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  1. Here's their web address: Looks like they're open, but give a call.
  2. For the answer to that, read the entire original incident thread, now in the context of a lawsuit. See how many times blame was placed, and words like "fault" or "negligent" are used. I hesitated to mention it, but there is already a link to that thread above, and there's no doubt that the plaintiff's attorney has already studied it. It's a good reminder to be careful about words used when stating opinions in the incidents forum.
  3. It just started today for me. Can't even read much of what I'm writing now, with ad covering most of it. Can't proofread. Sorry. Using Firefox. Will try with another browser. Now editing in IE7. Vertical ads still appear where they should be horizontal (top and bottom of page), but don't obscure forums. (just waste a lot of space) I can read posts, and see what I'm writing.
  4. Lots of very good, helpful people at Skydive Carolina. Most likely they'll be able to do that for you, but call ahead.
  5. funfall

    2012 IRM?

    The 2012 version is now listed for sale on the USPA site. It must have just replaced the 2011 version. (I've been waiting for it, too.)
  6. It's good to hear that things have changed. I was forced to jump their rental gear, a few months ago, because Argus was not allowed at the time. I recommend calling ahead, to be sure of the current policy. edited to add: I just called DeLand, and was told that "they're not really banned, but we prefer that you not use them here". That's not what I was told when I was forced to rent their gear while visiting during early summer, but she said that there has been no change in that policy. They have never asked which H/C manufacturer I am using. I'd recommend getting something in writing before traveling there with any Argus equipped gear.
  7. DeLand edited to add (FWIW): home of Vigil, USA
  8. Just started getting "internal server error" or "software error" at today, every 3rd or 4th click. Also using firefox right now.
  9. Check wait times, if that's important to you. It may be weeks for 2 of them, or months for UPT. And I don't know if UPT has any stock rigs right now. All are good. (I happen to fly Vectors, but would be happy with one of the others.)
  10. Consider Skydive Carolina, just south of Charlotte. Good facility and people. Close enough for you to check out. (It's not my home dz, but I really enjoy visiting there.) BTW, I love dogs, but understand why you might not like them loose in the packing and landing areas.
  11. I just read this in CRW instructional material, so will pass it along as one more potential source of a subterminal hard opening during h&p. (no personal experience, as I delay enough to avoid it.) "Throwing the pilot chute into the prop wash will give you a harder opening." from: Risk may be higher exiting certain planes, I would guess.
  12. Aviacom must appreciate A.A.D. taking responsibility for use with the Argus. (Aviacom makes the Argus; A.A.D. the Vigil.)
  13. Yep, Just doesn't work as well on the cross braced Sensei, but no such problem in other canopies. My understanding is that some of the qualities that make it good in other ways (flexibility and/or slight elasticity) are detrimental in making crossbraces strong/stiff. Don't want to misquote anyone, so will leave it up to Aerodyne to answer detailed questions.
  14. On their website, it appears that only the Sensei is affected. Others don't seem to have changed, as far as I can see. (They're closed for the weekend, so can't confirm.) BTW, my guess is that "not performing" meant not selling well (in that particular model).
  15. Regarding the Polish incident - I assume you noted that the victim was seen falling "flat and stable", with no apparent movement, until near impact, FWIW. Did the reserve stay in her burble? Just one more data point.
  16. Thanks for posting those. Those docs (or a version of them), and some others, are also available at Aviacom's Argus website: Note that Kirk Smith's letter to Aviacom regarding his conclusions from the Polish investigation and subsequent testing are included at the end of the Polish report. Regarding questions about the Italian incident: I can't find the source right now, but I've seen it mentioned that the Italian Argus was supposedly mailed to Aviacom, but never received. The sender could offer no evidence that he sent it. Does anyone here know more than that? If that's all we have to go on, come to your own conclusions. I'll share this for the benefit of those who are hanging on to their Argus: From recent personal conversations with people who are close to the San Marcos investigation, and the current negotiations between Aviacom, US H/C manufacturers, and the FAA, the consensus is that the Argus bans will be lifted, at least for sport rigs. How soon is the big question. A week or two seems to be the best case scenario, but there are legal issues that might draw it out longer. Since you don't know me, or my sources, do what you can to confirm what I shared. A good start would be a call to your container manufacturer. (I only contacted people I know at two of them.) BTW, I haven't spoken with anyone at Aviacom. If you know how to reach them, go for it. I've been given a pretty good picture of motives, legal issues, etc., but will keep that to myself, in the interest of keeping things here civil.
  17. Thanks for the thought but I think I already have most of them. I have a folder with some 20 odd documents in it. Sparky That wasn't aimed at you, Sparky. I'd prefer to stay out of this debate, but hate to see it occurring in a vacuum. There's more information available to anyone who really cares.
  18. Actually, there is more public information available than has been posted or discussed here, including at least one letter from Kirk Smith regarding the other incidents, and detailed reports by Aviacom. I've read some of them, and found them very enlightening. Those officially involved in the San Marcos investigation have read them, but most others do not seem to have. They are a better source of information than some of the opinions/speculation posted here. Sorry I don't have time to look up and post links this morning. Maybe later.
  19. Here is a more recent article by Kirk Smith, dated April 26:
  20. Thanks, Chuck. I'm still curious to know if it was the 1st jump of the day, and how long he had been back from jumping near Chicago. Maybe it will turn out to be irrelevent, of course.
  21. Look into an excess liability ("umbrella") insurance policy. Here's one description: And read the discussion AndyBoyd provided a link to. Very helpful. (edited to add the last comment)
  22. Isn't it 2200 ft? But a good thought. Not hard to imagine that happening, if the user entered "menu" for some reason. (edited to include quote) regarding battery quality: Argus manual says: "We recommend the use of Sanyo (CR123A), Energizer (123 or EL123AP), Duracell (DL123A), Panasonic (CR123A) or Sony (CR123A –CR17345) batteries. The remaining shelf life must be at least six years." I would trust my rigger to follow the recs. And I take responsibility for not counting on it to work with "low battery" displayed.
  23. First jump of the day? How long had he been back from Chicago? (hours? days?) Could it have been on during the flight back? (edited to delete altitude difference estimate, after John Rich provided more precise data)
  24. Thanks! I'll give him a call. If that doesn't work out, it could wait 'til after October.
  25. I'm looking for a master rigger in the Raeford area to shorten the MLW on a container. (There's not one near my home, and I'll be visiting Raeford soon.) Thanks.