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  1. Are you just making a post for the sake of making a post, or do you actually have enough experience in the situation to advice the Storm ? Same question to the person above you about the Spectre.
  2. No, not worth $300 for hips only But their price list @ seems to list $300 for either hip or UNYSIN harness and personally, I find Unysin to be an option worth $300 (articulated chest and hips). Perhaps $300 for hips is a typo ? Usually it's more like $150-$200
  3. you did not get screwed out of anything. The seller had terms to their sale. You were not willing to follow them, thus the transaction did not happen. If it makes you feel better - YOU had terms to doing business - the seller was not willing to accept those terms, thus YOU chose not to do business with that seller. Or did someone else make that choice for you ? by the way, getting money back from paypal (as long as funded by credit card) is MUCH MUCH simpler than going after someone who has cashed your check. This is 100% FACT. Call your credit card and state what happened, the money will be refunded to you unless the seller can prove you received the product. If so, the credit card will ask you to ship teh product back to the seller and YOU WILL GET CREDIT THE FULL AMOUNT upon receipt. A friend of mine was sold a rig with a Cypres that was stated to be near new - well, it had 2 years left on it. The seller refused to do anything about it - the Credit Card company told my friend to ship the rig back, and once they verified receipt he got full transaction amount credited back to his statement.
  4. Fair enough. I will stick to my opinion based on experience, you stick to your opinion based on opinion of the "little guy and their website" :) Do you mind telling us who the rigger in question is ?
  5. that may have been true before ebay bought paypal, but is no longer so. This gets brought up many times during the year, just seach the threads. In fact, I can find you sites that are anti-Ford/Chevy/Toyota/Honda//Obama/Clinton/skydiving/masturbating/US government.... If you are looking for a biased opinion about a topic, they are great deterrents. Paypal is a great tool, and myself with thousands of transactions and many, many others have no had problems. Of course, as always, buyer beware...
  6. you situation is two-fold. You don't know his rigger. But does he know yours ? You don't want to be burned, but neither does the buyer. for example I just got a rig 2 weeks ago, and I sent $2800 to the sellers rigger, and the rigger is holding on to the money until I get the rig and let him know that everything is ok. At the same time I can tell you most of the time I just paypal them the money after some verification and once I get the gear let them know all is ok (but if it wasn't , I have the option of chargeback) Why don't you make some inquiries about who "his rigger" is. Perhaps he is really well known, just not to you, as you are fairly new ? Paypal is a very good suggestion as well. And lastly, if all things fail - perhaps the transaction was not meant to be ... good luck
  7. I have heard no complains. But I am still not sure if I will raise my rates or not. I am leaning towards seeing what happens, and going with the flow. I always suggest to unhappy people to get their own rigging ticket and not be subjected to the riggers whining.
  8. IIt seems that anything you don’t like or agree with is “IRRELEVANT”. You seem to like that word. Well I can live with that. You are starting to nag like an ex wife so any further discussion with you would be “irrelevant”. Door closed. Foot meets mouth, just like I said. It hurts when you are called on your faulty reasoning, especially of you cannot man up and say "I am sorry dude, perhaps I jumped the gun a bit." Just so you know Irrelevant does not mean for one to invalidate the statement - just means its discounted as outside the scope of the argument. That by no means shows any preference or judgment for the said statement. Oh, you also have a great way of avoiding responding to anything posed as a challenge to your reasoning - you just plow right ahead with more accusations of character fault. have a good day and next time think twice and post once.
  9. I don't get you. How am I defending a position if that position was never stated ? How can one defend anything at all by asking people for their unbiased opinions ? If I wanted to defend MY credibility, I would have a poll with MY name in it, not with ambiguous information. You are right however that both the motive for the poll and for pestering you to back up what you say are the same - I want to know what people(s) think. Pretty simple, really. Considering we all live in a personal bubble (some just have a larger one:), it's nice to know that what you think/say is practiced by some others. Also, on the issue of 3 pages of usernames... Notice one similarity in them - none of them have ANY post history, blank profiles and most have registered shortly before emailing people, many have "users has never logged in". Also, if you ever got their emails, their English is terrible (I got PLENTY of them) And the transaction that never happened between us ? It's absolutely irrelevant what happened after you named your terms (outside the scope of this arguement). All I stated was what your terms were, and to quote : "I don't do Pay Pal. But I will take a personal check. You can check with some of the people on to find out who I am or check with Perris. I have also attached a copy of my USPA membership card. You send me a check, it clears and I send you the rig. If you agree to this I will mark it sold tonight." That, taken with your responses in this thread, is borderline hypocrisy. So yes, THOSE apples. How's that foot tasting ?
  10. ya know, Sparky - if you are going to state that I have motives, and judge me based on them, it would be nice if you respond and let me (us) know what those motives are. Or is it a foot meets mouth situation ? BTW, this is a 3rd request from me...
