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  1. What rig is that, with the pins in the backpad?
  2. Just be aware it won't be nearly as accurate since the sample rate on your phone is much lower.
  3. In better news, the Hero 4 Silver has had nothing but good news about it. That said the Sony AS200V may be more up your alley if you feel burnt by GoPro.
  4. I use Liquid prescription sunglasses with a foam gasket: http://www.liquidpolarized.com/prescriptions.html Contacts just don't work for me for skydiving for exactly the reasons you mention. Liquid makes bomb proof sunglasses with your prescription and a nice foam gasket to seal out the wind. You will see these at dropzones around the world, so ask around if you want first-hand comments.
  5. I have a Mirage G4 M2 which I have used for my Sabre2 150 for quite some time, and now my Sabre2 135 for quite some time. How strict is the sizing chart for the container? It says it is for a 150 and a 135, so would a 120 be out of the question? Do I need to get all new gear now?
  6. The TI posted a detailed response to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce_sAXKk4QA&google_comment_id=z12xsnoznrjsyjo2i224g31z3nqoxnr5k04
  7. All we really want to know is when we'll get to try that again :)
  8. Most likely hype leading up to this: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4659886#4659886 Sounds nice to me :)
  9. Sounds kind of like what people probably thought about sport skydiving in the early days... Well, skydiving isn't really a mainstream sport, yet, but it has far surpassed what was thought possible time and time again. Let's be supportive until it's proven we need to be otherwise.
  10. spex

    FS vs RW

    I've been jumping since 2006, and always have been calling belly formation skydiving RW, the namesake of this forum. It seems this is out of date, and that the current term is FS. When did this become official? Am I wrong for saying RW? Should I be teaching students by using the term FS instead of RW?
  11. spex


    I've already heard that and already do it. I understand it as the go-to answer, but it's really not sufficient. We don't just tell skydiving students to spot by feel, we teach them how to look at the horizon and then make sure they're looking straight down. We teach them how far the aircraft throws you and how the wind adds to that drift. There are a lot of details that we pass down, but I'm not seeing that in wingsuiting. Perhaps it is because of how relatively young our sport is, or some other reason, but I would very much like to hear more detailed instruction or be pointed to good resources. I understand how relative it is given skill level and suit type, but I'm sure we can do better than "jump more and look around."
  12. I am 5'10" and 145 pounds. I agree on not wasting money, which is why I'm trying to understand all the angles to make a good decision. I am also talking a lot with fellow jumpers at my dropzone, but of course there is no single consensus and it's good to hear from people outside my circle.
  13. spex


    Are there any good resources covering navigation from exit point to landing zone with considerations for wind speed and direction? I want to have a better understanding of how far out I can go and still get back comfortably without over or under shooting at any dropzone. I also want to get a better idea of consideration for leading flocks, etc. There is a ton of material on spotting for skydiving, and I see this as being a very similar topic, but don't know any good resources.
  14. Can anyone provide some recommendations for beginner to intermediate FF suits? For example, the TonFly 618 is not recommended for beginners because it is so aggressive. So the 619 would be a better choice. With LiquidSky, should it be the Original, Ozone, Lunar, Comet, what? How about for Ouragan, Skylark, Vertical, etc? Most of these suit makers have terrible websites which don't do a good job explaining which of their suits are for what level of flier, etc. It would really help to have a specific list of suit options which have a decent range and are forgiving for a beginner, but will last through the intermediate phase.