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  1. +1 and another. Why? Just why? Agreed. A pointless waste IMHO.
  2. I've used the same argument to justify not learning to juggle chainsaws.
  3. What was every person's motive not to sign? Truth or Career? A physicist's career depends on truth. "For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." ~ Richard Feynman
  4. I put about 100 jumps on a VortexII packing it like that. I'm no rigging expert but I never had any problems.
  5. So you're OK with defining a conservation area of some yet-to-be determined size and that religions don't get a free pass. So you entire argument is one of size. A street is OK, but a country isn't. Is that it?
  6. So you're OK with a ban so long as its dealt with at a local level? Just so I know where you are going with this. In the UK we have conservation areas where you have to comply with certain building requirements so as not to dramatically change the character of an area. Are these OK? How big an area can they cover before it is not OK? Should religious groups get a free pass?
  7. Hmm... you are the one who doesn't give a fuck who you offend or how you do it, that's just tough shit, and yet I'm narrow minded for choosing the word "yodeling"? I think you just sank your own argument.
  8. I lived close to a large mosque for a while and had to listen to the incessant yodeling coming from the PA in the minarets. It's like having to sit through the most tuneless of the auditions from the X-Factor 5 times a day, 365 days a year. It gets really frickin annoying after a while.
  9. Are you in the right thread? I thought this thread was the one were we all agree on how the asshole per capita ratio in SC is approaching unity.
  10. Her old band Goodness gets together every now and then and does some live shows around here. Great choice. I haven't seen her live yet but it's on my bucket list. Apparently, she's doing a couple of shows in Seattle in January but as much I like her, I can't justify a 4800 mile trip for one gig in the middle of winter. Next time maybe.
  11. Top of the heap for me is Carrie Akre. Damn that girl can sing. Although I have to say Hayley Williams is really impressing me lately. I'm also partial to the pairing of Louise Post and Nina Gordon and for the shear barking lunacy of the woman, Katie-Jane Garside.
  12. I've never tried one but the NeoXS might fit the bill.
  13. JackC asked a question. I provided the answer. Ask a stupid question...