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  1. you are correct. Except for if you are willing to take $1400/$1200/$1000 - whatever - advertising a higher asking price will result in less ad responses, thus you are guaranteed to loose potential clients. If you are willing to take X amount of dollars and are looking for a quick sale, then it's best to advertise the X price. Just because people ask for a better price, it does not mean you need to give it to them. Furthermore, this current situation is more unique as there are very few Crossfire2-169s on the market. good luck
  2. dear Bublehed, can you please give your reasons why ?
  3. Crossfire ONE or TWO ? $1500 is way too much for one, and about the highest asking price for the TWO. As always, lowering your price will result in a quicker sale. lowest advertised price on a Crossfire2-169 I have seen is $2066 : though I am sure some dealers sell cheaper keep in mind "too much" and "too little" are both very subjective terms. Someone may be happy to buy yours for $1300 and think that they got a steal, while someone else will offer you $1000 and think they are being generous.
  4. As I said in my description the stats are incomplete and I will fill the missing ones out when I get them. There were some studies published and quoted many times when we were drafting up letters to fight the NPA-99 thing. The average of 1 fatality per 148,000 jumps is probably not significant enough to compare to the 1 per 100,000 jumps in the US so let's wait for more data. I suspect if the canopy advice here were really bad then you'd see a higher ratio of injuries and deaths per jump. -Michael so, essentially you are cofirming my statement of total lack of credibility of your statement ? why "say" something that you cannot backup ? That just takes away your credibility and distorts the conversaion.
  5. WS jump. dumped at around 4K, went into serious linetwists (Cobalt). worked my way out of 1, just to get into 3 more and start spinning on my back. I have always practiced two handed cutaways, but I distinctly remember cutting away with one hand and deploying the reserve with the other. Afterward I realized I did not cutaway my wings, which would have possibly helped me to untwist and not cutaway. That was also my first save as a rigger. as I was landing the main landed 100ft next to me and freebag 100ft the other way. I have done a bunch of trashbag jumps (with cutaways) with a secondary harness under my sport rig PRIOR to this, and that has definitely helped my comfort level.
  6. Michael, your wrote "I don't know why but clearly when you look at the stats the entire country has a better than average safety record." yet now, you are unable to back up that statement. You have not provided a single piece of evidence in support of the statement and were not able to objectify (quantify) "average". Your statement is not credible until proven otherwise.
  7. Lets give you a taste of your own medicine. Let's nitpick this to the bone. How many jumps are done in Canada annually ? How many in US ? How many sport jumpers in Canada ? How many in US ? How many sport injuries in Canada annually ? How many in US ? now take those statistics and balance them out, adjust for the differences. And please, define "better than average safety record". Start by defining "average" safety record. FACTS ONLY PLEASE.
  8. you have been in the sport for 21 years, surely you can tell us. Do you really think that what you felt has situated well in your memory over so few jumps X amount of YEARS prior ? Personally I feel quite different between a 1.0 and a 1.3 (jumped on the same day, not years apart). PS Canopy shrunk ? How ? Why do you think it's a possibility, and what do you think could have caused that ?
  9. and until we can definitely identify the people who ARE able to fly a 1.3 at udner 100 jumps, I personally feel that it's best to err on the side of caution. "It's cool dude, I got 50 jumps, but I am a natural. Everybody at the DZ tells me I jump like i have over 500 jumps". That's something that is heard almost daily. Do we really have that many naturals in our ranks ?
  10. Are you kidding me ? He only has 35 jumps ! Selling him an 88 would be irresponsible. Let him get over 100 jumps, then he should be ready. I am sure his instructors will approve too. After a few transitional jumps on a 96 beforehand.... for safety.
  11. You are absolutely right in saying I am passing judgment based on what I know. But, just so we are clear, I am not using USPA recommendations in doing so. I am using COMMON SENSE. A 150 canopy in the scenario is a disaster waiting to happen. Which, if you infer from my statement does not mean that it will happen, but when it does, it won't be pretty. You obviously defied the odds (in my mind). With 900+ jumps under your belt now, are you still sure that you made the safe (notice, not RIGHT) decision ?
  12. GOOD! There is another suspected skydiver thief running around in Texas, having had been caught red handed with a stolen rig. The rig was returned but the victim didn't want to press any charges. That's crap! If you catch a thief stealing at your 2nd home (the DZ), they should have to face the full consequences! Name ? If he has been caught red handed, then it should not be libel
  13.;d=1 In case the ad gets pulled down :
  14. Of course there is elasticity. But this only translates to how much of the drop in demand will translate in a drop in the price. Prices still SHOULD go down. To use your gas analogy, when the price doubled, demand didnt half, but it did reduce. I did not mean to say that the demand is absolutely inelastic. Just that it is highly inelastic. Just like the gasoline prices that you just quoted. The relationship between price change and demand is not linear.
  15. Competency is not part of the language. he wasn't asking for a legal definition. Thus I gave him my PERSONAL subjective opinion. Tell me you disagree :)
  16. since you are in the US - it's good for as long as it is deemed airworthy by a certificated and competent rigger. Unless the manufacturer puts some kind of limit on it.
  17. The problem is that you are assuming that demand for repacks is elastic. And it IS NOT. As repacks are REQUIRED, the demand itself will go down, but the elasticity won't change. Like teh gasoline - though the prices in the US have doubled, the use has not been cut in half, and now, that the prices have the receded, the use has not doubled.
  18. that's not what I said. the poster indicated that he got both his A and his C this year. Yet his profile lists him as being in the sport for 5 years.
  19. I agree. About the only argument I can throw in is "due to longer repack cycle the canopy will need to be inspected more closely, which will take more time". And that of course is pure bullshit. Perhaps now, since there will be less repacks, the riggers will spend more time to make up for their income doing more "routine" things like kill line replacements, linesets, etc. This may actually turn out to be a benefit for the industry.
  20. How have you been in the sport for 5 years then ???
  21. many confuse TRACKING with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION when dealing with USPS. The altter only updates on delivery. in short my experiences with USPS have been not so great, except for Express service...
  22. there's no real "protocol" If you search, you will see that some people demand escrow, others prefer it, others don't care. And some sellers simply don't care to ship anything before they are paid. Personally, I will try to work with a buyer, but if someone offers to pay right away, that person gets the deal. Please don't choose to use escrow for the wrong reasons. There are many respectable and credible people selling on the classifieds - it may simply be insulting to some to demand escrow when dealing with them. Escrow is meant for the times when you are uncertain about the VENDOR, not about the PRODUCT. What I mean is don't use escrow because you are not sure if the product will work for you - you can verify that without wasting other peoples time. (i.e. a 5ft5in dude who wanted me to send him a wingsuit for a 5ft10in person so her can "try it on, I promise not to jump it" - that seemed a bit silly to me) hope this helps.
  23. IT has been established that the last money pickup (Oct 2008) has been in Taylor, MI (Detroit). I would safely assume that a Alaskan Reece is NOT the right person. The search goes on :(
  24. how cool is this ? interview with the pilot of the DC3 : also says it was used in Terminal Velocity