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  1. Yeah I also had a bad AFF 4. When my JM let go of me I fell much faster then him and I mad the mistake of looking up to see where he is and I started to spin. So I arched crazy hard and my JM grabbed me again and stabilized me and then the jump went good from there. But I think if you start to spin just relax because when it happens you start to panic. Arch hard and control the spin. Keep a clear head. That is what saved my ass when I had a shoulder dislocation
  2. Hi people Hope you all had a great festive season. This is just an update on my shoulder injury for those thats interested. So the Prof that will be doing the op wants to do open surgery and he will be putting some sort of steel pin in that will act as a "cover" for the shoulder. This will prevent the shoulder popping out again so it sounds good. The bad part is I'll be out for 12 weeks minimum from skydiving. That is a bloody long time but it will be worth the wait. Cool stuff and be safe people
  3. Thanks for he advice. Well I dont smoke so I am okay their and we dont have a family history with kidney problems. So I will definitely consider it
  4. Well it seems like I'll be out of skydiving for a while. RIght now I am going to enjoy the holiday with my arm in a sling lol but as soon as I am back home its doctor time. Will let you all know what happening. Thanks for the advice and may you all have a super festive season. Be safe
  5. I dont have video but at least I got a logbook entry from my instructor stating that I steered and landed on my feet with one hand! Better than nothing I guess
  6. Well about 5 years ago I had like a partial dislocation when I was playing rugby in high school. My arm was twisted when I made a tackle and I felt the shoulder pulling out but got my arm out of the strange position before it was completely dislocated. I only did basic exercises to strengthen the shoulder so this dislocation could be the result of the damage I sustained back then
  7. Well I dont mind doing AFF over again but if I get an op it better be successful because I never want to go trough this pain again. Good luck with the recovery mate and let me know if everything is successful. And trust me I will be reading a lot as reading saved my butt
  8. Holy shit! This is so not what I wanted to hear! 6 months without jumping is going to be a hell of a long time. But yes rather get it sorted because it will happen again and maybe I wont be so lucky as I were this time. Will see a ortho and hear what he has to say. Hopefully the damage is not too bad. Thanks for the info guys
  9. I will have it checked out but I really dont want to be out for 6 months. I thought it will be more like 6 weeks. What kind of procedure did the ortho perform. I torn my ligaments in my right knee and the ortho fixed it via an arthroscopic procedure and was playing rugby again in under 6 weeks and I understand they can do the same with a shoulder. But I will be seeing an ortho asap
  10. I started my jump with a front loop out of the plane and regained stability rather good and fast so as I prepare for the back loop my left shoulder pops out and I am like WTF?? But I eventually executed the loop and all went well. Did not do the delta and pulled a bit higher than I should have for obvious reasons. So now under canopy screaming of pain I try to pop it back in and nothing so I start to steer with my good hand and thinking what I read on this forum about a one handed flare. Landed perfectly at the DZ with a one handed flare so thanks dropzone.com. Unfortunately I had to go to the hospital to get it back in so no skydiving for for a while but I will be back. Thought I'll share my story for the fellow students and seasoned skydivers to learn and to understand always stay calm and think clearly when something like this happen. Sharp
  11. Started my AFF course here about a month ago and all I can say what a great place! If you are near Rustenburg come and join in the fun. Weather is great 95% of the time and the vibe is great. I'll recommend this DZ to anyone
  12. I still want to free fall not float in the air like a balloon lol
  13. I am 1.81m tall Thanks for the input guys. Will have a chat with the instructors. As for rental gear at the DZ well thats a bit of a problem. They have jump suits for smaller guys. The only suit that fits me comfortably is a nylon suit which in turn also contribute to my fall rate. So according to most of you I should rather wait till I have my A-licence before I invest in a suit
  14. Well I am a rather big guy. Currently weighing 98kgs. My weight usually varies between 95 and a 100kgs. To get less than that I'll probably need to starve myself for a year