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  1. mikkey

    Safire 2

    The Safire 2 is exactly what I was promised by the people who recommended it to me. It fits my desire to have a "middle of the road" canopy between docile and high performance. I am loading my 189 at around 1.2 . Actually, you can fly it radically even at this loading, but if you just want a nice stable ride down and an easy landing, well it is your choice. The openings are so reassuring. You deploy the PC, look up and see the middle cells inflated really quick and then a nice sequential inflation of the remaining cells. It is very soft but not too soft. About 500 feet for me and you know it will open (or not)if you just look up. The toggle pressure is fine and what I like is the way the canopy reacts when you want to recover from a stall or a hard turn/spiral. It is easy and very "soft" - no wild movements or "jerking". Landings are easy. I am not a fan of hook turns so I just go straight in at full speed and have great landings every time. Either a straight stand up, slow run (low wind) or a minor swoop with a full flare at the end. So for a first canopy at a loading of around 1 or a nice midrange canopy from 1.2 - 1.5 it suits your average week-end fun jumper perfectly.