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  1. I am referring to the homosexual one from NorCal. right one ?
  2. Indeed. We are splitting hairs. But it is so much fun to become engrossed in the finer points of rigging that I cannot resist. Ask Hookitt. He knows me personally.
  3. Invalid reasoning. The PerigeePro is what the stuntman was wearing, what VD is wearing in his close up my well be that old piece of shit. Check the photo, the rig VD is wearing has black webbing and riser covers, the PerigeePro is light gray. Here you go. lets take your "invalid reasoning" and split it. 3 levels of truth : is true, is not true, can be true. the statement by the seller is absolute as it talks about "You can see him wearing this in the opening scene with him driving the corvette off the bridge. " Thus while the shit-looking harness may be shown in the closeup, the PerigeePro is also shown in the opening scene. As both harnesses are shown, the only way for the seller to be selling the correct thing woudl be to be selling BOTH harnesses. As that is not so, I stand by my original argument being valid.
  4. I think the underlying statement in your writeup is that we are just splitting hairs. If so, I agree wholeheartedly. a larkshead connection to the ring in my mind is the cleanest. I guess I was just pointing out the mechanics of the ring to rapide link setup in the very narrow scope.
  5. what is shown is an old skydiving harness that looks like shit. What was jumped in the movie was a PerigeePro with grey sidewalls and yellow pincover. simply put the statement "you can see him wearing it in the opening scene" is INCORRECT, as the stunt was done and shown with BASE gear, vs this shit looking HC. I have emailed the seller a few times, but I was ignored.
  6. a) would prevent the metal slapping metal, the intended "bumper" function :) b) pulled down far enough down the rapide, it will prevent any travel of the link.
  7. Don't you think size is much more important relative to something ? M0 on a 5ft person would look fairly regular, while tiny on a 6ft person.
  8. you are correct. The only time there's really any substantial friction, is right before line stretch, when the connections loads.otherwise it stays in place fairly snug being pushed down by the packjob. one can always use a silicone bumper to prevent any of their worries.
  9. :) think backwards. The tape was bartacked at 6 different points, thus creating the "eye". It was not MEANT to be created, it's a byproduct.
  10. Would you please elaborate as to why? It seemed most logical to me. But I have only hooked my bridle up to PD canopies before this, which have the attachment point shown in pic 1. Setting it up the way it is in pic 3 seemed the most similar-- rapide link on cloth.. If the rapide link isn't supposed to pass through that cloth, why is there an eye in the cloth? there's many reasons why I think it's disgusting. firstly you are introducing asymmetry and thus are partially promoting an offheading. Fairly irrelevant. uneven loading of the load tape - instead of loading it in the center, between 3 sets of bartacks on each side, you are loading it off to the side, and only 2 sets of bartacks are there. Secondly, the ring is fairly tight between the 2 sets, thus lessening the amount it will jerk and possibly pull the stitching. since you mention "logical" - how is it logical to hook it up while distorting symmetry, and hooking up to the weaker point in ?Also if we are really thinking logically, what's the purpose of that ring in the middle ? :)
  11. The bridle attachment point on the canopy (the ring) to the rapide link is what most people do. I don't like metal on metal either, so I just use a soft link. Pic3 is DISGUSTING, and I would smack anyone I see doing that.
  12. I was probably tired when I wrote that. Probably I didn't have my coffee either. I probably like recommending products where they have a good reputation and I know they've probably been tested more than other products. -Probably Michael one probably should not give advice based on third hand information.
  13. If one is PROBABLY good with a particular product, should they PROBABLY get it ? yes, PD will send you demo reserves with a bridle attachment.
  14. Something else affecting the cost of modern day skydiving... From what I have read of skydiving history, most drop zones that charged $4 per lift in the old days were flying 5-6 jumpers in single engine Cessnas. Now days, we ride up in half the time in big, fast climbing turbine airplanes that are much safer to jump out of, all the other variables being equal. Speed (and safety) costs money, so the age old question is-How Fast Do You Want To Go? just lets not forget to adjust for inflation. $4 in 1965 is worth $27.50 in 2008 discuss
  15. Was it being relined by the manufacturer or an independent rigger ? 12 weeks sounds like enough time to get a new canopy built :)
  16. Are you sure it was not done to compensate for extra length not restricted by the slider during sliderless jump ;so 2 break setting were needed ? Or to open in a minimal forward movement mode in case you opened facing the object you jumped from ? It's called deep brake setting.
  17. Preconceived notions. If you are not 100% opposed to them, try one. Then again, if your #1 goal is soft openings, then don't even bother unless it has a dome slider and/or dacron.
  18. WHAT KIND OF PLANE IS THIS ? It looks like the vidiot is right next to the removed right pilot seat, which if it's true would make 18K highly improbable. if you are not sure, i bet your video has the planes tail number - put it into google, and it will tell you the plane make and model.
  19. That's a tricky topic. Notice how I qualify my post as being subjective, thus obviously biased on my personal experience or of those people I trust. Also make sure you know the difference between the original Sabre and the Sabre2. Sabre2s are a fairly different canopy as per PD's claim - but there have been reports of some bad apples coming from the factory. I don't have many saber2 jumps, probably 100 over 4-5 different canopies, so it's best someone with more experience shines in. Or I am sure a search of old posts will give you some data.
  20. never jumped the Storm. I think out of micro/vectran lines canopies : Crossfire by a good margin is the softest opening canopy. The Spectre was consistent but nowhere near, also a fairly short flare compared to 9cells. Pilot was not bad either. Sabre2 was fine, but nothing spectacular. Dacron would make a noticeable difference, as others have said. But all those canopies are good wings, and we are all quite subjective in what we think . Probably best to jump all if available in your safe size and see which one you like the best. good luck
  21. the linesets would be the biggest noticeable difference. Also the extra reinforcing on the nose and the retractable PC rings on the top skin
  22. the price :) and the Triathlon is most likely made out of the South African ZP, which packs a bit nicer. I think it's a good deal he is giving you, and you won't see much difference provided both canopies were/are in trim. Keep in mind there are 3 different kinds of Triathlons - regular/CRW/Hybrid. It's best to get the regular unless you plan to do CRW :) But all are great canopies, especially for $300 good luck
  23. I was merely pointing out how there are discrepancies in what you are saying and how you keep giving advice to people. It was not a jab at your experience. You opened yourself up to that little bit of logic reasoning flaw with stating how often you are at a DZ. If you read that again, your experience as a skydiver was never questioned, because, as you state yourself it has no relevance on your opinion as a person. there.
  24. 163 jumps over 2.5 years in the south (Zimbabwe or Louisiana regardless) while at the DZ almost every weekend ? What do you do there, dispense advise like you do on the forums ? Cuz it does not seem that you jump much while at the dz.
  25. If you were jumping somewhere where ground level is 5000ft MSL, then 12K AGL would give you an 17K skydive. If that was not explained to you, and that was the case, then someone preyed on your lack of knowledge if they charged you extra to "go up to 18K" or I could be absolutely wrong ... :)