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  1. I never met Smitty, Heck I was barely out of diapers when he made his last jump, but reading what all of you had to say about him in the forums he sounds like an amazing person. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of his "rig" that he started with, it scares me when I see a paracommander, I can only imagine what his handmade gear was like. BSBD
  2. Unless it is a different Doug Angel, Doug is still jumping, one of our pilots at Skydive Jersey Shore flew a demo for him earlier this summer.
  3. I went in with pretty low expectation, but actually found it to be quite good. The first half he has an alcohol problem which was hilarious (not that alcoholism is funny) but the fact that he flies drunk is one of the most hysterical things i have seen in a super hero movie.
  4. Glad to see that some other people have had some embarrassing injuries. Last Tuesday I was at work putting together the lighting rig for the Poison American tour, I had just come back from lunch, so I was stretching a little to get ready for some lifting, I stretched my back and heard a pop, then instantly my legs gave out. The worse pain I have felt in quite some time. Turn out that I dislocated 3 vertebrae which pinched a bunch of nerves in my back. I would not have felt so dumb if it happened while working, but the fact that it was while stretching to avoid injury makes me just feel like a total imbecile
  5. Just to let people who may have been trained by Joe(like my self) or anyone who has jumped with him in the past, on Saturday morning Joe completed his 10,000 jump with a tandem passenger at Skydive Jersey Shore. The newspaper even came out to do a piece on it.
  6. don't forget the agnostic aerialists
  7. I have purchased two pairs from sportrx, if you call them, they will tell you about which goggles will be best for your prescription, they will also offer to epoxy the lenses to the frames for that added stability.
  8. Not really what I would consider a "disability" but... Does anyone out there have any info on jumping with Bell's. I was just diagnosed and doctor told me I should take a few weeks off, just wondering why, and if anyone has any more info...
  9. your math is correct a US banknote weighs only one gram there are 454 grams in a pound cooper jumped with all $20bills (i think) so thats [(200000 / 20)/454] = 22lbs so cooper exited with approx 25lbs (if you count whatever he used to hold the money)
  10. the $200,000 DB jumped with would be $1037911.11 in 2007 terms. so do the math Jet exit Night jump +$1000000 owe some beer who wouldnt jump?!?!
  11. .125seconds and thats while hungover...
  12. I'm looking at a possible business trip to Florida in February. I will be in Boca Raton, and was wondering, is Skydive Miami the nearest DZ? don't know much about Florida, but Miami looks close.
  13. galaxt is solid, no one i know has ever had a problem, and neither have I.
  14. sport rx is the best. great service fast shipping hold up well in freefall and the tunnell get teh "catcrap" defogger. its great
  15. couldnt agree more . sad how many of us chose jumping
  16. definatly get your jumps in on the rental gear first. A rig is a big investment and you dont want to buy a student rig that you are going to want to downsize in 50-100 jumps and then have to start the search for gear all over again. I know how exciting it is when you first get into the sport (im only a few jumps in after aff) and you just want to but everything. I would just suggest things that you can use for quite some time, like your own helmet and altimeter.
  17. you can all laugh at the new guy if you want... but I just was wondering if I would be able to attend while still on student status. I have 20 jumps and I am trying to complete my last liscence requirements, but am having issues due to the winter randomly appearing in the Northeast in November. I was realy hoping to attend the PR boogie, but mostlikely wont have the A yet and was hoping that the requirments may be different in AZ. btw... I know you wont mock me for being new, just tough being the inexperienced one (i know you have all been in my shoes before...)
  18. 0:0:0 Weatherd outfriday (rain) Weatherd out Saturday (rain) Weatherd out Sunday (Wind 30kts) I hate living in the north east.
  19. Its always hard to look in that incident section, but its even harder when it is someone you know, even if it was only from the dz forum. Blue Skies Tonto.
  20. if the cabin is already depressurized I'm out, as long as we are over land, or at least close enough to cross country back.