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  1. I think a 'location' column added to all the individual sections (boogies, festivals, etc...) in the events calender would be great. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/calendar/page.cgi?g=index.html;d=1 Now it only has the event name and the DZ listed. I don't know where Skydive Poopdick is at, and with all the events listed it would be a hassle to check every DZ page for it's location. Other than that, the site is great! I really appreciate all the work the staff and editors put into this place.
  2. I did all my AFF and most of my jumps at Skydive San Diego. There's a ton of new jumpers there so you should be able to find a jump buddy. The staff and regular up-jumpers are great. They're always helping out the younger guys. Quick loads, great food, and hotties
  3. I just moved to Manassas, Va. Hit me up, I'm also looking for a new home DZ. Check your PM.
  4. This weekend I'll be in Vegas for a friend's bachelor party and we all decided to go skydiving. What better to do with a hangover, right? Anyway, me being the only skydiver in our crowd, I've been voluntold to make this happen. I've read very mixed reviews about the DZ's in Vegas; some rip you off, wait 6 hours for a load, wam-bam thank you ma'am, etc... I've even called a few that advertise jun jumping on their sites, however on the phone they said they don't have any fun jumping. Can someone please guide me in the right direction on this. Does anyone know of any reputable DZ's close to the Vegas strip that also allow jun jumpers? I have my own gear (finally!) Of course this day is not about me, it's about my friend. While allowing fun jumpers is not a requirement for our party.....it would be very helpful being that I'll only pay for a ride up vice a tandem ride. My friends will make me jump, either with my own gear or having to pay for a tandem. Help me out folks
  5. No, the G.I. Bill does not pay for any parachuting certs. The new Chapter 33 G.I. Bill (effective 1 Aug 09) will only pay for accredited schools that offer a degree program (i.e. Masters, associates, etc...). No more vocational/trade schools either.
  6. are you sure ? Where do you live and how terrible is your driving record to pay such an outrageous premium ? Even when I was 18 and had a sport bike I never paid even close to half that.... I agree, it is a bit outrageuos. But after shopping around and talking to some buddies who have insurance, the lowest I could get was $1399 a year for full coverage minus medical on myself, that's covered. That seems to be about the same for many of my friends who ride. I live in SoCal and have an excellent driving record. I think it's expensive because I just got my motorcycle endorsement a few days ago. Although I did take the MSF course, that lowered the price a bit. I'm sure getting a sport bike as my first didn't help much either. But oh well, it's fun to ride and I find working on it is pretty relaxing.
  7. trab1925, I've recently got my 'A' license and just last week purchased a sport bike. Yes, they're both expensive sports to "get into", but after you're in they are fairly cheap.....ok, not "cheap". but you know what I mean Skydiving ($4,000 for gear): 20 jumps per month: $400 Motorcycle (3-6 thousand): Insurance: 175-250 per month Wear, tear, gas, etc...: $100 You can always get a bike later in life, after you graduate, get a job, move back in with the folks or do whatever it is you do. Not to mention that you will easily out grow a 250-400cc bike in a couple months. But skydiving.....you will never out grow skydiving. You have the itch bro, scratch it while it's there.
  8. I think you mean "3", not "0.3" Then you can take away that add/take away a zero step.
  9. Jeffy is a helo pilot.... http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3503759;#3503759
  10. No. I jumped from the helo at SDSD the week after I got my A-License....last week
  11. The green bottle is better......so I've heard, from other people....
  12. I just got my A-license this weekend at Skydive San Diego and started about 6 weeks ago, here's a break down of what I paid: AFF 1-7: 1200 6 Coach Jumps: 396 1 hop&pop (coached): 66 Check Dive: 99 10 Solos: 240 10 Gear Rentals: 240 (give or take) That brings my total to about USD $2241. I only needed 3 coached jumps, but I wanted the extra training. It was well worth it, my Check Dive was a breeze.