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  1. From the OP's source: I was thinking the raffle to be a bit insensitive until I got to the part saying they've had the raffle for years. As kennedy mentioned - same brand, different model. So, I guess I have to go with option #2, STFU.
  2. I also think the term terrorist, terrorism and terror[insert suffix here] is used too loosely.
  3. A malicious act motivated by religious, political or ideological agendas that is intended to cause harm, death, chaos or intimidation to a large group of people. Why do you limit terrorism to only include political motives? And not religion or ideology?
  4. Not if I know I'm guilty. In that case I'd much rather be tried on here than in any court of law. Of course, skydiving for me is a hobby. If it were my career and my life and friends revolved around skydiving then I might take the courts over this place.
  5. I support being able to carry in a bar, but you have no business drinking while carrying a gun in public. Plan ahead, be responsible and leave the gun at home.
  6. Still looping. I tried other tests and they're all looping.
  7. Graveheart: Buried bitches and bones, an inside look at Scotland's necrophilic underground.
  8. Yeah, why not? Skydiving malfunctions are not very damaging to the military's image or national security
  9. You look like Howie Mandel with a few extra pounds. Nice vac.
  10. Good riddance. Hopefully she don't waste it all on drugs like her low life father would have. As far as the shooter, yeah, I'm surprised no severe criminal charges were filed. These guys knew what they were doing. Should've used pepper spray or something less lethal and held 'em off for the cops to show up. 300k sounds about right.
  11. In Japan God must really hate Democrats...
  12. Much better than the movie Dina Meyer in the shower . . . that's all I'm sayin'. True, true...
  13. Much better than the movie I see what you're saying, but would the chance of that happening outweight the benefits of having "Veteran" on the DL's of, say 75% (since some would not want it), all vets' licenses? Also if someone really had that agenda they could easily do it without the "VET" thing on DLs. It would be pretty clear who is not a vet (for the most part). Yeah, he/she may thow out a few registrations of vets in the process, but with many people there is no way to mistake that they are NOT a vet - age, disabilities, name (Tiynyu Anwanyu is probably a naturelized citizen from Ghana and never served in the U.S. military), etc... I like conspiracy angle though.
  14. Which is more likely to happen? 1) Injury or death resulting from landing or flying the already malfunctioned main as depicted in the OP's pics. 2) A reserve that would have a malfunction of the same or greater "severity", for lack a better term.
  15. I think the scrubbers and airflow would filter out the farts. Would be interesting though to have a device that could "see" farts. That way I could see the insta-fart in action as it goes from ass to nose immediately after flatulence. Or the tele-fart that only hits the guy across the room without leaving a trail. Can't forget the omni-fart that everyone gets a whiff of or the bee-fart that magically goes away after one person catches a sniff, leaving everyone else to doubt its existence.
  16. I don't BASE jump so take this for what its worth, but a buddy of mine rented gear at Bridge Day. IIRC I think the guy he rented gear from was from NY and had something to do with BaserX, BaseX, or owned some company that made BASE gear or something like that. Hope that helps. I'll hit my friend up and see where he rented gear from.
  17. Christians do denounce Christian extremist. They did for Norway at least. As far as denouncing someone saying God hates Haiti or took his wrath on the Washington Monument...meh, at least he's not strapping bombs to his chest, calling for Jihad and heading up terror networks, and if he is I don't see much action from it. True. He's an idiot, I denounce him and his crazy ramblings. That wasn't like pulling teeth, eh?
  18. This is the third video out already starring this same cop. And all videos are fairly recent. This cop definately has an ego and needs to learn to shut the fuck up and not threaten people's lives. Once again? What was the first reason? It's been established that dude driving the car in the OP's video tryied a few times to inform the cop he was carrying with a CCW. Was the driver innocent - likely not, he was picking up ho's, but worthy of having his life threatened? Is an officer justified in threatening someone's life for prostitution? Keep in mind that they've cooperated fully with the investigation and have not given you any trouble, they've been respectful, and even attempted to volunteer information (as legally required by law) about them legally carrying a handgun?
  19. I fear Obama, socialism and universal healthcare.
  20. There is no guarantee that it'll work as we don't have the technology to reverse it, but Cryonics is a very interesting field. Have a company freeze you through vitrification (yes, there are companies that specialize in this) with the hopes that one day science will be able to successfully and safely unfreeze you. By that time there will likely be a cure for X. If it don't work, you're already legally dead. But if it works.... One day, hopefulyl in our lifetime, freezing will be replaced by non-frozen suspended animation. So it's good to get a contract in now while the price is still relatively low.