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  1. I've never been a fan of glocks so i can't comment on them, used to carry a Sig 229 forr winter attire and loved the thing. Not a good CC pistol for summer clothing though. And just recently started gettig into Springfield XD's. Probably one of the best series of handguns for multipurpose use, Imho.
  2. We already have U.S. troops in many African Countries - South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi, Cameroon, Ghana, etc...
  3. Definitely soviet, likely Russian.
  4. Great write up, lawrocket. The .01% of Americans participating in the Occupy rallies (cause there is no movement...) just don't get it. I'm at work now, but I'll respond with more later.
  5. Great, now these pests can say their rights were violated when in fact the mayor only wants the park cleared to clean the filth left behind by these clueless sheep.
  6. She's cute. What kind of dog is she? Corky's a Porgi. A a Pomeranian/Corgi mix.
  7. Google+ is great if you have a small inner circle of friends that are wlays hangin' out. I have myself and 4 others in our circle. We always hang out and do shit together, so instead of coordinating via phone and text, we just post it in the huddle, make decisions in real time instead of the hold on let me call John first... shit that goes on. You can post pics and all sorts of stuff.
  8. Here's a pic of Corky....she does not shed as much as most dogs with the same hair length, but I still wipe down the couch and vacuum every 3 days anyways.
  9. I've read a few other articles from the same author. I get the impression he's one of those I'm not racist, but .... kind of guys.
  10. Shave your dog. Guards 1-3 should do the trick
  11. Yeah, for a gay man leading an all gay army, he did alright. They didn't exactly cover that aspect of their life in the movie, 300. Movies based on comic books are not exactly known for their historical accuracy Any gayness, Helot deaths and enslavment is cancelled out by Leonidas' badassness....making him not gay.
  12. Many are in the same boat. While the great state of Alabama is a "May Issue" state, in practice they are a "Shall Issue" state. Most people should have no problem getting a CCW in Alabama.
  13. Good on the girl. Shame on the parents, the groom-to-be, and any others who think marrying off a girl agaist her wishes is cool.
  14. Ummmm....would it be unreasonable to think that it should apply to everybody? How so? Are you saying it did apply to everyone? Cause it did not and it was not intended to apply to straights folks, only to homosexuals. "I hope my BNCO or OIC does not see my wife and ask how many kids I have, he may know I'm straight!" Yeah, us straight folks really had it tough in the military. [/sarcasm] At least I could hang up pics of my significant other and leave my personal letters out without fear of some nosey ass d-bag reading my shit and reporting me up the chain.
  15. DADT was applicable to gay men/women only? No, but noone ever got booted out for saying they're straight, or having their spouse/bf/gf (of opposite sex) show up at unit family day. However, people did get booted out for claiming they're gay or having the unit find out they have a same-sex bf/gf. So, yeah, DADT was discrimination.
  16. Exactly - depending on adultery and other infractions. But no OTH's and GC's for grab-ass barracks BS, like it would be in the case of a gay dude. Eight years in the Marines. And yes, the Army does have a different set of standards [/:P] I agree with much of what you've said about tension in the mix, not being able to enforce barracks standards with same sex rooming (which is "not" about sex (gender), but about sex (the act) which happens to mainly be between a guy and a girl, etc... These are all valid points. But to do nothing about it and not address the issue and denying people a chance to openly serve their country does not make sense. The military teaches character, loyalty, honor, and all the jazz. But at the same time they have/had a policy in place that requires people to actively hide who they are - someone's sexual preference is much of who they are. If "being gay" becomes an issue for someone one and affects their job performance either in the rear or on the battlefield, then get them for not working to standard or some crap (gay or straight). Punish them for the offenses, not for being gay.
  17. I've never known a straight service member get kicked out for a single offense of being in the room of someone of the opposite sex - even if they're doin' it. However, I have seen demotions, NJPs, restriction, office hours, adverse fitreps (for E5's and above) and even people kicked out of a country for dickin' around. But never an OTH, DH, or GHC for a single offense - unless the the service member is gay, then its an unfavorable DD214 for the same single offense.