  11. Spectre/Pilot are not hard to find used. But most will have microlines on them. Realistically neither one you will hang on to long enough to worry about the lines being out of trim. The reserve - there's lots of used ones out there. The container would be the hardest to find used. Especially if you are not "regular" (5'10" 180 +-2 inches) or are picky about the colors. good luck !
  12. I am not thin skinned at all, I just like to say it like it is. I believe thin skinned response would be to start calling you names or do the "you guys all suck, I am never posting to this site again" Say if my profile had a name of "Nick Stasinki" - would that help you at all ? That would make it no more credible as you have no idea of the validity of the information. Also, thanks for demonstrating my point, you really do read what's NOT WRITTEN. I never said I don't know who you are, I said that I don't know if you are a grumpy old man, yet you respond with "I don't know who you are either". It's absolutely IRRELEVANT for this poll. I do know however, when I tried to buy a rig from you 12/12/06 you sent me a copy of your USPA card and insisted that I send you a check and you won't ship the gear until it clears. You also did not care to use paypal. How about them apples ? But tell me, what did you think my motives are (the ones that NWFlyer figured out) ?
  13. Motives for the poll ? Are you kidding me ? I have a hidden agenda, right ? Perhaps the ad that she linked to was for something that sold last night and subsequently I removed it ? BTW, the buyer and I had a mutual friend at the Norcal DZ who vouched for both of us. Not here nor there, but MJO, your post STINKS ! You make assumptions about my intentions and reasons, and judge me based on that. The poll is meant to be neutral, and I did my best to present a situation without bias. I am not asking for creditability in the poll, just peoples opinion based on the situation presented. You know, you sound like a grumpy old man (and I have no idea if you are), and you really pissed me off. No joke. Anybody who has ever done biz with me knows that I don't "hide" anonymously when selling. Lastly, please tell me about the "motives" that I have ? I really want to know !
  14. to sum this up - While I understand that asking for blind trust is foolish, why is there so much blind distrust ? Both seems to be a bit extreme to me. And trust me, I have bought and sold plenty both here and on other sites and in person to person selling environment.
  15. it is irrelevant whose credibility is being questioned, as i believe any more information will skew the poll. However, the current trend of "send it to my rigger" for EVERYTHING (when I put cypres in the poll option, I was not being sarcastic) - is driving me insane. I mean common ! A fucking cypres ? Get a picture with a serial number and call SSK - it either had the 4/8 year check or did not. Ask for a picture of the cables. Why is it acceptable for the buyers to have the seller by the balls ? Or to eloquently put it, why are buyers encouraged to hold the sellers gear hostage ? In other words, look at this from a sellers perspective - just like the buyer wants guarantees that the gear will be as stated, shouldn't the seller want guarantees that the buyer will pay ? Those are more or less just rhetorical questions, but it's bugging the hell out of me .... - thus the poll.
  16. I don't think you are selfish. In fact, I did the same thing. She is not allowed in the basement, as she forbade any parachute related pictures anywhere in the house. So this was the truce that we agreed on.
  17. Many sellers will tell you that it is not worth less. But when you are selling it, many buyers will think that it's worth less or may not want it at all. I am a big fan of not swimming against the current, so my answer is "yes, the amount of rides lowers the value". I may not agree with the reasons, but the market speaks for itself. see others replies, this one is pretty clear cut.
  18. So, say you found a nice near mint (40 jumps) canopy in the classifieds at the price that you like. The seller is in the US, long registered account on with post history, and answers email well, as well as provides a phone number. The seller is also a rigger. How do you feel about the transaction ?
  19. its 192.168.x.x NOT 168.192 - perhaps that will help.
  20. I suggest you reserve giving advice where you have useful information and KNOW what you are talking about. Dolphin does not "suck". it is in fact a great bang for the buck. Of course if you want to compare a Mirage G4 to a Dolphin, you will NOT be comparing apples to apples. If you want a cheap bellyfly friendly rig - there's absolutely nothing wrong with Dolphin. If you want a container in a hurry, Dolphin will be FAST. But I agree, this rig is not a good choice.
  21. look at the pics. the 3rings when landing are facing the jumper. Think if that would be the case with your "regular" skydiving rig. When on the car the type8 riser covers all but the harness ring. once again I tell you the rig has integrity risers.
  22. because the rig jumped from the car had integrity risers (reverse risers). As someone who displays a picture of himself BASE jumping (Even from the Perrine), shame on you for not figuring this out. Also notice the bellyband on the shit rig.
  23. I am quite certain that it's not eBay rules, but very simple liability that makes them put the big red "This is being sold as a MOVIE PROP and NOT to be used in anyway. New owner must sign a release stating that this has no use as a actual parachute harness."