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  1. I hope they do a flip up visor version. Otherwise I will have to go with the Z1.
  2. I just sent an email to Karnage Krew. Hoping for a good result!
  3. Keep us posted. I have been thinking about contacting them myself.
  4. Braz933


    Anyone have any experience with the PD Pulse? Thanks, Ryan
  5. That's great! Glad to see your back at it!
  6. Well, it's been a while, and I have an update on this. The tunnel time paid off! I went through AFF, and completed all my coach jumps without a single problem. I'm now just 10 jumps away from my A license. If anyone reading this has access to a tunnel prior to AFF, do yourself a favor and get in there!
  7. Thanks for the vote of confidence Chaaaz!
  8. I finally got into the tunnel tonight. I did 13 minutes, and I must say it has improved my confidence 100 fold! This experience was particularly good because coaching was provided by 3 AFF instructors from my soon-to-be home DZ. I plan to make a few more trips to the tunnel between now and AFF. I would like to have 60 minutes in the tunnel prior to AFF if possible. Time and finances will dictate. So good Braz
  9. I will be doing AFF in the spring, and would be glad to jump with you as soon as I am allowed to! DON'T QUIT! Where are you located? Braz
  10. Well, I hope the option given to order something else rather than cash the check will benefit the Skydive mag crew. I will be ordering something they gave me an option for, and hope Skydiving comes back soon...and I would gladly pay more for it!!!! Braz
  11. I had a subscription several years ago, but just recently signed up again in 11\2008. This is very disheartening to those of us eager to get active in the sport. I hope they will come back soon! All my best wishes to those at Skydiving Magazine! YOU WILL BE MISSED! BRAZ
  12. ------------------ 1. Make the AFF first jump cheaper and promote the shit out of it. ($189 for a tandem?? C'mon Johnny, you can do AFF for $220!!). ------------------ I agree 100%. It cost me about $225 to do a tandem and get a video at a DZ here in MA. First AFF jump would have cost about $325 (no video). Price is definitely an issue. I have spoken to several people who would like to jump, but can't justify the cost. I think someof these people I mentioned would get hooked, and stay in the sport, but the initial outlay of cash is a hard pill to swallow. Of course, we all know that once you get it in your blood, the cost does not seem to matter as much. The other issue is the amount of time required to train for an AFF jump. I know there is nothing that can\should be done to reduce training time. I am just saying that from the perspective of the average person who wants to jump, but is not sold on the idea long term, an AFF jump requires a considerable investment of both money and time. -------------------------- 2. Find ways to get people to stay for the party. Whether a big shindig or just beers around the fire, there's no question that the people who stay for the party are much more likely to come back. -------------------------- This is also a very big deal. Making connections with people is the key. A new jumper, post tandem or whatever, needs to make some friends who are skydivers. It is absolutely necessary to counter all the negative input they will get from friends and family who try to dissuade them from going further in the sport. I speak from experience. Braz
  13. I subscribe to Skydiving. I have yet to read Parachutists (not yet a uspa member).
  14. ----- What a world of difference in the attitude and approach of the two gentlemen involved in this sorry affair..... ----- Well, when the time comes for me to buy will NOT be from RALPH!
  15. ----- I thought this Ralph guy was the one that did not know how to check out customers. Now you UR saying SQ1 fucked people too. Who can we trust? ----- You misread DOM's post.