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  1. Just like prison is full of innocent people, skydiving is full of fast learners. This gets brought up at least once every two weeks. There's a button here called "SEARCH"
  2. you can : do what everyone else does, and be helpless and useless and plead for the information on the forums OR you can look at the manufacturers webiste, take 10 seconds to locate the chart, and look it up yourself I suggest option2, but being a cynic I expect you to go with option1.
  3. Good point. I guess you'd have to wait for them to download the data and figure out if it really was a cypress save. confused, the reserve is out. pretty easy ro the friend to see if the loop is cut or not - base of the loop, middle of the loop, is the loop completely gone..... or is it still there and intact if your cutter is mounted ABOVE the freebag, then any movement of the freebag (think just after reserve bridge stretch and possible immediately after the reserve PC launch) will move the closing loop from inside the cutter. Which points to using a cut reserve closing loop as an absolute assessment a flawed form of reasoning in the situation discussed.
  4. a few years ago this was discussed. The film comes from the Swedish crew. It was said that he was just geeking the camera and pretending to be scared. Not that we cannot guess that from his facial expressions :) You can see Lukas Knutson (RIP) in all orange jumpsuit in the video.
  5. I agree 100%. but to play devils advocate - what happens when executives start jumping out of highrise windows with static lines wrapped around their legs or clipped onto their belt buckles instead of waiting for firemen to get them when the situation DOES NOT call for such emergency actions ?
  6. your reply doesn't make sense to me. Can you clarify what you mean ?
  7. on a more realistic note, check out the beginning of this video :
  8. I am sure there's quite a few people (myself included) who find that it is in fact much cooler than the current $3000 all Tye-dye stainless steel laden rigs. "when sex was safe and parachutes weren't"
  9. So, what kind of budget do you have in mind for gear that you can use as a student ? $1K ? $500 $4000 ? Because it'll be fairly expensive for anything semi-decent. good luck either way
  10. no, the Jav is made to look like leather, but the material feels like a a rubber basketball. attached is a picture of a true all-leather container.
  11. Mines cool, cause it's rare. You see vectors, javelins and all kinds of mirages all over the place everywhere! Here's a little bit about it By the same logic my 1978 Cazer Paraloft Eagle1 is cool too, since it's so ultra rare. HTF
  12. try a few different ones on and see for yourself. This way you dont have to make a choice based on what other people ASSume. It' hard to argue that a full face gives you as much FOV as an open face. However, seeing your toes and the sides of your container is a bonus rather than a requirement. Again, based on my experience and that of a few of my friends, I think that one should at least TRY a fullface before discounting one as an option. Giving absolute advice to a stranger based on what you THINK is fairly narrow minded.
  13. Did you not see that the request was for COOL looking rigs ? here's a few
  14. WHY open faced and not closed ? WHY Not a digital Alti ? K.I.S.S. For a student there is no need for a digital altimeter. For instance what happens when the battery goes dead in freefall? There is no need for a full face helmet. The view to the handles will most likely be obstructed. you are the only one who provided a reason for a open face helmet. And I understand it's a twitchy topic, but the blank statement of handles being obstructed is foolish at best. A newbie is much more likely to faceplant or get kicked when jumping with other newbies, and full face/chin protection will come in very handy. I made first 200 jumps with a Z1/Oxygn and they were not a problem. Also very nice when jumping in winter conditions. I still keep one around for zoo-style jumps and for the winter. I don't feel that they inhibit my handle locating abilities. What I am trying to say is that advising somebody to go with an open face helmet based on an assumption is foolish. Let them try it on and make the decision for themselves.
  15. Actually, you are wrong. The few companies that emerged after 9/11 either had converted rounds, or a Rogallo type wing. Neither one was a BASE Specific canopy, (nor was either one a square). One such company was spearheaded by Basic Research (now Apex BASE)
  16. Emergency escape from high places usually means HIGHRISES. Mostly with nice hard, narrow, wire lined streets. An archaic round canopy is the last thing anybody should be using for those conditions.
  17. what if your cutter is mounted at the bottom of the packtray ?
  18. WHY open faced and not closed ? WHY Not a digital Alti ?
  19. yes, as long as the tacking was done through the tab, it wont be a problem. make sure not to damage the riser when cutting the tacking.
  20. It was this gentleman :;
  21. Better than what OTHER way ? You are not stating anything we can give you an alternative to. Please post some pictures and state what kind of problem you are having. also I suggest putting a bit more detail in the Subject tnx
  22. an accusation from an individual is simple hearsay and possible libel. eBay won't do ANYTHING until they see subpoena.
  23. WU is not out. Your are making it sounds like you are the seller. In that case, feel free to take WU. Just make sure to RECEIVE the funds PRIOR to dispatching the rig. And what I mean by RECEIVE is GO to the WU office and get them to CASH the transfer. Also, make sure that you are sending to the same address the transfer came from. Why ? Because otherwise the scammer may "sell" something to someone else posing as you, and that unsuspecting buyer will send "him" the funds. So the transfer will be legit, and you will be picking up the funds. Except for a few weeks later you will have the cops at your door. Paypal is a good way, and their limit (if they even have one) is MUCH higher than cost of a rig. The associated costs are the transfer fee (2.9% +30c in most cases, and the crossborder fee if going between countries). COD is another option. good luck
  24. your statement doesn't make sense. you state that lines are getting fairly old and frayed. you then question re-line "before its absolutely necessary". at what point to you feel it's necessary to reline ? When the lines start breaking ? Because that's like never replacing your timing belt until it breaks. Both can be disasters. It's about PREVENTATIVE maintenance. Get your riggers opinion, since you obviously are not qualified to make one (not a stab at ya, just an assessment). Also, a main reline and a reserve repack have NOTHING in common and can be done absolutely independent of one other.
  25. so, essentially you are cofirming my statement of total lack of credibility of your statement ? why "say" something that you cannot backup ? That just takes away your credibility and distorts the conversaion. No, more like I just don't have the time to dig up all the stats. Above shows 50% more jumps per fatalitiy. I asked a statistician but really didn't get an answer I understood as to whether 148,000 positive outcomes compared with an average of 1 negative per year is the dominant stat. This is not the exact stat I saw and I don't want to quote numbers unless they're double checked. The one I saw showed about 45% fewer fatalities and 55% fewer injuries. I'll wait for exact numbers from the USPA and CSPA and then post them. Someone wrote an article on it so I was hoping someone would just pipe up with a link 'cause I don't remember exactly where I read it. -Michael If you are talking to a statistician it would also be nice to know the standard deviation and margin of error for the population. Lastly, like the poster above said, many different foreigners come to Eloy, Perris, Florida DZ's for their vacations and get fucked up in the US, thus adding to the US statistics. Obviously US based training which so many people in this thread blast as conservative has no effect on those injuries/fatalities, yet it does stain the US record rather than the one of the country those parachutists belong to. In short, I personally don't think we can really get to the bottom of it.. :( I still would like for you to define "average safety record". thanks