check with Skydive Dallas, I think they still offer a discount on tunnel time at Skyventure Colorado.
  5. beowulf

    learning to freefly/backfly in tunnel

    How quickly you learn is different for every person. I have found the tunnel to be a total exercise in frustration, but very rewarding. Even after over 20 hours in the tunnel I still find it frustrating because I am always pushing myself to learn new and harder skills. Don't let the frustration hold you back from learning new things. Don't worry about how long it will take to reach your goals. Once you reach your goals you will find new goals to go after. It's fun to be able to be able to sitfly or fly on your head with others in the tunnel. Being able to do basic VFS 4 way is lots of fun.
  6. beowulf

    New suit with RDS pocket and Wind Tunnell

    I think you would need to ask Vladi about that. I have never seen his version of the RDS pocket, but as long as it doesn't open up and catch air it shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise it will be a big pain in the ass. Which suit is it? Inverted?
  7. I think it is, although I am a competitor so I see things from a different perspective. You can watch the rounds being judged in real time. If you enjoy watching skydiving it should be entertaining. Meeting the big names in competitive skydiving is always interesting.
  8. beowulf


    If I were you I would expect to buy two suits eventually. There really isn't any good suit for both freefly and RW. Right now you should just get an RW suit and later on when you want to freefly buy a freefly suit.
  9. beowulf

    Alice Cooper

    I found some dirt under my toe nail. Coincidence?!! Or might there be a connection?
  10. beowulf

    Just Me and My nylon!

    I don't know of any DZ's that would ground you for that.
  11. beowulf

    List of FAA Riggers

    Interesting, now I know the middle name of one of our local riggers! Cecil!
  12. beowulf

    free fly containers

    Pretty much all modern containers are freefly friendly. Sorry looked at it and thought V3. You will need to have it checked out by a rigger to get an answer.
  13. beowulf

    Looking for t-shirts

    I am sure there are businesses in your area that do custom tshirts. I would try there.
  14. beowulf

    Leg Padding

    Call Mirage, it might not cost too much to have it resized.