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  1. Thanks for ya'll's help! Yeah, I'm a unique skydiving student. : ) Started out in static line progression then once I passed all of my PRCP's, was scared to do my first clear & pull. I switched to AFF which gave me the confidence in freefall and now I am breezing through. : ) I will probably hang from the strut of the C-182 with my feet dangling and exit that way since I have done that the most and am most comfortable with it. I don't know the technical term for that position. Still learning all the skydiving lingo. : ) I agree that it is easiest to get in the stable position that way. So excited to do it! Thank ya'll for your help! Have fun flying! : )
  2. Which exit do you think is the easiest for a newbie skydiver on a first freefall exit alone? I am exiting out of a Cessna. I have done many static lines. Pretty good at hanging by the strut and letting go. Slipped a couple of times before on my static lines but it has been a while. Probably done about 12 static lines. 2 slips, 10 solid. Last exit with AFF instructor. I stood with one foot on the step and pushed back off. Only done that one once. Which one do you believe is easier for my first freefall from 9500? My instructor is letting me choose which way I want to exit. Which would ya'll recommend? As you can tell, I am nervous and excited about it!
  3. Thank you guys so much for your advice! Hmmmm--at least I have 2 months to get together what I am going to do. Prob will get him a wingsuit through Phoenix-Fly (thanks for the correction) or a gift certicate from there since that is what he wants. Haha, I loved what you said about me doing ground crew for him. I love being him & his basejumping friends' groundcrew. So exciting! I pray for him everytime though! I am so glad we are living life to the fullest together & doing what we love! Now it's getting my parents to like me skydiving! They are scared by the thought now, but hopefully they will come around. I am 27 & an adult & am doing what I love! When I signed up to do a tandem, I never imagined that I would fall in love with the sport of skydiving! Its amazing being able to share my experiences with the one I love! Enjoying reading ya'll's profiles. A lot of ya'll have such experience in the sport. I am amazed! : ) Blue skies!
  4. Hi friends! I am a new skydiver who is looking to buy a surprise wingsuit for my boyfriend. He has a tracking suit already, but has talked many times about wanting a wingsuit. I want to surprise him on our anniversary with one. He says he loves Phoenix Sun. He is 6 ft 2, 230 lbs. He has almost 350 skydives & 200 basejumps. I want to get him one which he could use for both eventually. He has a tracking suit that he is experienced with, but I don't think he has ever done a wingsuit jump. If I get him one, could he try it out & send it back if he doesn't like it? I guess I could buy a gift certificate for the company for one, but it would be so much more fun surprising him with the actual wingsuit. I appreciate all ya'lls help! Shoutout to those in the AFP program! I am in AFP Level 4! So free now that I am let go by my instructor! Skydiving is truly living! : )