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  1. These jumpsuits are absolute crap, i got suckered into buying one and it was so bad. please stay away. The stitching was crap and was coming apart before it even did 1 flaming jump in it. If u want a suit pm me as i have a few near new quality ones for sale.
  2. send me a pm if u are ever looking for a new boyfriend...
  3. I am sorry to say but the gear shop at picton is closed and it has a sign on the door saying "closed for stock take for investors". Anyone who has given Gary $ i dont think will ever see any of it back. He has gone into hiding and is not answering any calls. From what i have heard there are 5 new jumpers who are owed $8000 for new rigs that they ordered from Gary. Apparantly 2 people with baseball bats took 2 rigs from the shop during the week. The shop was broken into and another rig was taken on the weekend.
  4. i spent $150 and had my rigger make me a massive slider up for my sabre 1. it was around 50% bigger than the standard one. My openings with that slider were very soft and pretty much equal with my current saffire 2 which have a reputation for soft openings. Anyone who says a sabre 1 is only good for a car cover is an idiot if u ask me, I recently brought a sabre 1 with 700 jumps on it for $400. I think its a bargain and a great starter canopy for that price.
  5. after trying to get my brand new canopy into the bag , i was so over it. By the time i did manage to stuff it in it was such a messy job that i wondered if it would mal. After trying psycho packing i must say i love it, sooo much easier for new canopies.
  6. i normally import items that are under the $1000 limit and they come straight to me. I did buy a few vigils that cost me $1200 but i just had the seller write the value down as $600 and they got straight through.
  7. can anyone help me on sizing a reserve from parachutes de france? I was told it was a 200sqf but trying to comfirm this. its a magnum reserve Type: 201A No. Serie: 9111018B 26 November 1991 Max suspendue: 130kg thanks guys
  8. All of the sabre 1 canopies had weird weight recommendations like that , my sabre 170 had a max weight from memory of 170 pounds. Now that is no where near the weight rec these days of a sabre 2 170 that is 255 pounds, don't forget that sabre 1 s were the first of the high performance zp canopies of their time . It's ok to ignore what the label says
  9. Well done on the one handed flare mate , u did better than me
  10. thanks for your help people, there is one on ebay if u want one. cheers
  11. I have a sky systems container which I love from this company. I need the reserve packing manual for it , I have tried contacting them but am not having much luck. Would anyone else own this rig and have this manual I could get a copy of ? I will pay for your time . I'm getting desperate as I can't jump until I have them . Thanks guys
  12. are u sure its a pd 421? the label says relative workshop. here is the label? is this a zp or f111 ? thanks
  13. I'm looking at setting up a tandem rig and came across this main for $750 us Vtc 3 - 421 sqf from relative workshop . 2004 model With 36 jumps on it . Is that a bargain ? Considering new tandem mains seem to be 4000 $ ? Or am I missing something
  14. Found a para flite 375 goliath canopy brand new, 1993 model. does anyone know more info on this canopy like exit weight it is designed for and would this be okay as a tandem main? thanks for your help people.
  15. Sucked in to this asshole. No matter how cheap the tickets were, when u pay for a ride to height i am getting on the plane expecting that that plane has been serviced and considered airworthy. Any guy who puts profits before the safety of the people who are lining his pockets is a absolute wanker.
  16. Another thing to think about is that u can fit smaller canopies into a container. Just because u downsize doesnt mean u have to get rid of your container. I brought a jav with a 210 canopy in and ended up with a 170 in it in the end. SO u can see how a container can last you for up to 500 jumps.
  17. Not sure where u get your info from as i had a 170 in a j5 for ages. My rigger shortened the closing loop and said it was safe to jump. It was obviously an easy pack job fitting the canopy in the d-bag.
  18. i dont see why its not freefly friendly mate, i had a 1995 javelin which as far as i know is the same as yours and i did heaps of freefly jumps on it no worries, U may have to get a leg strap bungy put on it though. cheers
  19. Those dimensions are way small for a canopy of that size if u ask me. I would deffinitely find a rigger that has a tandem slider which are designed for a similar size canopy and test it out, i put money on you loving the openings it gives you.
  20. i had a sabre that opened hard and got a bigger slider made up for it, It was alot bigger , i think around 45% bigger than the standard one , i have never looked back. Best $150 i have ever spent, Why dont u try and borrow a bigger slider to try it out. I do know a guy who put a tandem slider on his sabre and all the people told him it would cause a mal for sure which was crap, he loved it and left it on his sabre.
  21. thanks for the heads up guys, i was interested in their big guys suits to slow me down, but not anymore
  22. yeah it was pretty close mate. I think i opened my leg wing too early from what my mate says. Will deffinitely work on that for next time.
  23. My appologies if this is a repost. RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) - A mother claims a "fail-safe" parachute failed to open, sending her daughter hurtling to her death. The mother seeks damages from Airtec, the German company that made the Expert Cypres 2 device, and from the companies that supplied and sold it. Jude Lipps says her 33-year-old daughter, Brooke Baum, of Newport Beach, fell to her death at Perris Valley Airport the day after Christmas last year when her main chute malfunctioned and the backup device, the Expert Cypres 2, failed to deploy the reserve parachute. "(T)he Expert Cypres 2 promises that it will act independently of any act by the skydiver to cut the cord of the reserve container closing loop (which is all that is required to deploy the reserve chute) at a height approximately 750 feet above ground as long as the sky diver is falling at a rate of descent greater than 78 mph," the complaint states. (Parentheses in complaint.) "It promises to do so within a split second. The Expert Cypres 2 has no purpose other than to deploy the skydiver's reserve chute under these extremely dangerous conditions, and for Brooke Baum the Expert Cypres 2 spectacularly and calamitously failed in its single sole raison d'être." Lipps also sued Square Parachutes, the California-based company that sold the Cypres 2 to her daughter; and Ohio-based SSK Industries, which supplied the device to Square Parachutes. Lipps claims the device failed because "it contains only a single sensor and single processor, with no backup sensor or processor for foreseeable failures." She adds that the device can give inaccurate readings "under certain climate and terrain conditions ... which will make it appear to Cypres 2 that the jumper is higher than he/she actually is ..." The mother claims that on the morning of Dec. 26, 2009, her daughter's device did not kick in until Baum, an experienced skydiver, was 200 feet above ground. "This allowed enough time for the reserve chute to deploy and attain line stretch, but not enough time for the reserve chute to fill with air or slow her descent before impact on the ground," the complaint states. "Brooke Baum hit the ground at over 100 mph and was instantly killed." The mom seeks damages for product liability, negligence, and breach of express and implied warranty. She is represented in Riverside Superior Court by W. Douglas Easton of Costa Mesa.
  24. if its such a pain in the butt to get to the drop zone why dont u see if u can stay there and put a week aside to complete the whole aff course in one go. Most dz's dont mind rolling out a mattress on the packing room floor and crashing for the night.
  25. Unfortunately our dz doesn't have many regular experienced wingsuiters and i havn't had a chance to get some feedback from an experienced flyer on my flying and body position. I would appreciate if i could get some feedback on what i am doing right and wrong. I am flying a mach one, I am 5'11 and 200 pounds. I have around 30 total wingsuit jumps and feel like i am not really getting the time in the air nor the forward distance that i thought i would have. I understand that it can take hundreds of jumps to really learn how to max out flights. Any feedback would be appreciated.