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    Dropzone.com enters an exciting new phase!

    Congrats HH! Happy for ya. Do you get a gold fork when you retire? Good luck with the family thing.
  2. I believe there was an injury in a cornfield and the insurance paid the farmer for the damage done to crops by the rescue people. That's the one off the top of my head I can remember. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  3. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22705604/ Anyone see him on the Today show this morning? oops... that's the 'vote' link... stuff the ballot while you're there Here's the story/interview link http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22705333/ it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  4. wildblue

    Richmond Boogie

    My #1 suggestion for making this happen: Have on a weekend other than Labor Day. It's not a conspiracy people - it's the last big three day weekend of the season around here. Any DZO with mouths to feed isn't going to close up shop to send money someplace else. Cessna DZs might be a different story, but it's got to be hard to leave your turbine aircraft sitting on the ground for three days to go support someone else. Does CSC close up shop all week to go to SummerFest? If SGC made their "Memorial Day Boogie" bigger, I wouldn't expect SWC or SS to close up for the weekend and go support it. I just think your expectations are out of whack a little. As for Jim W. threatening to fire staff for going to Richmond - put it in context: Busy tandem (labor day) weekend, no staff to spare. It was "show up for work tomorrow or don't bother coming back" I don't think he was that bent on making sure Richmond didn't get the $100 that jumper might have spent there, he needed his employees there doing their job. I'm not trying to defend him, just putting it in context for everyone. I honestly don't think he cares that much. I could be wrong, but I don't the motives in that case were malicious. If you want to argue about how RDs should show up, I'll listen to that one. My first question would then be "Did anyone invite him?" Maybe he didn't think he was welcome or that it wouldn't be beneficial at all. If you want to argue training methods, probably another thread of forum would be better it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  5. wildblue

    Richmond Boogie

    Jesus Christ Wes, I'm not on any "bandwagon" and the only thing I've ever done is asked for more information about accusations that were made (which I ended up getting by the way, and not from you because your standard line is "go look it up") And I'll repeat myself - most of that BS happened before I got into the sport. If you have something more recent, feel free to share. Any time you want to enlighten me, please do. I've asked before, and all you do is call people bandwagon riders. I'm not that kind of person - I won't blindly defend someone/someplace, I have to know it to be true or untrue. That wasn't directed at you. How the hell did we get to here anyway?! it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  6. wildblue

    Richmond Boogie

    History is history. All this political regional bullshit is absurd. If you have something against a specific person for their past actions, bring up when it's time to vote. Why bother dragging the place that employs them into it? Stereotyping an entire group is pointless too. So some ex-army people have fucked things up in the past (in your opinion) so we shouldn't elect anymore. Great. There's also been some white males that fucked everything up too - let's stop putting them in power too. I'm well aware of this myself. The sad thing is, all the BS happened before I even got into the sport, but there's still a handful of people that can't let it go. I've never really felt welcome at Richmond because I came from "that" DZ - which is sad because the majority of people there are/were very welcoming. Most people could get past the couple of people that made them feel like that - I just haven't been able to. God I hope so. Like you said, we're not curing cancer or anything here. If there's specific actions or policies you disagree with, please share. Bashing someone because they had a Labor Day "boogie" is retarded. Blaming them for lower attendance is even worse. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  7. wildblue

    Richmond Boogie

    Sanity check here people: it was scheduled for Labor Day ... every turbine DZ in the country has some kind of Labor Day get together. And fun jumpers win - not everyone wants to jump at a mega-corporate DZ, they want to see their friends. Not everyone wants to pay a registration fee for free beer, all-night parties, and wider aircraft selection. How is choice a bad thing? Hell, they're less than 2 hours from each other, you could go to both if you wanted. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  8. wildblue

    Richmond Boogie

    Wow. Those bastards. That's like creating a massive week-long boogie in the same state and same week as another existing one. Or even within a few days of. What are these pricks thinking?! These people and their stupid ideas will ruin the sport. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  9. wildblue

    Skydiving body armor

    Don't some swoopers already wear crash armor? it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  10. wildblue

    Jump for Life Boogie - June 30-July 1.

