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  1. Try talking with the pilots. Ask about the wind speeds and directions. Ask how long the runway is to get a sight picture at altitude for distance. Ask the pilot for a couple of landmarks for comparable distance. Ask if the pilot could give you signals to let you know the distance from the dz while your standing in the door. Then write down in the log book for that jump what your distance was on exit, wind speeds and direction, and how your canopy ride was, and did you make it back without any worries. We often view the pilots as just your ride up, but they have so much info for us, wingsuiters especially. At the beginning or end of the day, sit down and talk to one about what patterns they fly after the load is empty, and what they recommend/would like for you to do when leading a flock.
  2. Wish I could be there for the opening, but i'm overseas. I can not wait to get back to the states for this amazing view! Thank you so much Rich.
  3. Hate to sidetrack the thread, but how about we start scheduling performance comps during big ballooning events. Dead air starts will hopefully eliminate some of the variables, and we can get down to real flying, and truer performance.
  4. I bought my G4 new with them, and I love them. It just opens up the pack tray a bit more for an easier extraction.
  5. Looking for a partner for the Wingsuit Artistic Event at Elsinore in April. Anyone want to get together and start training in either Perris or Elsinore? Matt
  6. Congrats Grimme!!!! Can't wait to get up in the beautiful scenery!
  7. How do you stand up? Do you use your legs? Do you use your arms and grab something? Ninja flip? The original question was so extremely vague, that sarcasm was the best answer! Where is the person/flock now at? What caused me to go low? These are the first two questions I think about before deciding how to react to the situation. There are so many scenarios, and each has a few solutions to correct it. There is no "ONE" way to do this, but some ways are safer than others. Get clear of other, get up, move back into position. Cliche but, "There is more than one way to skin a cat." And stop trying to hug my balls!
  8. Well, since I'm a skinny little asshat who fly's mostly with fat fuckers, I stop flying "dirty", (arms back, legs slightly bent), and go neutral. Seems like I pop right up, and then work on getting dirty again. How do YOU teach people to "get back up?"
  9. So far: Netherlands Sweden Ireland Belgium United Kingdom Australia USA Skydive AZ Allowed, but they would rather not have them installed DeLand Thanks for the help, lets keep it going if anyone knows more.
  10. So there is a list of which rigs the Argus is allowed, and not allowed in. What countries or dropzones have banned the device all-together?
  11. I don't have many jumps, (150), but I have had a chance to demo a lot of suits. The R-bird is a great solo/flocking suit. It inflates very well, and places less strain on the arms. You can adjust the inside zippers to "tune" your performance to match others. However, it takes a skilled pilot to do aerobatics in. The P2 is more of an all-around-suit. It is easy to fly, and it does really well at aerobatics. It is a smaller wing, so it takes a skilled pilot to max it out like the r-bird. Both suits have their pros/cons. It really is about what you want to do with the suit. Demo both if you can, they are both fun suits.
  12. I have them on my G4. Basically the legpads get narrower near the crotch, for guys BIG yea, doesn't pinch the balls.
  13. I'm in Europe for 2 more weeks, so I can't make summerfest. Any other boogies coming up with Tony Suit or Phoenix-Fly present?
  14. So I'm wanting to get to the point of buying my own suit, but I've only had the chance to jump a couple of suits. Where are the best places/Events where a person can go to demo a variety of suits? For the record, I'm 5'10" (177cm), and 140 lbs (63 kg), without gear. 17 WS jumps so far; Intro(7), S1(1), S3(2), S6(7)