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  1. I haven't been in a few months, but Skydive Orange is good to go. First rate instruction, large aircraft, friendly people and fun parties.
  2. Hogwash. Believers of ID support it because it is in their religious text, not because they have eleminated evolution with their "calculations" or whatever.
  3. There is more evidence to support evolution than there is for ID, creationism and genesis. There is literally a trail of evidence - follow Homo georgicus/ercectus in Dmanisi.... ....nevermind, I'll find my posting from another forum a few years back and make a clicky. I'm tired of typing it up.
  4. I felt it pretty good in D.C. At first I thought it was the metro or something, but then realised there's no metro underneath
  5. If your intent is to remind listeners of the law they are supposed to uphold and follow, then leaving out the 3/5s Compromise would be appropriate.
  6. I've been to Singapore City a few times for work and had a blast bar hoppin' and hanging out. I really can't comment on much, just the night life. Wish I had the time to travel around the country a bit
  7. Depends, blue might not be his color 'n shit
  8. So why don't they? The skill sets are rare, people just don't join the military and magicially know how to shoot, work on nuclear reactors, work in a stack, splice fiber and work on diesel engines. You are correct, but only after tens of thousands to millions of dollars are spent on training.
  9. Would someone in a communications job be paid more than a cook? Grunt work is not as technical as avionics, but does that mean grunts should get paid less even though grunt work is "harder"? Should MP's be paid the same as their civilian counterparts -- which counterparts, Newport PD or Poedunk Sheriffs office? When Sgt Smith is the duty NCO for 24 hours, does that mean he only has to work 16 more hours this week? x1.5 pay on weekends and holidays? What happens if a large chunck of the military decidies they want 40 instead of 30 days of annual leave -- can they stop work and strike? Who would head up the union? Yeah, I know, too many questions that have no correct or reasonable answer.
  10. No. It is an all volunteer force, and even if it weren't, still no. Other than the obvious of it being, well, a military, there are way too many factors involved. What benefits do you see of having a unionized military? Is there a reason for unionizing the military? How would pay scales be calculated if unionized? Hourly?
  11. She also said he was asking her sexually harassing questions -- including "sex questions that he would not ask of a man." Yeah, she's a liar. These questions were not sexually harassing.
  12. Gates Of Fire - Steven Pressfield Any book from the Sean King and Michelle Maxwell series by David Baldacci Maybe not your cup of tea, but On Combat by Dave Grossman is a good read.
  13. Dang! I like this idea! I haven't thought about much, as yet, but on the face of it, it sounds like a winner to me. Sounds good as long as whoever on trial agrees to it.
  14. +1 I have to say she comes off as an annoying, biggoted, gay bashing, old lady. She says she types that way to be effective, but be effective at what? She's not getting her point accross cause she can't be understood. The only point made is she reminds me of one of Marge Simpsons' sisters. And what gives with all the gay bashing she does? Anywho, it's all good. I would rather some people use the internet as an outlet than do something tragic...
  15. Census, taxes, jury duty and selective service. That is all, unless congress approves a conditional draft, which wouldn't apply to me anyways.
  16. You should flick the sand of your clit and stop bitching about your fucking internet at work. That's why your company has you "teaching" kiddies about engineering instead of actually engineering shit. "I'm so cool and smart and my bosses think I'm so special that they have me visiting schools and telling kids about how awesome I am" No, they want you gone so actual work can get done. [/out]
  17. A combination of Jersey Shore, Joe Dirt and a racially confused white kid, and just as annoying as all three.
  18. The salaries seem right to me. I don't want our elected officials making chump change so may can be more corrupt than they already are, but they also shouldn't have loaded salaries. Also, I don't think they pay for their residences around the beltway, that probably comes from their congressional budget. Same for official travel and all that jazz.
  19. I think most people agree with you. The people who have already paid into the system should get what's theirs and a gradual push towards private retirement is the best option, so the government cannot control our/your retirement.
  20. Now I know where my tax dollars are going. This should have been out of pocket expenses, but it probably wasn't.
  21. So, French or even British then Liberian?