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  1. Did you carry your coffee table and rug outside just so you could show off the legwing better? If so, that deserves epic kudos LOL,:) It was a kitchen table bench seat actually. Go big or go home..right :) Base# 1638
  2. Pic of my Viper :) It's huge! I'm planning on flying this beast Monday when I get back in town as weather sucked last week in KY. Base# 1638
  3. Martijn put some "GO" in the Venom. Nice :) Base# 1638
  4. That is just sick! Great job! Base# 1638
  5. That was my videoed V4 performance run. I had a tail wind of 18kts at altitude on that run. I determined the wind from the difference b/t indicated airspeed from the plane and GPS ground speed soon before I left the aircraft. Once I left the aircraft I had a really fun time :) Base# 1638
  6. Yes, the foam is non-removable, but nice b/c it stays in place and does not rotate easy. I noticed a slight performance gain on runs trying to max out horizontal speed. The arm wing to me felt more solid at speed. Base# 1638
  7. I agree with Jarno. I have about 20 jumps on my P3 (with performance foam) and feel overall the suit flies more precise in addition to a slight performance gain. Base# 1638
  8. Hey guys, I have a P3 proto and love it :) 15 jumps on it so far. New changes per the PF Website: The Phantom 3 replaces the established Phantom 2 wingsuit and has the following new features: • Corrected trailing edge shape on arm & leg wing • Additional rib added on the leg wing, smoothing out the trailing edge on the leg wing • relocated inlet design on arm & leg wing • streamlined patterns for the body and lower leg • optional performance foam in sleeve for smooth leading edge I actually feel it flys slightly smoother than the P2 and with the performance foam in the arms the speed on performance runs feels faster (did some at Elsinore this past week). I will hopefully do some FlySight runs in the near future to compare to runs from my P2 (hopefully with similar conditions). Definately nice improvements over the P2. Just my 2 cents :) Base# 1638


    The logo is different from the N4S one. It's a thin vinyl like material that was printed from a EPS file. It was sewn into the suit. It will last longer than i will live and it really came out very detailed and the colors were true to the original logo design. The other designs were colored fabrics (parapack) that were sewn in as well. Base# 1638


    Supergirl rocks!! She takes care of business :) I know the comments were not toward me. No worries. I just commented to let people know Phoenix-Fly is very serious about good customer service. Robi, Macca and the whole PF family would not have it any other way. Base# 1638


    As a dealer I'm an advocate for your order so nothing falls throught the cracks, I'm a point of contact to deal with situations when the factory is busy making suits, I make recommendations for suit choices (especially for less experienced WS pilots), and yes as a dealer I can work deals; especially with group buys. Base# 1638


    There was an issue with dealers in the past doing that but I would tell you that is not the case now. When someone buys a PF wingsuit through me it get submitted to PF the same day as long as it's financially squared away or a plan is discussed. I can confidently tell you that most (if not all) Phoenix-Fly dealers have similar practices, or submit orders within a reasonable amount of time. If you suspect otherwises contact Macca. Mark Base# 1638