    I'm only coming if there will be Crown Royal and pie. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  11. wildblue

    Swooping is not a crime

    Like the street racers who think they're like real car racers, the jackass canopy pilots think they're emulating the "real" swoopers. Wendy W. Good analogy, Wendy. The 'professionals' use a closed course & a controlled environment. Same should be done with swooping. Even amateurs can take a track-day. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  12. wildblue

    Sherman Jenkins

    This sucks. I don't think I ever saw him not smiling. The DZ will be a little dimmer without him there. My heart goes out to his whole family. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  13. wildblue

    Ignore & Reputation

    I know this has been tossed around before, but an "Ignore" function (just for bonfire) would be nice. Also, some kind of reputation system for the topical forums would be cool. Maybe the more you have the more influence you can have on another's (at least in a positive way) so new people at least have some idea of who knows what they're talking about. And I know this'll never happen, but I thought I'd ask - a bonfire type forum for either people who have been around awhile (registered or jumping) or at least for those who have less than 5 or 6 posts per day. Some of us like to kill time and chat with friends on occasion, but we don't really have the time to keep up with the noise in bonfire. Call it the mini-bonfire, over there by the quiet camping area it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  14. Anyway to just 'collapse' the post? What I really want, is to be able to block people in Bonfire, but actually see what they have to say in the topical forums. An easy way to unmute them would be spiff. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  15. wildblue

    another unethical dz website

    Same owner. Don't care... just pointing that out. Just thought it was funny a DZ in CA has a bunch of Florida-related (using that term loosely) key words hidden on a page. It's pretty sad when you're not even good at being stupid. ... says the guy who just registered and has 2 posts - both in this thread. Bill, you're shady and unreliable. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  16. wildblue

    another unethical dz website

    Hahaha! Yeah, from Titusville: And again from Team Dirty Sanchez's site: BOYCOTT THEM ALL!!! Even a DZ in CALIFORNIA! http://www.skydivemontereybay.com/maillist/ .... fire your web "designer" it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  17. wildblue

    another unethical dz website

    It's stupid, and it doesn't work... but is it really all that horrible? There's a fairly well-known dropzone that uses area DZ's names on separate pages in a sentence that says "We are not (insert DZ name here)" --- on a google search for (insert DZ name here) they usually come up 1 or 2 slots below them. How does that spin your moral compass? Personally, I don't really care... as long as they're not flat-out lying about what state they operate in Naming unaffiliated people by name seems wrong though. I dunno. But yeah, like I said, doing that crap doesn't really work though and can backfire on you. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  18. wildblue

    What can we do about Skyride?

    It's not great marketing. It's bullshit, frustrating, deceptive crap. They have 3 different websites for a single city in Florida. If you call, they try to send you 600 miles away when the nearest dz is actually about 60. Put yourself in a first-time jumpers shoes. Actually, their bullshit even looks bad to non-jumpers -- I'm planning on visiting some friend and family in Florida, and one of them wrote and said "Hey! There's actually a dropzone right here, we can come watch you jump!" A few days later I looked at it and it was a Skyride site... had to tell them "No, there's not really, we'll still have to go a couple hours out of town. I really don't see how anyone can defend their 'business model' - complete lies are not a business model. Have they at least stopped stealing everyone's websites designs and pictures? it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  19. wildblue

    Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    Who gives a shit about attitude? I'd rather have an arrogant pilot with no fatalities than a by-the-book, "safety first" one that killed a planeload of people because of his mistake. Negative. When he was first approached and asked to stop doing it, he did. What rule was he intentionally violating anyway? What if Strong knew about it and didn't care? I think the punishment was way over the top. Did all the clamoring here on dizzie-dot-com have something to do with it? Maybe. If it did, I think that's wrong. It's a pretty small portion of the skydiving community represented here - it just happens to be the loudest. I do think his TI rating should get yanked for a year or two, but nothing else. Especially considering some of the other punishments (or lack of) that have been handed out. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  20. wildblue

    Can radar detect skydivers?

    I want to take a big roll of foil on a cross-country with me. Or would that get me shot down? it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  21. wildblue

    Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    I think someone at Zhills (?) got their rating yanked for doing something similar a number of years back. Doesn't look like a great idea, but I'm not a TI, so I can't really say. I can say I think it makes the video more about the TI and less about the student. If I brought a friend or family member out to do a tandem, I wouldn't want the TI to be doing this with them. EDIT: You might want to move this to the instructor's forum - you'd get more responses. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  22. wildblue


    You know he's setting up his right-hand pattern for a downwinder right now
  23. wildblue


    Blue skies, homo. News Story it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality
  24. He had changed, please don't judge him now for his attitude 2 years ago. He was listening to people, he just didn't appreciate the way he was approached most of the time (and keep in mind, here on dz.com he'd intentionally go over the top to antagonize people). He stayed with the sabre2 for the last two years, and at the begining of this year went to the XF2. I don't believe what he did was unreasonable. Aggressive, but not ridiculous. He also had a lot of coaching and encouragement from qualified people. He made a mistake, and paid dearly for it. In all my conversations with him, he had no misconceptions about what he was doing - he fully realized the risks he was taking to do something he really wanted to do. it's like incest - you're substituting convenience for quality