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  1. Dumpster

    Raw Beginner, Please Help

    Keep your $$ in your pocket, go to the DZ - Give it to the nice girl in the office. Jump, and repeat every weekend for the rest of your life.
  2. PACK! You could make a couple hundred on a busy day. Pack all day Saturday and jump all day Sunday - with a few bucks left over. (for beer of course - - - )
  3. Dumpster

    What canopy

    Not flaming you here at all - I beg you to re-consider you choice in canopy size. You're probably about 215 out the door, and a 170 will put you at a 1.26 wing loading, which is very high, based on your published jump numbers. There is absolutely no shame whatsoever in downsizing slowly. If anything you'll earn more respect.
  4. Wouldn't it be cool to make jumps from the bomb bay of a B-52?
  5. Dumpster

    Freefall Oz Skydiving

    Ash and Celeine have something very special and unique at thier Fly-in, Homestay-style B&B and Dropzone. With 21 years in the sport and 16 years as a Safety & Training Officer in Oz, Ash is very safety-minded, and thorough with the tandem work he does as well with experienced jumpers. After checking my rig, logbook, etc. we did a review of my emergency procedures and I was given some pointers on technique. This is a new DZ, which is getting great assistance from awsome friends. But that's just part of it. The house is an awesome restored barn, with three guest rooms. The vibe is great, and the owners are the most fantastic persons and cooks you could imagine! If you're looking to make a ton of jumps, this is not the place. If you'd like to take your S.O. for a relaxing, romantic weekend getaway, some great company, to make life long friends and a few jumps, this is the perfect spot! I made six jumps over a long weekend, and they were no doubt some of the most memorable! The rolling hills and crisp air, and a vibe that is nothing less that fantastic, this has added a new category to defintions of dropzones! I will defintely be back, again and again! By the way, it's an AmberBock dropzone!
  6. Dumpster

    Best price to buy Cypres 2 - Where?

    I think you'll find most dealers are charging just about the same for the Cypres 2. (I may be mistaken though - ) My suggestion is you try to find a dealer at your dropzone. You'll save shipping and possibly sales tax, keep the money local and build goodwill.
  7. Dumpster

    Helmet bag - going to make my own.

    Lennys' Quick and Easy Helmet Bag: 1 - Find an old t-shirt that is still in pretty good shape. (No holes, can't read the paper through it-) Try to find one with a snappy saying on it, like "Trust me, I do this all the time." An old pullover sweatshirt is even better. (More cushiony.) 2 - Hack the sleeves off with knife or saw or something, and sew up the arm holes. If you don't have any thread, use dental floss. 3- Stuff your helmet in the t-shirt, then stuff all the excess fabric inside the helmet. (You can shove your gloves and alti in there, too, and the excess fabric will help pad things.) 4- Stuff that in your gear bag, and it's all nice and protected. 5 - Spend the money you saved on another jump. Or beer.