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  1. Hey there - Where are you hiding nowadays? Easy Does It
  2. Man, I haven't logged onto this site in a long time, much less posted anything - Must be why my jump numbers have been lagging..... So what's up? The Dumpster is buzzed and bored and sneaking out of work early tomorrow to jump. I need to work a lot this weekend, But I can still head to the DZ afterwards both days. Which means blowing some one off all weekend..... I guess some things never change.... Blues!
  3. I thought you used to be green - Well at least you're still Canadian..... Easy Does It
  4. Long time since I've hung out in these forums! So how the hell is everyone doing? Easy Does It
  5. What I heard was something like 15 years or 15,000 jumps? And competively priced. I mean, I wish I know how much and how soon I can order it, I am really dying to get my rig back together in time for Safety Day. I'd like to learn as much as possible before investing $$, but still..... Easy Does It
  6. Look up SansSuit. Jumpsuits are overrated. Easy Does It
  7. I'm just about ready to plunk down for a new AAD....(Cypres2). Wish there was some more info and details about availablilty, etc !!
  8. HEard a rumor that Altimaster has or will be introducing a new AAD? Anybody know more? I didn't find anything on thier website....
  9. +1 on the alcoholic thing - Turned it down even in the same room.....
  10. No matter the how, it's pretty cool. Easy Does It
  11. Sometimes I intetionally misspell words. Just to keep myself amused. Easy Does It
  12. Going to be in Memphis over Labor Day weekend, looking for a DZ nearby - ? Easy Does It
  13. That sounds like the place, as we'll be travelling between St.Louis and Columbia / Harrisburg - Sweet ! Easy Does It
  14. Where is the cool DZ near St. Louis? I'll be there during the July 4th holiday.
  15. We've got our eye now on a pair of Pelican Persuit 100's Easy Does It
  16. Got divorced four years ago - remarried two years ago !! Found two Pamlico 100's for sale - going to check them out in a few days...! Easy Does It
  17. Thanks, I'm checking it out now ! Easy Does It
  18. The wife and I are seriously considering getting a couple kayaks - We plan on doing lakes, ponds, slower rivers, etc. - No crazy whitewater stuff (at least not yet). Maybe a one or two night camping trip once in a while, and some fishing. I wasn't surprised to find a bunch of different choices in all price ranges. I'd like to stay in the $500.00 per boat range, (before accessories) Can anybody point toward some resources, or what ever - We linve in NE Illinois, not far from the Fox river. We also plan on visiting SDC several times this year. Thanks in advance everyone !!! Easy Does It
  19. +1 on Crossfit. I'm still running with the pups, but gaining all the time. At 47, I've always been physically active but never really athletic, Crossfit and a good diet is the best thing I have found. I don't belong to a (crossfit) gym (yet) but either do the WOD as Rx'd when I can, or scale/sub as closely as possible from the BrandX website. I've been crossfitting for almost two months, and already people are noting the difference. Machines and gimmicks are the enemy. You can get started for virtually nothing. All you need is on the website. Todays workout - Overhead squats 5+5+5+5+5+5+5 - Post weights to comments. Love it. Easy Does It
  20. Look up SansSuit here on DZ.com - He did an intentional backwards jump last year - Was in Blue Skies mag a few months ago if I recall. Easy Does It
  21. If so many people have been killing time - why the hell am I still getting older...? Easy Does It
  22. When I was a kid I worked at a 24/7 truckstop - Did just about everything there, pumping fuel, restaurant etc - The worst were the "bar crowds" on the weekends. Most folks were OK, but there are always a few who thought it was funny to trash the area around the table, crap like that. We would take everything off the table - Creamer, salt, pepper - Otherwise it had a good chance of becoming a projectile or dumped on the floor. wall, whatever.... Once in a while we needed to call in the local police or the NY State Troopers - ( Who usually didn't have much humor when dealing with the drunks-) to have some one thrown out, break up a parking lot fight, etc. There were some local college kids that would camp out on slow nights, drink coffe, etc. and "study" - and that was usually welcome. Yeah - it sucked working there sometimes, especially when you had a customer that for some reason felt anyone working in a place like that was a lower life form. But we had alot of good times with customers too. Some even got a free lunch or dinner. Ahhh the good 'ol days !! Easy Does It
  23. Yeah, in a manner of speaking I suppose you're right. One will fix you breakfast and sammiches though..... Easy Does It
  24. I wouldn't know - Never had to pay for it. Easy Does It