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  1. Can't even afford to go through Starbucks in the first place - do I tip...
  2. It was in downtown LA, I was flapping as it was and all the metered parking was taken, then the car parks near were full so I just went for the underground parking at the offices - I didn't wanna get stressed out more than I already was. I actually thought they didn't do their homework as much as I did, but whatever... Oh, just to add - I applied for this job on 22 January 2008!! OVER 4 yrs ago
  3. I had a panel interview yesterday too, fucking horrible, and they were half hour late... AND $24 in parking/2hr commute to do 20 miles... but glad you got the job, nice one ; )
  4. Me Too - I've had the BEST customer service ever - skydiving related or not. They have been ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING when it comes to answering questions or trying to solve problems... One of my bucket list things is to have a custom made container - and I've nearly saved enough up. When I do I'll definitely be ordering through Chutingstar. I'm SO impressed with their customer service.
  5. I already know, for a fact, you don't have kids... (even if you reply back and say you do). (don't mean that rudely by the way).
  6. Couldn't agree more. I don't think it's necessarily that bad, but I wouldn't wanna upset my kids for no good reason - the whole thing seems redundant (and to be honest, not particularly funny).
  7. I didn't even know normo's could do that?! Fantastic idea! I'd like to try that too.
  8. Can you carry this on please? - It's either Wendy Williams, or this. Thanks...
  9. Spoilt brat needs a good dose of military discipline.
  10. Hey, thanks. I certainly appreciate that - it's been a struggle let me tell ya!!
  11. Honestly, and if it was me (I'll get flamed for this this big time) but... I would have stayed with it - my line of thinking being that I'd rather have a rough landing (that I know I will probably get away with) than cut away and be left with something that I can't manage - and I know that's a stupid attitude AND I also know that it was definitely a cut away situation. -Having said that I've never had a cutaway situation - the worst I've had so far has been line twists and a tension knot in my right steering line, meaning I didn't have full control of the right side, but I had 90% - decided to keep it - it was fine, no problems. However - I would welcome the chance to do an intentional cutaway, just to know that if the time ever comes - I can do it.
  12. No Thanks.....I quit. HA (my wife just asked me what I'm laughing at).
  13. Got a letter this afternoon asking me for a job interview - FOUR years after applying?!! (not that I'm complaining, I'll take anything right now, but Jesus...)
  14. ~He stayed frozen, afterward. He was too afraid to cut away~ Do you think it's possible that some people (who've never had to cut away before) could be scared to do so? (from the point of view that if the second chance fails aswell then it's over , in this case it could have been that he was more willing to chance a dodgy landing rather than go to reserve). I remember seeing, I think it was UPT, that had a rig you could do an intentional cut away on - but what I'm getting at is that maybe it would be a good idea (on safety days, or whatever) to do an intentional cutaway so that, if the need ever arises) people are not so afraid to do so. This could lead to - how reliable are reserve systems, and should an intentional cut away be part of the student learning process so people aren't afraid of it? My thoughts might be crap - but, in this case, it certainly could be that he was afraid to cut away, when really he should have...
  15. I can't believe I agree with Shropshire on something?!
  16. I would think too skinny to be honest... no?
  17. ~Bit of a rant here but: Is it just me... or is everybody pissed off at everything for some reason ? Lotta responses lately to a lotta threads that seem to be calling people making errors, asking questions, having differing opinions ... everything from a DGIT, to a crater in the making, to a shit-house mouse!? Everybody makes mistakes...we really need to put the jackboots into the ribcage EVERYTIME?? Is it ALWAYS like this and I'm just now noticing it or is it that everybody just got the grumps... We trying to 'teach' people how to grow in the sport, or 'shame' them into quitting? So, so true. The person involved needs education, not being called a "cunt" over the internet, it's pathetic. Putting people down seems to be the order of the day here a lot of the time, most of it's unnecessary. Just to add- I'm sure a lot of the more experienced guys here have some good advice but the way they speak to people completely undermines their professionalism - if they act like that it can come across like they're not worth listening to (ie, not very intelligent) - I'm sure there's other beginners that would like to ask questions but they don't bother for fear of being put down.
  18. Doing a tandem - channel 11 for those in LA.
  19. No guns or swords, need international drivers license. WAY better ale and curry, and the women are "easier" lol... true.
  20. I don't particularly give a shit about a mouse being thrown out of an airplane - however I can see how some people could take offense to it - for that reason alone it seems like a juvenile thing to pull in front of other people. Whether you think it's funny or not, it's kinda immature.